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Working Together Programme Informatics Workstream Sponsors: Louise Barnett (CEO). Sewa Singh (MD) Project Manager : Adam Drury / Robin Drummond-Hay.

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1 Working Together Programme Informatics Workstream Sponsors: Louise Barnett (CEO). Sewa Singh (MD) Project Manager : Adam Drury / Robin Drummond-Hay

2 Page 2 Working Together Programme – Organisations and History Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Programme Initiated – Scoping Work Business Cases for Development Approved Project Team / Central PMO in place First projects begin to deliver benefits Feb 2013Sept 2013Jan 2014 Sept 2014

3 Page 3 Aims of the Working Together Programme Meet commissioner intentions to improve the health and wellbeing of the people being served in the most efficient and effective way Make collective efficiencies where the potential exists Deliver safe, sustainable and local services to people in the most appropriate care setting

4 Page 4 Structure of the Programme Working Together Programme Executive Clinical Reference Group Working Together Programme Office Trust PMO/Leads Sustainable Service Configuration Sustainable Care Quality Informatics Working Together Workstreams CCG Collaborative Working Together Partnership PMO Commissioners Trust Chairs Sharing and Adopting Good Practice

5 Page 5 Programme Workstreams Sharing and Adopting Good Practice Procurement Medical Locums Shared Services Sustainable Service Configuration Smaller/Vulnerable Specialties Specialised Services Children's Services Sustainable Care Quality Access to Diagnostics Access to specialist opinion 24/7 care Informatics Data Sharing Paper light future Joint Procurement Supportive EPR Transition Working Together Programme Creates new opportunities Creates funds to support Creates a Cross-Trust Care Environment Creates a structure to enable

6 Page 6 Informatics Workstream - Aims, Projects and Objectives Core Projects and Cross-Cutting Activities Orders and Results Sharing of pathology tests and results between acute Trust providers Cancer Waiting Times Implement inter- Trust solution to support 31/62 day cancer waiting time tracking Document Management Joined up procurement of scanning service and storage of archived records Wifi Access Easy to use reciprocal Wifi access across Trust sites for NHS supplied devices Video Conferencing Replace existing room based facilities and implementation of standardised desktop solution Good Practice ‘Information Sharing’ Events Information Governance / Data Sharing Agreements Workforce Development / Training / Culture Change Collaborative Forums for Informatics Directors, IT Managers and BI Leads To identify the potential areas where collaboration on informatics systems, services or infrastructure between Trusts could take place Aim

7 Page 7 Overarching Timelines and Phases Phase 1 – ‘Quick Wins’ Phase 2 – Short Term Strategy Phase 3 – Medium / Long Term Strategy Jan 2014Oct 2014Apr 2015

8 Page 8 Phases and Projects / Activities Phase 1 – ‘Quick Wins’ ICE OpenNet deployment Information Sharing Events Information Governance Agreements Access to low cost training and development Establish Collaborative Working Forums (Informatics Leads, BI Leads, IT Managers etc) Phase 2 – Short Term Strategy Reciprocal Wifi deployment Cancer Waiting Time Tracking solution Standardised desktop videoconferencing (VC) solutions Improved room based dedicated VC facilities In-patient minimum e- discharge summary implementation Development of standards and architecture for South Yorkshire Shared Care Record Phase 3 – Medium / Long Term Strategy Specification and implementation of South Yorkshire Shared Care Record Informatics solutions to support service redesign workstreams Cancer clinical information sharing solution (including chemotherapy medicines management) PACS image and radiology report sharing Maximising the use of Summary Care Record Jan – Sept 2014Oct 2014 – Mar 2015Apr 2015 onwards

9 Phase 1 – ‘Quick Wins’

10 Page 10 Sharing Pathology Tests and Results Project (ICE OpenNet) Benefits Faster access to results from other hospitals Reduced demand for duplicate tests Reduced clinical risks Quicker treatment and improved outcomes Supports follow up care provided by GPs / local hospitals Supports delivery of care pathways across multiple organisations Reduces demand for direct access to other hospital ICE systems. Milestones Pre-deployment technical readiness assessment – Completed (August 2014) System Training and Configuration – Completed (August 2014) Complete pilot work in Trusts and close deployment project – 12 th September Local clinical governance approval and formal go-live at all Trusts – 30 th September

11 Page 11 Information Sharing Events DateEvent Title Lead / Organisation COMPLETED 7 th FebruaryBenefits Realisation ApproachesJason Bradley (Barnsley) 25 th February‘Fit for Purpose’ Business CasesSteve Parsons (Doncaster) 6 th MarchSharing of Primary Care DataSally Soady (CSU) 11th MarchMobile Devices and SolutionsSteve Parsons (Doncaster) 18 th MarchElectronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)James Rawlinson (Mid Yorks) 27 th MarchPACSEMRAD Consortium (external) 3 rd AprilGP Orders and Results ReportingEddie Lewis (Chesterfield) 10 th AprilBedside Entertainment / Patient WifiSteve Parsons (Doncaster) 24 th AprilProject GovernancePaul Barrett (STH) 29 th AprilClinical CodingJason Bradley (Barnsley) 14 th MayEngagement for EPRTrisha Bain (Rotherham) 13 th JuneVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)James Dackombe (Doncaster) 12 formal Information Sharing Events completed – Information Sharing now on-going within established collaborative working forums

