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Introduction to Sheffield Children’s University for children and young people.

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1 Introduction to Sheffield Children’s University for children and young people

2 Every hour of your own time that you spend learning something interesting is time very well spent.

3 Do you take part in fun activities At lunchtime? After school? In the holidays? You will now earn credits with Children’s University for taking part!

4 Collecting Credits 1 credit = 1 hour Bronze Award = 30 hours Silver Award = 65 hours Gold Award = 100 hours


6 Celebrate ! Your Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented at school

7 The Children’s University Gold Award Ceremony for children and young people over 100 hours happen at Sheffield Town Hall and the Universities Celebrate !

8 Collect even more CU credits away from school with a CU Passport to Learning!

9 How does it work? You can collect CU credits by taking part in activities at Learning Destinations across Sheffield! You will need a CU Passport to Learning to collect your credits in.

10 1.A place, group or club that is registered with Sheffield CU 2.Somewhere where the learning has been checked to make sure its safe, good quality and exciting! 3.The only place away from school where you can collect CU credits using your Passport to Learning! What is a ‘Learning Destination’?

11 Where do I get a Passport? You can buy one for £2 from any library across the city From one of the Learning Destinations – check with staff Sacred Heart School have bought them for every child from Y3 to Y6

12 What do I do when I have my Passport? Get your parent/carer sign the sticker in the front When you attend an activity make sure you put your name on the register If not, you won’t be able to collect your credits from Learning Destinations!

13 What do I do next? Step 1: Find the Learning Destinations! Visit the Sheffield Children’s University website for the list of Learning Destinations in Sheffield Look for this logo when you are out and about!

14 Collect credits at dance, brownies, scouts, sport, arts and at museums, libraries and even on farms!

15 Sheffield International Venues (e.g. Hillsborough, Concord, Ponds Forge, Ice Sheffield, etc.) Concord All Stars Marching Band Some Scouts and Brownie Groups Greentop Circus Activity Sheffield Weston Park Museum Heeley City Farm Botanical Gardens Climbing Works Razzamataz Hillsborough Pumas FC Kyohoon Taekwondo Manor Lodge Discovery Centre Libraries Wild Woodlanders Here are some of the Learning Destinations registered with Sheffield CU. …

16 What do I do next? Step 2: Take part in the activity! Take along your Passport to Learning and get it stamped, have loads of fun and don’t forget you MUST make sure your name is added to a register at the Learning Destination. This is how we know where you’ve been and how many credits to give you! Without a register, we can’t give you your credits.

17 Can I collect CU credits at my club? If your group is already a Learning Destination, then yes! If not - tell them about Sheffield CU and ask them to join! As soon as they do, you and all your friends will be able to collect CU credits from your activities using your Passport to Learning.

18 Can I collect CU credits when I’m on holiday? Yes! - There are Learning Destinations all over the country (and even the world!). Visit the CU Trust website to find them…

19 Can I collect CU credits when I’m on holiday? If you visit a Learning Destination away from Sheffield while on holiday, you need to fill in a Learning Destination Diary Sheet to be able to collect your credits. Make sure you get your Passport stamped too!

20 What happens to the credits I collect in my Passport to Learning? The CU Team will add your credits to the ones you receive at school. This means your total number of credits will grow much faster and you will earn even more CU award certificates and badges!

21 Join in Have a go Make new friends Learn something new Solve problems Do better at school Collect CU Credits Earn Awards!

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