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Categorizing Compounds

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1 Categorizing Compounds
Group the ions and compounds in your list into 5 groups and describe each group.

2 Label each group using these terms.
Anions Cations Monoatomic Polyatomic Binary Compounds Ternary Compounds

3 Definitions Anions – Cl, Br, I, F, S Cations – Na, Mg, Ca, Sr, Li

4 Definitions Monoatomic – all cations and anions
Polyatomic - PO3-3, OH-, NH4+, SO32-, H3O+

5 Definitions Binary Compounds - Ba3N2, Na2S, Zn3N2, FeCl2, Cu2S
Ternary Compounds - K2SO3, NaClO4, NaMnO4, H2SO4, CaCO3

6 Answer the following questions using your clickers…
Assessment Answer the following questions using your clickers…

7 What is a compound with three elements called?
Binary compound Ternary compound

8 What is a ion that contains more than one element called?
Monoatomic ion Polyatomic ion

9 What is Br? Monoatomic Anion Monoatomic Cation Polyatomic Anion
Polyatomic Cation

10 What is Na2S? Binary compound Ternary compound

11 What is OH-? Monoatomic ion Polyatomic ion

12 Which is a monoatomic ion?
Ca CaBr2

13 Which is a ternary compound?
Zn3N2 H2SO4

14 Which is a cation? Li S

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