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Cancer Awareness for Pharmacy Staff Joanne Coy Sheffield City Council July 2013.

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1 Cancer Awareness for Pharmacy Staff Joanne Coy Sheffield City Council July 2013

2 Our session at a glance Aims and Objectives Purpose of the session Facts and figures Cancer risk factors Importance of early diagnosis Local awareness of key symptoms Symptoms Lung cancer and current publicity campaign Screening programmes How you can use this knowledge

3 Aims and Objectives To provide key messages about cancer to pharmacy staff: Know local numbers of new cases and deaths from cancer Understanding of the most common risks Know the most common symptoms of cancer Awareness of the importance of cancer screening programmes Awareness of the importance of your role in promoting cancer awareness and early treatment.

4 What is Cancer? Cancer is a disease that occurs when the cells of the body multiply in an uncontrolled manner, creating a a cluster of cells called a tumour. –usually the tumour takes the form of a lump Cancer is not a single disease with a single type of treatment. There are more than 200 different kinds of cancer, each with its own name and treatment Early diagnosis can often make a difference to how easily cancer is managed/treated and the chance of making of good recovery.

5 Cancer cases in Sheffield How many people are diagnosed with cancer every year in Sheffield? a)1800 b)2700 c)3050 b) 2700 (Source: NCIN, 2011)

6 The most common cancers in Sheffield Each year in Sheffield there are about: 400 new cases of lung cancer 380 of breast cancer in women 300 of bowel cancer –also known as colorectal cancer or colon cancer or rectal cancer 280 of prostate cancer in men

7 The 20 Most Common Causes of Cancer Death, UK, 2010 Source: CRUK info/cancerstats/mortality/cancerdeaths/

8 Top 3 causes of death from cancer in Sheffield RankMen number of cancer deaths per year Women number of cancer deaths per year 1lung cancer 185 deaths lung cancer 147 deaths 2prostate cancer 82 deaths breast cancer 107 deaths 3bowel cancer 72 deaths bowel cancer 50 deaths

9 Cancer and Age cancer is mainly a disease of older people three out of five cancers (60%) are diagnosed in people aged 65 and over –obviously 2 out of 5 (40%) are found in people aged under 65 more than a third (36%) are diagnosed in the elderly (aged 75 and over).

10 Cancer prevention Your age and your family history (genetics) are important influences on your chance of getting cancer But 4 out of every 10 cancers are due to lifestyle and are therefore preventable How to reduce your chance of developing cancer Smoking: don’t smoke Diet: eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables Weight: don’t be overweight or obese Take exercise: e.g. walking Alcohol: don’t drink above recommended limits Be Sun Smart: avoid sun burn by covering up and wearing suncream

11 The Good News many people feel that having cancer will automatically lead to death but many types of cancer today are successfully treated –the quality of cancer care in England has increased enormously in recent years increasing numbers of people in the UK are surviving cancer and leading a normal life

12 The Not So Good News Survival rates for many forms of cancer are worse in Britain than in some other parts of Europe and the rest of the world Many people are dying of cancer whose lives could have been saved Others are having much more extensive and unpleasant treatment than might have been the case

13 Why are our Survival Rates not as good as the best? Many people don’t know enough about the key symptoms and signs of cancer Many people are so worried about cancer that they put off going to the doctor for as long as possible Thus, by the time it is diagnosed, cancer is often very advanced –may need very extensive treatment –may not be treatable at all

14 Survey of Sheffield people’s knowledge about cancer in 2009 1 in 5 men and 1 in 7 women could not name any cancer warning signs most warning signs were recognised by only a small proportion of people only 1 in 17 people knew that a cough/hoarseness is a possible sign of cancer

15 Cancer Awareness Measure unprompted awareness in Sheffield Don’t Know: 27% Male 15% Female

16 Cancer Awareness Measure Sheffield Data: How soon would you visit your GP?

17 Why would Sheffield people delay seeking treatment? 1 in 3 would be worried about wasting the GP’s time. 1 in 3 said they would delay because of difficulties in making an appointment 1 in 3 said they would delay because they would be worried about what the doctor might find 1 in 6 would be too embarrassed to report symptoms to their GP.

18 What are the key symptoms that might be cancer? An unusual lump or swelling anywhere on your body A change in the size, shape or colour of a mole A sore that does not heal after several weeks Mouth/tongue ulcer lasting more than 3 weeks Cough/croaky voice lasting more than 3 weeks Persistent difficulty swallowing or indigestion Problems passing urine Blood in urine Blood in bowel motions A change to more frequent and loose bowel motions 4-6 weeks Unexplained weight loss/heavy night sweats Unexplained pain /ache that lasts longer than 4 weeks

19 Know Your Body and What is Normal for You If you start to get new symptoms/signs that aren’t going away (e.g. 3 weeks or more), then make an appointment with your GP to get them checked If it turns out not to be serious, you’ve got peace of mind If it is serious, by getting treatment early you have the best chance of making a good recovery

20 Lung Cancer Facts 2 nd most common in UK - 38,000+ a year 400 new cases per year in Sheffield Globally is the most common cancer 9 out of 10 cases diagnosed are smokers But also: former, passive and non-smokers No effective screening test IF FOUND EARLY CAN OFTEN BE TREATED British survival rates poor compared with the best in Europe

21 Lung Cancer Risk Factors Smoking – by far the biggest risk Radon gas exposure Industrial exposure (arsenic, diesel, herbicides) Air Pollution (particulates from diesel traffic fumes) Family History

22 Lung Cancer Symptoms New and persistent cough for more than 3 weeks Blood flecks in Phlegm Recently started feeling breathless New chest or shoulder pain longer than 3 weeks Unexplained loss of weight /appetite Fatigue Chest infection that doesn’t get better after antibiotics Hoarseness/loss of voice but no sore throat.

