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Carmen O’Dell Open Access Coordinator

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1 Carmen O’Dell Open Access Coordinator

2 Overview OA activity pre-Finch Post-Finch response HEFCE OA p0licy – plans and challenges

3 University of Sheffield Open Access activity pre-Oct 2012 Wellcome funding approx £20-30K ‘Unmediated’ use by researchers of White Rose Research Online (WRRO)WRRO ArXiv PubMed Annual library plug for open access during OA Week

4 Developments Autumn 2012 Finch report RCUK OA policy BIS allocation (Previous REF in process)

5 University of Sheffield response OA coordinator seconded from Library October 2012, p.t. assistants Feb 2013, April 2014 => Open Access Team (1.75FTE) BIS allocation and most of RCUK grant used to create a central University Publication Fund Team responsible for administering the fund/ processing all the APC payments, advocacy, training, monitoring compliance, reporting back to funders etc

6 Result? By Aug 2014 £404K spent on 266 individual APCs estimated 47% compliance (but 80/20 Gold/Green split)

7 March 2014 – HEFCE OA Policy Deposit of author final copies in a repository within 3 months of date of acceptance => not Gold open access route…..

8 What’s the plan?

9 Systems in place so far Symplectic Elements (‘MyPubs’) publications database Researchers (mostly) familiar with this from last REF Can upload fulltext from there straight to WRRO BUT workflow for depositing at ‘Point of Acceptance’ is very different to post-publication deposit. ‘Someone’ will need to add manual record to MyPubs -> not going to be popular with academics -> cannot be the (current) OA team....

10 What’s the plan? University Open Access Steering Group will create an OA statement outlining minimum requirements Faculties/Departments to decide how to implement on a practical level How and who enters data into MyPubs Where to store ‘evidence’ of date of acceptance Advise authors on how to name/store the Author Final Copy prior to deposit OA Team to continue to provide advocacy, training and support for both RCUK and HEFCE open access policies

11 What’s the message? DON’T PANIC!


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