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The New Duty to Improve Cohesion: Schools as the Gateway to Stronger Communities. York 18.1.08 Mo Laycock. Head Teacher. Firth Park Community Arts College.

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1 The New Duty to Improve Cohesion: Schools as the Gateway to Stronger Communities. York 18.1.08 Mo Laycock. Head Teacher. Firth Park Community Arts College

2 Firth Park Community Arts College Indicators 1,370 students on roll. 11 – 16 years. 10 form entry. 43% on SEN Register for learning and/or EBD issues (linked to poor and early parenting). 27% BME students, many of whom are asylum seekers or refugees (aspirant students with strong families). One third of cohort in year 7 annually, enter with KS2 SATS at level 3 and below. 25 year 7 students 2007 with reading ages of 6.5 yrs. Full Monty land. Brightside political ward. 6 th most disadvantaged ward in the country. High unemployment, low aspirations, parochial attitudes. Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll alive and well in our area. 4 main feeder primary schools. 78% of students attend FPCAC from these 4 schools. 3 of the primary schools went into ‘notice to improve’ in 2007. Inadequate nursery provision in the local community (being addressed by BSF phase 2). FPCAC had a 2 day Ofsted inspection, March 07 – “FPCAC is the learning hub of the community and is changing learning and aspirations for the better in its community”. “Good school with outstanding features”.

3 Indicators 1995 Split site school 1.5 miles apart. Students/staff travel 2/3 times daily. 10% 5+ A* - C GCSE’s. 25% NEETS. Deficit budget. Falling rolls. Low standards/aspirations. Few systems/strategies to improve. Ofsted May 1995 KS3 only. Very poor buildings. No uniform, students bringing bags, doing homework etc. 77% attendance. Further Ofsted November 1997 due to Local Authority ‘serious weakness’ category. (Ofsted criteria started in 1997 – FPCAC would have been ‘special measures/Fresh Start’). Ofsted 1997. No category – but 10 key issues.

4 Indicators 2007 Full in all year groups and annual appeals. One site school since 2000. Tony Blair/David Blunkett visit 2003. 92 teaching staff. 70 appointed by Mo Laycock. Performing Arts Specialist School since 2002. Pilot Extended School for Sheffield, open 7.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. daily for students/adult learning. Many weekends and all holidays except Christmas. 43% 5+ A* - C GCSE’s 2007. Target 2008 48 – 50%. Learning pathways x 4 at KS4. 94% 1+ A* - G GCSE’s. 75% of year 11 2007 continuing in education/training. KS3 results 2007. CVA 108. Top 25% of schools. ‘Can do/will do’ culture. Lots of visitors to FPCAC. Staff speaking at local/regional/national conferences. Possible Academy status 2009/2010 with Kier Construction as the sponsor. No selection or changes in admissions. 89% attendance (DCSF monitoring).

5 Community Cohesion Strategies Community School since 1995 to win community back. Extended School since 2003.  Adult education classes 4 nights per week. 200+ adult learners. Salsa/keep fit to GCSE classes.  Family Learning weekends on Saturdays – 9.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. 400 attending regularly.  Parents coffee mornings/workshops fortnightly. Year 7 parents first half term to get them on our side as partners.  Senior citizens links and annual Christmas party. Links in Design & Technology, History, Catering, SEN support.  Outreach work for BME parents, particularly Yemeni/Somalian parents.  SLT/Extended School staff attend all community meetings in the school day/evenings.  Holiday workshops. Active Brightside. Targeted students i.e. Gifted and Talented, vulnerable, poor attenders, low self esteem et al.

6 Family of Schools Strategies Headteachers of the 5 schools meet half termly. Arts cross phase group. Literacy cross phase group. MFL/Arts/ICT staff working in primary schools. Longley Park 6 th Form College links re 14 – 19+ Post 16. Family of Schools learning vision *Same behaviour for learning strategy. * Consistent strategies re working with parents across the 5 schools. FPCAC students peer teaching years 4,5,6 primary pupils. Projects at FPCAC for primary pupils i.e. Sports/ICT/Science. Competencies Curriculum at FPCAC year 7 (RSA Opening Minds). 5 primary practitioners employed at FPCAC in KS3. Joined up vision and mission statements. Shared logos on letterheads re Family of Schools. Performances/showcases/workshops at FPCAC.

7 Other Initiatives re cohesion SSAT/NCSL/Continyou links. Black Pupils Attainment Project (DCSF). Boys Breakthrough Project. Now called ‘Raising our Game’. Boys/Girls. Service District partnerships re vulnerable families. Arts across the Curriculum strategy. Early promotion of young/aspirant leaders. Links with Rotherham/Brighouse/Barnsley. Cross phase leadership projects i.e. Literacy/Student Voice et al.

8 The Future Executive principal for all 5 schools? o Lead Learners/Headteachers also. o Vertical grouping at FPCAC. o Early transition from 2009 at Whitsun – all 5 schools. o Academy status – 0 – 16 through school on the FPCAC site. o Stage not age approach to learning. *KS3 2 years. Year 9 transition year. Differentiation years 9 – 11. Links with Longley Park. o Vocational centre on site. Kier. o Sheffield Hallam University links. o Community Theatre/Library/Refectory. o Base on site for Service District personnel, i.e. Police, Health, Social Services, Connexions, Councillors et al.

9 Ultimately our shared vision involves  More students going onto University and returning to Shiregreen/Firth Park to live and work.  Pride in the local community.  Houses on sale – stating ‘close to Firth Park Community Arts College’!  Belief in life long learning.  Self esteem, confidence, determination to succeed as flexible, positive citizens and learners. We believe that Firth Park is Fantastic!

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