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Dalton Local Schools “Our Opportunity” June 5, 2008.

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1 Dalton Local Schools “Our Opportunity” June 5, 2008

2 Agenda Welcome Introductions Update Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) Opportunity (resolution to continue participation) Process for community input

3 Purpose of the Meeting Partnership Between the Dalton Local Schools and the Ohio School Facilities Commission Obtain Community Input Questions

4 Background Board Core Committee Building Advisory Committee Sub- Committees Dalton Community INFORMATION/ QUESTIONS DISCUSSION / PROCESSING SUGGESTIONS/ CONSENSUS Core Committee + Building Advisory Committee = Ownership by Community Stakeholders

5 The Ohio School Facilities Commission 10 W. Broad Street, Suite 1400 Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 466-6290

6 Mission The mission of the Ohio School Facilities Commission is to work in partnership with local school districts to provide quality learning facilities for Ohio’s school children.

7 About OSFC Created in May, 1997  Separate and distinct state agency Appropriated $6.9 billion / $5.5 billion disbursed  $3 million a day spent on OSFC projects  $4.1 billion in Tobacco Securitization funding available Nearly 350 districts involved in 4 major programs 528 new/renovated buildings opened  308 in active design and construction 123 districts fully completed


9 OSFC Program Delivery OSFC bases all projects on Condition of current facilities Projected numbers of students  Updated enrollment projects taken throughout project – neither over or under build District-wide plan developed – Local input Number of buildings Configuration of buildings

10 Enrollment Projections Based on  Live Birth Data  Historical Enrollment  Community School Enrollment  Open Enrollment  Housing Information

11 Accuracy:  Between 2 – 3 percent historically  Projections closer are more accurate  Major deviations the result of unexpected issues e.g. job migration Enrollment Projections

12 Building Assessments Includes all occupied buildings Assesses:  Age & Condition  Quantity  Code Compliance  Existence Itemized scope of work & budget

13 Building Assessments  Itemized scope of work & budget  “It is expected that all of the schools will be new, or if renovated, in a ‘like new’ condition, with similar amenities and life expectancy to a new building.”

14 OSFC Project Team  District hires the Architect  OSFC hires the Construction Manager  Commissioning Agent oversees design and installation of critical systems  Maintenance Plan Advisor assists district in developing maintenance plan


16 Ohio School Design Manual  Structured to provide a district with significant variety of options in the design of buildings  Emphasis on classroom spaces, not on extracurricular activities  Establishes building size and projected cost

17 A Legacy of Quality Quality Assurance Process  On-site management  Code inspections  Walkthroughs and “punch lists”  Warranties  “Commissioning”  Professional review and accountability

18 What is Next? 1 st Step - Master Plan

19 A master plan will be developed to accommodate all of the district’s Pre-K through 12 school children as determined by the Educational Planners enrollment projections utilizing the projected enrollment for year 5 in declining enrollment situations or year 10 where projections are increasing. The School District will be required to agree with a final “whole district” master plan and accept the final plan by resolution by the Board of Education Master Plan

20 Building by Building Utilization Plan Based on Assessment and Enrollment. Options Include: Renovations (Defined in assessment) Additions - New construction to existing buildings Replace New construction Existing facilities off line* * facilities taken off line could be sold, repurposed or demolished

21 Master Plan Heating/ Ventilation Systems RoofingElectricalPlumbingWindows FoundationsWalls/ ChimneysFlooringInterior LightingSecurity/ Fire Alarm Systems Emergency LightingGeneral FinishesHandicap AccessSite ConditionsWater and Sewers AsbestosExterior DoorsLife Safety IssuesTechnologyLoose Equipment Building Assessment Data

22 Master Plan Enrollment Projections based on Dalton L.S.D. History 1998/99 - 1054 1999/00 - 1017 2000/01 - 1012 2001/02 -1006 2002/03 -1011 2003/04 - 995 2004/05 - 998 2005/06 - 985 2006/07 - 965 2007/08 - 987 Based on this data, indications are that the Dalton Schools enrollment will decline slightly

23 Master Plan How Much Space is Needed? (Enrollment Projections) # Students (Pre-K 12) X Sq. Ft. allocation ( Elementary-Middle-High School) = Total Required Square Feet ( building/buildings) How Much Will it Cost? (OSFC Guidelines) Total required square feet X Cost per Sq. Ft. (new and/or renovated) = Total Master Facilities Budget

24 Master Plan Segmented Master Plan Minimum of 6.9 % of District assessed valuation? Minimum of 3 Mills? OSFC anticipates June 10, 2008 passage

25 Master Plan Renovate or Build? Will the population of the building grow or decline? Can the facility be renovated to accommodate 21 st century instructional delivery practices and modern technologies? Will the facility be operating efficiently? Do the costs of rehabilitating the current facility outweigh the costs of building new? Are there parts of the building that should be retained? Are there sections to be replaced?

26 It’s all about the Kids... The Simple Truth Modern education has outgrown some of the buildings where our children are preparing for the future. It makes a difference where they learn. The OSFC is working to ensure every Ohio student has a quality learning environment. Education has advanced to electronic whiteboards, portable computers, expandable networking and interactive video where students can communicate with students on other continents. Students are more likely to prosper where their environment is conducive to learning.

27 Master Plan - Budget Shares 2008 Equity Rank 379 Dalton Local Share 62% State Share 38% Dalton Local Share 62% State Share 38%

28 Taxable Valuation Determines “Equity Rank” Dalton currently ranks 379/612 school districts $ (132,418,890) valuation / 1000 students $135,954 valuation per student Local share of construction cost 62% State share of construction costs 38% Master Plan - Budget

29 Community Input Directions: One response per note card Name and contact information is optional All thoughts collected will be: Recorded/Data base Categorized Answers and conclusions Published on a web site/media Reviewed next meeting

30 Community Input Questions/Suggestions/Comments OSFC Partnership Master Plan Development Building Budget General Thoughts

31 Next Steps Feedback to Community Formation of the Building Advisory Committee Master Plan Options Created Next Meeting/Present Master Plan Options Date: September

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