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Dave Lawson Project Manager Road Safety Sheffield City Council.

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1 Dave Lawson Project Manager Road Safety Sheffield City Council

2 How the scheme evolved Partnership project with Sheffield Futures and Approved Driving Instructors(ADIs) Learner drivers – Life Skills and Road Safety sessions –Drip fed road safety input over a 10 week period –Worked with individuals with different lifestyles and objectives –Developed personal strategies for driving safely in the future

3 How to continue without the cost ? Driving instructors (ADIs) -Could road safety be delivered in-car as part of a normal lesson? - 100s of ADIs - 25 pupils each per year - No venue costs -No staff costs

4 ‘….drivers need a realistic perception of their own skills and the potential influence of others….. ….. recognize the importance of driver training that develops self- evaluation…… …….coaching seen as the key method in achieving this.’

5 Test Goals for Driver Education(GDE) Matrix

6 Learner centred approach/coaching The coach helps the learner to…… – take ownership for their own learning – take responsibility for the driving tasks – consider factors that influence their driving behaviour – develop self- reflection/evaluation techniques

7 –Provides training for ADIs in client centred learning and the use of a variety of coaching tools –Provides training in the delivery of specially developed in-car road safety micro-lessons –Based on the higher levels of the GDE The Learn Safe Drive Safe scheme

8 Speed choices Distraction Fatigue Self reflection Influence of others Alcohol Drugs & medication Seatbelts Important that in-car time kept to a minimum Each topic can be delivered in two 5 minute sessions spread over 2 lessons Syllabus

9 Format – 3 stage ‘sandwich’ delivery –Stage 1 - In-car introduction with ADI –Stage 2 - Self-reflection/study at home –Stage 3 - In-car consolidation with ADI Delivery – Micro-lessons

10 Worksheets

11 Specific Personal Situational cues If….then Understand the danger Develop an awareness Develop coping strategies Worksheets

12 The scheme recap –Use coaching techniques –Develop awareness of GDE level 3 and 4 issues –Identify potential trigger situations and develop personal coping strategies –Develop and practice self-evaluation techniques

13 Full day training session on client centred learning, coaching techniques and the use of road safety resources Micro-lesson instructor notes and learner’s worksheets Access to e-learning modules Marketing Follow up training sessions LSDS driver training offers CPD certification What the ADIs get

14 South Yorkshire Lewisham North West Somerset Sussex Northants 2011 ADI training accredited by Training delivered by Ian Edwards

15 Enquiries about the scheme Contact: or Thank you

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