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By: Josh Taylor and Mia Ivanko  La capital de Guatemala es Guatemala city.

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2 By: Josh Taylor and Mia Ivanko

3  La capital de Guatemala es Guatemala city

4  El presidente de Guatemala es Otto Fernando Pérez Molina Otto Fernando Pérez Molina

5  La poclación de Guatemala es 15.08 millones de personas.

6  Azul: guatemala land that’s located in between to oceans  blanco: peace and purity.

7  El clima de tropical es guatemala.

8  La religion primaria es catolico.


10  Los animales que viven aqui son mono, toucans, quetzal, taranchala.

11  Las comidas populares son tapada, carne adobada, carne guisada.

12  Guatemala moneda compared to a US moneda, Guatemalas moneda is 54 cents more than US moneda.

13  Livingston is one of Guatemala’s gems tucked away on the Caribbean coast. Livingston can only be reached by boat. 2 ferries head out and back each and every day. Evenings in Livingston are full of excitement dancing and maybe even singing.

14  Monterrico is in a very remote area off the pacific coast of Guatemala. With gorgeous black sand.At volcanic beaches you’ll see far fewer faces than you’ll see at other beaches. However the pacific current makes for rough water and only very good and experienced swimmers.

15  Parque Central is the heart of Quetzaltenango, serving as a city center and a major local. The city is between 3 massive volcanos. A sacred lake situated in cloud forest and perhaps a visitor’s greatest chance of spotting a quetzal bird in the wild.

16  1). Hector Valentin Lino Jr. (Actor) Starred in the movie HI MOM!

17  2). Oscar Isaac (Actor) Starred in the movie DRIVE.

18  3).Eric K Chaverria (Actor) Starred in the movie WE BOUGHT A ZOO.

19  This celebration is called dia del ejercito (Army Day). This celebration is held on June 30 for the last 136 years, this is holiday once one of the most important holidays in Guatemala. Until 2008 when the parade was canceled due to “funding”. But people still celebrate it but they have to celebrate privetly.

20  This celebration takes place in Eastern Highlands town of San Pedro Pinula on the 1 st day of February and is the most traditional fiesta in the entire region.  Expect a cultural treat, with Amerindian dance, costume music, food entertainment.


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