12 Page 12 Collaborative Working Forums Informatics Leads, BI Leads and IT Managers meet monthly Sub-Groups formed as appropriate (e.g. Maternity Data Set Group) Provides a productive collaborative working environment for project delivery and information sharing Informatics Leads Group IT Managers Group Business Intelligence (BI) Leads Maternity Data Set Group Other Data Set Groups (TBC)

13 Page 13 Information Governance Arrangements Tier 1 Information Sharing Protocol, outlining the principles and processes for sharing agreed in March 2014 First specific Tier 2 Information Sharing Agreement, for ICE OpenNet project, agreed in May 2014 Further Tier 2 agreements to be developed as required

14 Page 14 Low Cost Access to Training and Development Partnership agreed with North West Informatics Skills Development Network Rotherham testing agreement until October 2014 – recommendations on wider Trust membership to follow

15 Phase 2 – Short Term Strategy

16 Page 16 Cancer Waiting Time Tracking Project Benefits Data transmitted electronically to another Trust as soon as it is recorded in local systems Immediate access to data on patients under specific clinician care in other Trusts Reduced need for duplication of data entry Milestones Technical due diligence of current InfoFlex systems – Completed (July 2014) Requirements specification for required solution from Operations Sub- group of Cancer Strategy Group (South) – 17 th September Business case for investment in required solution – 3 rd November

17 Page 17 Reciprocal Wifi Access Project Benefits Improves productivity of clinicians and managers who work across more than one Trust Supports re-design of pathway based and integrated care models Reduces need for ad-hoc network access requests across organisations Milestones Network Infrastructure Audit – Completed (July 2014) Preferred technical option for solution delivery agreed (‘NHS Roam’) – Completed (August 2014( Proof of concept for technical solution tested – 30 th September Business case for investment approved – 3 rd November Complete implementation – 30 th January 2015

18 Page 18 Videoconferencing Projects Benefits Improved quality and availability of dedicated videoconferencing facilities to support Cancer MDTs Reduced time lost travelling between sites for meetings Reduced travel costs Improved participation levels in meetings Milestones Infrastructure Audit – Completed (July 2014) Requirements specification for required room based solution from Operations Sub- group of Cancer Strategy Group (South) – 17th September Business case for investment in required room based solution – 3 rd November Recommendations for desktop solution from IT Managers Group – 30 th September Begin implementation of Desktop Solution – 30 th November

19 Page 19 In-patient minimum e-discharge summary standard Initial draft e-discharge summary developed June 2014 Version for consultation by Informatics Leads and CRG released July 2014 CRG reviewed updated final draft August 2014 Awaiting clinical approval to implement across organisations No.Information ItemMandatoryPreferable Registered GP and Practice 1 Registered GP 2 GP Practice Name 3 GP Practice Address Patient Details 4 Name 5 Address 6 Date of Birth 7 Gender 8 Hospital Number 9 NHS Number 10 Marital Status  11 Social Context  12 Special Requirements  Admission Details 13 Consultant 14 Specialty 15 Admission Date 16 Admission Time  17 Discharge Date 18 Discharge Time  19 Discharge Ward 20 Method of admission  Clinical Information 21 Reason for Admission 22 Primary Diagnosis 23 Other Active Problems / Diagnoses 24 Significant Inactive Problems / Diagnoses 25 Important procedures performed 26 Significant Hx Operations / Procedures 27 Allergies 28 Summary of the Admission 29 Important investigation and results 30 Medication Changes 31 TTO Medication 32 Management Plan and Follow up arrangement 33 GP Actions Requested 34 Measures of physical and cognitive function at discharge 35 VTE and other assessment scales 36 Discharge destination 37 Blood transfusion during admission?  38 Information given to patient/representative  39 Other Important Information For deceased patients only 40 Suspected Cause of Death 41 Date of Death 42 Time of Death 43 Other underlying diseases 44 Procedures and operations

20 Phase 3 – Medium / Long Term Strategy South Yorkshire Shared Care Record

21 Page 21 Delivering the vision – South Yorkshire Shared Care Record (SYSCR) SYSCR STH Clinical Portal SCH Clinical Portal Primary Care MIG DBH Clinical Portal MYHT Clinical Portal CRHT Clinical Portal BHT Clinical Portal TRHT Clinical Portal Vision is that clinicians will have access to the information they need for direct patient at the point of care delivery, regardless of source We will build on experiences of similar projects nationally (including Leeds Care Record) First phase would be uni- directional feed from local Trusts and MIG in primary care to Shared Care Record Second phase development would add additional data feeds (Trusts, systems etc) and enable bi- directional flow of data

22 Page 22 1.Clarity of what information will be shared between: a.Different secondary care providers b.Primary and secondary care 2.Priorities for information sharing, and timescales to support wider Working Together programme 3.Standards for information sharing 4.Technical architecture / draft operating model of shared care record solution 5.Data quality and information governance arrangements Delivering the Shared Care Record vision will require...

23 Page 23 Developing the South Yorkshire Shared Care Record (SYSCR) Agreed vision and outline scope for SYSCR Agreed standards for information sharing Agreed API for messaging Agreed overall technical architecture Priorities for information sharing agreed, and roadmap for deployment Data sets for sharing for priority areas agreed Detailed business case and plan developed for SYSCR Business Case for SYSCR approved Project team put in place Priority projects agreed Execution of detailed project plan Sept 2014 Dec 2014 Mar 2015 Apr 2015 on

24 Page 24 Any Questions? Adam Drury 07834 711007 Robin Drummond-Hay 07703 719777

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