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Sheffield & District Junior Sunday Football League Welfare Officer/Respect Meeting.

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1 Sheffield & District Junior Sunday Football League Welfare Officer/Respect Meeting

2 Criminal Record Checks (CRC)  Club Responsibilities  Identify everyone at your Club who should hold a CRC  Establish the status of their CRC – i.e is it in date?  CWO’s can check status of CRC’s using Online Safeguarding Service which can be accessed via Sheffield & Hallamshire CFA’s Member Service’s.  For further information follow link below: 

3 Who needs a check  Everyone aged 16 years or over who undertakes roles as below:  Those in designated safeguarding / welfare officer roles e.g. Club Welfare Officers  Team Managers, Coaches and Assistants (this includes managers and coaches who are referred to as Assistant Manager’s or Coaches)  Tutors, Mentors, Assessors, Sport Scientists  Referees, Referee Mentors, Referee Coaches and Assessors in U18 football  Professional Club Heads of Recruitment, Recruitment Officers [also referred to as Scouts], Agents, Chaperones, Landladies / Landlords, House Master’s, and Host Families  First Aiders, Doctors, Physios and other health and care professionals as defined by the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) registered roles  Chaplains  Regular Club Drivers.

4 What constitutes an “in-date” or current CRC?  A CRC lasts three years  For a CRC to be “in-date”  Any issue dates prior to 2010 needed to be renewed by 1 st September 2014  CRC’s with issue dates od 2010, 2011 and 2012 need to be renewed by 1 st September 2015  CRC’s issued in 2013 should be renewed in line with the FA three- year renewal policy i.e. before 1 st September 2016.

5 How to apply for CRC  Preferred method is online  Online is:  Cheaper - £10 online, £20 paper version  Easier  Faster  If you have not yet registered the Club to complete online CRC’s please email

6 Lets make sure Football’s safe – NOT SORRY  Remember o CRC’s are a requirement under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 o CRC’s are governed by Law and decisions around who qualifies for a CRC are not a League decision o Carrying out the right checks, ensuring those in key roles are educated on the indicators of abuse – and know how to refer any concerns – are fundamental to creating a fun and safe environment o CRC’s shouldn’t be used in isolation to identify whether an individual is suitable to volunteer within your Club, they should form part of your recruitment process which should include completion of application form, interviews and references

7 FA Licensed Coaches Club


9 Match Visit Requests  New process for requesting match visits for season 2014/2015  Change in process attempt to try to ensure League Welfare Officer and Match Watcher time used more effectively  Previous seasons emails have been sent to more than one League official which has resulted in 2 officials turning up at same game.  Requests will only be accepted from CWO’s  Request forms can be found on League website  Anyone interested in becoming a match watcher please contact LWO or Respect Officer for further details

10 FA Respect

11 Respect Handshake

12 Captains Armband

13 Designated Spectator Area

14 Respect Codes of Conduct


16 League Developments Respect Marshalls One Voice Player Forum

17 Respect Marshalls  Respect Marshalls:  Can be used to help deal with difficult spectators and remind all concerned about their responsibilities regarding Respect  Some areas have introduced Respect Marshalls who are ideally known to their club  Respect Marshalls are there to deal with small scale incidents and to reduce and diffuse problems  It is not the role of Respect Marshalls to replace the referee or the normal FA/League sanctions  Respect Marshalls should never place themselves or others in danger  Respect Marshalls are identified with a Respect bib which increases their visibility and has been found to assist them when they have been required to intervene

18 Introducing Respect Marshalls to the League  Aim  For each club to have Respect Marshalls who will provide Match Day Support to maintain Respect  Proposal  League are looking for 2 clubs per age group to introduce Respect Marshalls.  Clubs can volunteer for one age group only  If interested email League Welfare Officers

19 One Voice  Aim  The One Voice Weekend initiative is an attempt to draw attention to the experiences of a number of children at some youth games.  Whilst acknowledging that the vast majority of matches are played in a safe and enjoyable environment in front of supportive and well-behaved adults, there is still an element of poor behaviour.  The purpose is to see how we can create more positive experiences

20 When & How  It is proposed that One Voice will take place the weekend of 25 th and 26 th October  One coach from each team to be designated as the “voice” for the game  The voice of the designated “voice” is the only voice which should be heard throughout the game, other than players and the referee  Parents/spectator are allowed to clap only  Volunteer clubs to be responsible for policing adherence  All participating clubs would be required to email their kick off time/venue to LWO’s so that visits/publicity can be arranged accordingly  Interested Clubs to email League Welfare Officers

21 Feedback, findings and recommendations  Clubs, including players, parents, club officials, referees, participating will be contacted after the event and asked to complete feedback form after which findings will be publicised and an action plan developed

22 Players Forum  Aim  Increase player participation in decision making within the League  Sheffield & Hallamshire CFA Youth Council are starting to influence some of the decision making within local football but adults continue to predominantly shape how clubs are run and how leagues operate.  Whilst the work of volunteers within Clubs and Leagues cannot be underestimated and is invaluable, it does not negate the right and value of young people being adequately represented.

23 Players Forum  The League would like your help to consider new and innovative ways of increasing the involvement of players within their Clubs and the League.  It is well documented that empowering young people to have a say in their game makes them more confident, independent and capable of solving their own problems.  A Club/League shaped by young people will be far more relevant to their needs and will hopefully improve retention and more importantly enjoyment  League propose a players forum were players have the opportunity to discuss issues related to the game from their point of view and develop solutions/action plans to address issues  Event could be combined with recruitment event for SHCFA Youth Council

24 Welfare Officers Lisa Smith John Gough Denise Hicks

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