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E-learning, Regeneration, Research and innovation The Story of Learning Light David Patterson.

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1 E-learning, Regeneration, Research and innovation The Story of Learning Light David Patterson

2 Learning Light Almost 6 years old Based in Sheffield Innovative organisation Leading voice in e-learning This is our story………………

3 Regeneration, from this….

4 To This…….

5 Sheffield the Context. Objective 1 status 1999 Unique set of problems A manufacturing city in decline Not a “corporate city” Eds and Meds becoming to dominate employment Some Government and Financial services back office

6 Nascent e-learning cluster The focus on the Creative and Digital Industries identified a nascent cluster of e- learning companies Fragile, Small, Talented Emerged from Education, Marketing and Communication, Web developers and Corporate down sizing Learndirect – UfI set up in Sheffield

7 A Requirement to Help? Learning Light  Conceived by Consultants  Turn Key Business model  Funded by Yorkshire Forward  A company delivering a contract

8 Three Key Challenges Establish a Brand and credibility in the market to promote e-learning and the Sheffield centric message Deliver a contract to create new jobs and turnover To Transit to become a sustainable business in 2 years!

9 COMPeL – “To drive or to do something” Collaboration Opportunities Market Intelligence Promote e-learning e-learningcentre Led by the companies we work with

10 Collaboration COMPeL 7 companies collaborated to become a supplier to learndirect (The UKs biggest purchaser of e-learning). UK LearnonLine Consortium – we represent 750 hours of e-learning materials overseas “Introductions to each other”

11 How to collaborate What works  Trust  Opportunity Great successes if sensitively managed What doesn’t  Complexity  Constraints

12 Opportunities COMPeL Tender information service Developed global reseller network for our members Enquiries to Learning Light  The Brand – Credible, Impartial, Knowledgeable


14 Tender information service OJEU feeds US Federal feeds Sub Threshold feeds Market intelligence tool  Tender winners  Market trends

15 Market Intelligence COMPeL Networks of associates Horizon scanning Research partnerships  500 papers in Learning Light knowledge bank  Systematic Literature Review: 25,000 reviewed articles and publications: forming our research database “literature road map” Lead by University of Sheffield

16 Promoting e-learning COMPeL Speak at events Showcasing the art of the possible  Content  Services Press activity Publications PR Web site-

17 Google e-learning….


19 e-learning centre COMPeL  60,000 hits per month  Member opportunity to leverage this site at very attractive rates  Press and PR activity

20 Leading to a world class eco- system… Including:  The UK’s market leader  The fastest growing company in the market…  Innovators all….  New Starts, Inward investors, New highly paid jobs

21 Success ? Sheffield now claims to be the UK’s capital of e-learning New Jobs: 20% growth in employment in 2008 46 new jobs in 2009 First European e-learning summit 2010 Evolved eco-system

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