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Biochemistry I: Chemistry Basics. I. Basic Concepts/Vocabulary:

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1 Biochemistry I: Chemistry Basics

2 I. Basic Concepts/Vocabulary:

3 1. Matter: anything that occupies space and has mass

4 -4 states of matter 1. Solid 2. Liquid 3. Gas 4. Plasma

5 2. Mass: the amount of matter an object has -constant throughout universe

6 3. Weight: the force of gravity on an object

7 4. Element: a pure substance which cannot be broken down into simpler kinds of matter

8 -4 types of elements Metals Non-metals Metalloids Inert (noble) gases

9 II. Periodic Table of Elements

10 -Developed by Dmitri “Wild man” Mendeleev

11 - tabular arrangement by increasing atomic number

12 -organized by rows (periods) and columns (families)

13 -physical and chemical properties repeat themselves

14 III. Atomic Theory - the atom model

15 Atom: the simplest particle of an element that retains all the properties of that element

16 3 subatomic particles 1.Proton: (+) charge; nucleus 2.Neutron: (0) charge; nucleus 3.Electron: (-) charge; electron cloud -electron cloud makes up most of the volume -nucleus makes up the mass

17 Atomic Number: the # of protons in an atom Atomic # = 7; Nitrogen

18 Atomic Mass: the number of protons plus the number of neutrons

19 Ion: an atom in which protons don’t equal electrons; charged atom Two Types: 1.Cation: a positively charged ion (lost electrons) 2.Anion: a negatively charged ion (gained electrons) (Neutral atom: protons = electrons)

20 Electrons: high energy particles that pair up in energy levels Electron Energy Levels: LevelNumber of Electrons K2K2 L8L8 M18 N32

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