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Coming Release v5.0 and Roadmap

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1 Coming Release v5.0 and Roadmap
Hermes Net Coming Release v5.0 and Roadmap ----- Presentation Notes ----- This presentation provides information on Vocalcom’s new Hermes Net v5.0 product. Specifically, it covers reasons for bringing to market, key features and a roadmap timeline.

2 Market requirements Better Agent and Supervisor Interfaces
Twitter and Facebook customer contact capabilities Improved use of workspace and access for agents and supervisors Even Simpler Administration Wizard support for queues, agent admin, web campaign and workspaces Easier visual configuration, revised admin access and singular interface to create main Contact Centre setup Fully Customizable Reporting Dynamic and customizable reporting Specific features to create look and feel, type of reporting whether graphical or table based ----- Presentation Notes ----- Hermes Net v5.0 delivers a new set of capabilities based on the emerging needs of our customers, as well as what we believe is important in todays hyper-connected Contact Centre world. v5.0 extends the already intuitive and compelling application interface of v4.0 to provide better agent and supervisor interfaces. It does two key things; Firstly, it provides market defining social interaction management, including support for Twitter and Facebook queues. Secondly, improved agent and supervisor tools for better handling of more channels. In fact, the new design enables the agent workspace to accommodate an infinite number of contact channels via it’s ‘tabbed’ interface and at the same time provides more features for previously supported contact channels. To compliment the new user abilities, Hermes Net v5 provides even simpler administration. A number of administration wizards not only make it easier to set up your Contact Center but also help administrators to take advantage of new features in v5. Configuration is made very visual and more centralized. Hermes Net is an exceptionally flexible application, enabling agents to capture rich information when engaging with customers using ‘purpose built’ screen scripts and workflows. v5.0 extends this capability, providing fully customizable reporting, as an entirely new module. Finally, we are always looking to innovate in terms of the Hermes Net core contact engine and in v5.0 we deliver a number of compelling new features. As well as improving the core technology itself, that enables our platform to be a truly single application supporting all media channels, we have also provided some compelling new ways to maximize the ability to connect with customers. The Best time to call feature, is truly market defining in terms of outbound dialing and yet we continue with the theme that simplicity drives success. Improved Core CTI Engine Best time to call, right device, right media Simpler, yet more powerful call strategy designer

3 v5.0 key features Simpler, more intuitive main application view
Direct visibility of agents from application tab Pre-launch ‘systems check’ Multiple skins ----- Presenter Notes Once logged into Hermes Net v5.0 it's immediately apparent the application offers even more features to support defining and managing a Contact Centre. One key feature is the ability to view logged in agents, and their status right on the application tab. Another useful feature is the pre-launch of a module or agent interface check capability, kind of an “all systems go” validator that just adds more confidence about the system performing at it’s optimum level. Simpler, direct visibility without having to launch any modules.

4 v5.0 key features New, simple, tabbed agent workspace
Fully utilize browser window to handle multi-channel contacts Each channel view configurable including channel specific control bar Lots more contact information New concepts such as general pause across all contact media Completely customizable access By agent, (if allowed), supervisor and / or based on configuration loaded ----- Presentation Notes ----- Reflecting on the growing number of channels a Contact Center needs to support, the workspace has been completely redesigned. This change is perhaps the most important of V5 as it creates a NEW approach to the processing of all contact information. (Administration> CT-Proxy> Agent> Statistics> Reporting> OnXMedia / dialer Avaya.) Fully utilizing the 'viewport' of the browser, providing the agents 'unified desktop’, we’ve adopted a similar approach to browser technology itself, 'tabbed browsing'. Just as tabbed browsing provides considerably better access to much more information in the same space, our agent workspace has been improved to make it easy to handle potentially an infinite number of contact channels. Extending this even further, each contact channel workspace, or 'context' as we call them, can be configured individually, including the contact 'control' bar. The agent is able to select to display in the ‘current context’ lots more information. For example, status of queues, callbacks and personal callbacks, contact statistics, information and history, agent status and break information - again, all configurable relevant to the context. Also, access to contact channel tabs themselves is completely customizable based on agent preferences, (if allowed of course) as well as based on supervisor or overall admin initial configuration. It's an exciting, entirely new, although simple to use new workspace for the agents.

5 v5.0 key features Cross-browser and OS Support
Entirely new, more modern and efficient contact control, (CTI) toolbar Simpler OEM capability Change in approach to easily adopt HTML5 innovation when ready making it future proof Simplified, futureproof and 3rd party friendly multi-browser support ----- Presentation Notes ----- As we know Hermes Net is the only Contact Centre solution that provides both CPE and cloud based Contact Center entirely via the web. We also know that browser technology is constantly evolving and so we’ve considered not only ways to support multiple browsers, and inherently platforms also, but a way to ensure it’s future proof, scalable and easy. So in simple terms with v5.0 we rely solely on a simple JavaScript file to handle our toolbar events, the intelligent bit. We’ve then rationalized the ‘other bit’ needed, the ‘socket’ link it’s called, so that when the technology is ready, i.e. HTML5 we literally can rely on this clean, clear and simple JavaScript file and let standard browser technology take care of the rest. There’s some other more technical benefits to this, just briefly we won’t have to worry about thwarte certificates and we can even easier, OEM the CTI toolbar in 3rd party web applications. V5.0 provides a simpler, futureproof’d and 3rd party friendly control feature. --- No more ActiveX control, just the flash object used with Firefox – that’s it.

6 v5.0 key features @Twitter channel contact
Unlimited rules for queued tweets Pre-defined answers and attachments ----- Presentation Notes ----- OK, so for me, this is the most exciting aspect of our major new v5.0 release - social interaction management. Let's be clear, this is not just a 'me too' feature, we've taken social interaction and management to an extraordinary new level in the market place. Using the massively powerful rule feature of Hermes Net, you can completely customize the tweets 'queue' to be relevant to exactly what you want to see, typically based on your specific business requirements. For example, if your customers are using a service you provide and decide to tweet about the fact they're considering switching to a different provider, you can easily set up a rule to queue any tweets mentioning ‘a relevant search term’ and of course any mention of your name. