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Open Rose Group Paul Conway Disability Co-ordinator Sheffield Hallam University Audrey Cobb Customer Services Manager Leeds University.

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1 Open Rose Group Paul Conway Disability Co-ordinator Sheffield Hallam University Audrey Cobb Customer Services Manager Leeds University

2 Beginnings Formed in January 2003 8 University Libraries: Bradford Huddersfield Hull Leeds Leeds Metropolitan Sheffield Sheffield Hallam York

3 Remit To exchange ideas and discuss policies and procedures in order to move from base-level provision to best practice in the provision of services to disabled library users

4 Staff Training Video on Disability Issues Film library users with different disabilities talking about their experience of using Higher Education libraries Footage of disabled students using library facilities Supporting materials to encourage best practice – worksheets, quizzes and case studies

5 Benefits to libraries (1) Video format allows disability training to be extended to large numbers of library staff, many part-time Flexibility of video format for group or self-directed learning Selected clips could be used in workshops to stimulate debate about a particular disability

6 Benefits to libraries (2) Springboard for discussion of local library policy and procedures: to benchmark against practices elsewhere A visual aid to vary mode of delivery Offers overview of a range of disabilities, useful in new library staff inductions Provides firsthand feedback from disabled users: customer focussed ethos

7 Project history (1) Detailed costing and worked up proposal won SCONUL grant Leeds Metropolitan Media Production Unit to produce the video Decision to develop a DVD/CD package Four sections and key themes: –Mobility: access –Visual: assistive technology –Hearing: communication –Dyslexia: using the library

8 Project history (2) Volunteers Decision to film at: Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan Sheffield Hallam Huddersfield Small working groups Filming April and May 2004 Editing, subtitling and supporting materials Summer 2004

9 The end result Open Rose members – better knowledge of needs of disabled library users and provision of services and resources in other libraries Stimulating staff training resource to facilitate training large numbers of staff in the key area of disability issues DVD with supporting material on CD – (£40) Detailed report on project for SCONUL Focus

10 Marketing monitored on a rota basis by members of the Article on DVD in Sconul Focus: Review of DVD in Sconul Focus: Article on training using DVD in Sconul Focus: many ORG members have details of the group on their website e.g.

11 Open Rose Group: other work Networking: an excellent source of advice and shared experience; an advisory and support group; keeping up-to-date with developments and contacts Liaison with other groups e.g. CLAUD, North West Academic Libraries (NoWAL) group; e-mail messages via the ORG website

12 Open Rose Group Audit (comprehensive listing of resources and services for disabled students at each member University): useful comparisons, statistics wiki twitter:

13 Disability Equality Duty moving beyond simple compliance with the law to actually meet the real needs of students required all public authorities to have a Disability Equality Scheme (DES) on their websitesDisability Equality Scheme Equality Impact Assessments

14 'reasonable adjustments' Buildings: adjustable furniture on all floors low level printers and photocopies on all floors lifts (alternatives when out of order) trolleys and baskets on wheels wheelchair for use in the library

15 'reasonable adjustments' Additional services: Roaming Profiles Alternative Formats Service Extended Loan Service Nominated Borrower Service Postal Loan Service Book collection Service Online request forms Additional support card

16 'reasonable adjustments' Good practice for training sessions (1): send copy of ppt/resources to tutor in advance of session podcasts/online tutorials signed online workbooks: text versions and accessible pdfs

17 'reasonable adjustments' Good practice for training sessions (2): find out if students have additional needs stand in well-lit place away from window outline structure/main points at the start; summarise regularly think of alternatives/choices for activities

18 Obtaining textbooks in alternative formats Draft policy statement –"it is the University's responsibility to ensure that material on a reading list is available in an appropriate format so that all students have equality of opportunity to access reading list materials" Students are ideally assessed (e.g. by a Regional Access Centre) and their Learning Contract produced well before the beginning of the academic year Tutor has time to let library have relevant reading list in case e-versions of key textbooks may be needed for print impaired students

19 Procedures Open Rose Group mindmap: Items required but not on reading lists: DSA Book fund? e-Books Scanning or digitising chapters Agree to obtain accessible e-copies of key textbooks recommended on reading lists

20 Contacting Publishers (1) (Open Rose Group proforma e-mail) Student details required: name course and course tutor's name years of study (occasionally) duration of course, including end date (occasionally)

21 Contacting Publishers (2) variables: cost conditions speed of response

22 Contacting Publishers (3) Publishers' Look-up site: AAP Publisher Look-up service: TechDis guide to obtaining alternative formats:

23 Publishers' responses (1) Free of charge or cost of textbook With or without conditions/stipulations, faxed back to publisher: –strictly for use of named student –disk(s) must be destroyed after student finishes course

24 Publishers' responses (2) e-mailed or made available for a limited period for download Format e.g. pdf file with selectable text Only recent titles available electronically: older titles (i.e.pre-2000) may be unobtainable

25 Alternatives Ask for suggested alternative titles from tutor – explain difficulties: keep informed Subscription to services e.g. Leeds University Transcription Centre Revealweb ( database of resources available in alternative formats

26 Wider issues and challenges Who does the work? Who pays? Who to inform and when? Challenges: time, cost, communication

27 Any Questions?

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