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2007 Arkansas Library Media Framework Review Margaret Amps Arkansas Department of Education.

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1 2007 Arkansas Library Media Framework Review Margaret Amps Arkansas Department of Education

2 Library Media Framework 2007 Edition Approved by State Board December 10, 2007 K-12

3 Goals For Today’s Session To review the framework development process To look at grade specific frameworks To look at the curriculum flow from grade level to grade level To become familiar with the Library Media framework for grades K-12 To locate frameworks on ADE website

4 Support for the Frameworks STATE Public School Library Media and Technology Act “Develop and implement a plan that ensures that skills are taught in a logical sequence for kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12)” NATIONAL Support the American Association of School Librarians “Standards for the 21 st Century Learner” 21 st Century Skills from the Partnership for 21 st Century Skills

5 Library Media Framework Development Committee met 10 days in summer and 8 days during the school year.

6 Committee Structure Committee made up of the following: 2 to 3 library media specialist from each grade level 1 reading specialist 1 college library media professor 1 administrator Total of 37 participants

7 Committee Members Regions Small and large districts Rural and Suburban districts All levels, K-12, K-6, 5-8, 9-12, etc. Diverse population and gender

8 Library Media Framework Resources Library Media and Technology Frameworks from approximately 25 states Arkansas Content Frameworks (ELA, Soc. Studies, Sci., etc.) Current Research

9 National Organizations  American Association of School Librarians (AASL) draft International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Partnership for 21 st Century Skills

10 Library Media Framework Format Grade Level Specific for grades K-12 Format same as the other content frameworks AASL Standards for the 21 st -Century Learner SLE’s are specific Vertical Alignment Rigorous

11 Process Framework We teach a PROCESS not specific content! We are NOT connected to one content area We teach WAYS students can investigate, find and use information We teach HOW to use the tools and resources

12 STRANDS Inquiry Application Connection


14 Content Standards Inquiry Identify and Access Evaluate Application Organize Utilize Collaborate Communicate Connection Read Associate Reflect

15 9 Content Standards

16 Library Media Framework Content Standard Statements

17 Library Media Framework Collaboration Statement

18 The Library Media Framework document is to be used in collaboration with other framework documents to accomplish the stated student learning expectations. Library Media Specialists and classroom teachers should work together in order to meet the stated goals in this document.

19 Proficiency Statement

20 Strand Content Standard Standard Statement Student Learning Expectations Conceptual Organizer

21 Expectations should be internalized SLE- Statement Of Student Expectation

22 Library Media Framework Structure New numbering of SLE’s I.1.5.1-each SLE has a distinct # I—Inquiry Strand 1- Content Standard 1 5-grade level-fifth grade 1-ordering of SLE’s

23 Key at the bottom of each page Footer for each page gives the Strand, Content Standard and Grade levels for the page as well as the subject area Key: I.1.K.2 = Inquiry. Standard 1. Kindergarten. 2 nd Student Learning Expectation

24 KEY Footer Key





29 Curriculum

30 Frameworks

31 Revision Cycle

32 Resources Provided by ADE Build Your Own Information Literate School by Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan Ban Those Bird Units! David V. Loertscher, Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan Sharing the Evidence Nancy A. S. Miller, Connie Champlin and David Loertscher

33 Dates of Additional Workshops February 28 OUR Co-op March 7 Northeast Co-op March 11Crowley’s Ridge Co-op March 12 Wilbur Mills Co-op March 14DeQueen-Mena Co-op

34 Questions and Answers

35 501-682-4396 Arkansas Department of Education Margaret Amps

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