23 Lung cancer symptom awareness campaign 2013 July to mid-August 2013 Be Clear on Cancer Focus on 3-week cough See website: info/spotcancerearly/naedi/beclearoncanc er/lung/ info/spotcancerearly/naedi/beclearoncanc er/lung/ Adverts on radio/TV and leaflets

24 Sheffield event for the Lung cancer campaign 2013 We will also be running local events –giving out leaflets at shopping centres –talks to local groups Can we run an event at or near your pharmacy? Other suggestions??

25 Cancer Screening Programmes Testing large and seemingly healthy population groups for signs of cancer Can detect abnormal cell changes at an early stage, sometimes even before cancer has developed Current programmes: Bowel, Breast, and Cervical Different intervals/age groups/gender

26 No screening test is 100% effective Body Awareness is still important! Still need to be on the lookout for symptoms and signs of cancer –Know your body and what is normal for you See your GP if new and persistent symptoms or signs appear –even if you have been screened

27 Cancer Screening Programmes and Age Ranges Cervical: women aged 25-64 Breast: women aged 50-70 –women over 70 can opt in –Telephone breast screening unit at the Hallamshire Hospital Bowel: men & women aged 60-74 –People over 74 can opt inolder people can opt in)

28 Cancer Screening saves lives But uptake for cervical and breast cancer screening programmes is declining in Sheffield Cervical uptake has fallen sharply among young women aged 25-34 Encourage people to take part in cancer screening


30 Bowel Cancer Screening New screening programme, began in 2008 in Sheffield Currently targets men and women aged 60-74 People who’ve lost the screening kit can telephone for a replacement Helpline 0800 707 60 60 Older people can opt into the programme by telephoning the helpline

31 Process of Bowel Cancer Screening Home testing kit posted every 2 years for home completion & return by post –If kit is lost, can phone 0800 707 60 60 for a replacement kit Abnormal results (i.e. blood in poo or stool) are followed up by specialist nurse. Bowel cancer screening programme aims to prevent bowel cancer developing, by detecting pre-cancerous changes in the bowel

32 Curing Bowel Cancer Bowel cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, if caught early 9 out of 10 people with bowel cancer who seek treatment at an early stage will survive for at least 5 years Look out for symptoms lasting more than 3 weeks –especially change in bowel habit to looser, more frequent motions Take part in the bowel cancer screening programme

33 We can save lives by increasing the early detection of cancer 10,000 lives could be saved in England each year if survival rates matched the best in Europe (Department of Health, 2011). 5,000 lives saved if survival rates were at the European average

34 Key Messages Be aware of the early warning signs for Cancer Encourage and help people to speak to their GP Encourage people to take part in cancer screening programmes Spread the good news - If caught early enough, many types of cancer can be cured.

35 Practical Action Display leaflets and posters in your shop to encourage symptom awareness and importance of getting problems checked by GP Signpost people to their GP in response to specific symptoms

36 Examples of signposting to GP Heartburn/Reflux/acid - for over 40’s –pharmacist to check if this is a new symptom. If yes, signpost to GP Cough medicine –check if smoker and if having recurrent chest infections. If yes, signpost to GP Urinary tract infection symptom – for over 50’s –signpost to GP. Does your pharmacy do this?

37 Other ways you can help Learn more about cancer by taking part in Sheffield City Council’s free 2- hour basic cancer awareness course We can visit your practice to deliver training or run “drop in’s” for clients Contact Joanne Coy on: –0779 403 2523 –or email

38 Sheffield organisations for people with cancer & their relatives, carers, or friends Weston Park Cancer Information & Support Centre, 23 Northumberland road, Sheffield, S10 2TX. Tel: 226 5391 or The Cavendish Centre 27 Wilkinson Street Sheffield S10 2GB tel 0114 278 4600 Age UK Sheffield’s Macmillan Cancer Support Service contact Age UK Sheffield on 0114 2502850 or email

39 Further information about Cancer General Information on types of cancer, symptoms, treatment: Cancer Research UK National Cancer Intelligence Network. Statistics/Trends NHS Screening Programmes

40 Cancer Information (continued) Cancer Backup – advice and information BBC Health Website /conditions/cancer Sun Smart website

41 References Department of Health (2011) Improving Outcomes: a Strategy for Cancer, January 2011 Sheffield and North Trent Cancer Network data are available from the National Cancer Intelligence Network’s (NCIN) Cancer e-atlas, available from: las.aspx

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