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ECitizen Component 5 meeting 31st March 2006 TARTU.

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1 eCitizen Component 5 meeting 31st March 2006 TARTU

2 Agenda 1.Summary from Lead Partner on original intentions and conditions for comp. 5 actions ! 2.Existing comp.5 action plan (31st aug. 2005 + necessary adjustments ! 3.Sheffield related issues checked out ? 4.eGov. Study ? 5.Local awareness raising strategies ? 6.Survey of eGov. Awareness initiatives by project partners ? 7.Conclusions on further adjustments to Comp.5 action plan ?

3 1.Original intentions by lead partner Joint Component 5 activities eGovernment study Survey of awareness raising activities by project partners Guidelines for development of local awarenes raising strategies and tools

4 2. Revised 31st Aug.2005 plan Necessary adjustments acc. to orginal component description: Act. 1 –Survey > Study –Workshop >Virtual Meeting Act. 2 –Reports on lessons learned from act 2 > ”3 * Sheffield” Not to be discussed !!!

5 3. Sheffield What –Introduction of best practices and methods used by Sheffield to encourage citizens participation in local eDemocracy and eVoting actions –Publishing best practices from Sheffield on projects website Can we check this out from the ”to do list”?

6 4. eGov Study - 1 Original intentions –Hiring expert to conduct study on European eGov. Actions and awareness raising strategies (05/1) –Publishing study results on project web site (05/2) –Organizing virtual meeting between local coordinators regarding the results of the study (06/1)

7 4. eGov Study - 2 May 2005: ToR for Study of eGov. Actions in Europe: –Taxonomy for eGov. Actions –Overview of eGov. Actions at local European level based upon one / two qualified resently published reports –Best practice examples –Survey on awareness raising strategies and actions at local gov. Level in Europe

8 4. eGov Study - 3 Problems –Not only 1 expert (Ossandon, Elanet) – background and language problems –15.000 Euro not enough for prof. West European consultant –Uncertainty of model for project financing

9 4. eGov Study - 4 Actual situation –Budget reduction to 12.000 Way forward ??? –Narrowing the scope of the study to only focus on awareness raising activities –Not much published on this topic at European level (and in English): Sheffield, UK, Denmark + Netherlands ??

10 5. Local awareness raising strategies – hiring expert Original intention: contracting expert for preparing guidelines for development of local awareness raising strategies and tools Situation –No interest (Tampere, Kick off meeting) –Not much money left What instead ????

11 6. Survey of awarenss activities by project partners Need for common understanding Structuring of received summaries of awareness raising activities Problems, challenges and needs Next steps –Input from remaining partners ! –Virtual discussion of draft observations –Observations and conclusions

12 6.2. Survey of awarenss activities by project partners Need for Common understanding on –“what is awareness raising” compared to –“what is service provision” Raising awareness –by whom citizens / enterprises employees in local authorities politiciens public opinion –About what eServices eDemocracy eParticipation / eInclusion e”Else” Portal ??? >AIDA

13 6.3. Survey of awarenss activities by project partners AIDA A ….. Awareness (eye opener) I……. Interest (relevance) D…….Desire (needs /benefits) A…….Action (buying/using) Awareness campaign Service development / delivery

14 7. Conclusions and decisions Conclusions on adjustments to joint component 5 action plan Decisions to be implemented

15 New comp. 5 joint activities action plan 06/1 –eGov. Study expert contracted 1. delivery (euro 3000) –Partner awar. survey ongoing and planned activities 06/2 –eGov. Study seminar and 2. delivery (euro 9000) – Partner awar.surv. Observ/concl. –Awareness raising seminar / campaign contract. Expert 07/1 –Awareness raising seminar implemented 07/2 –reports on local awar. Campaigns

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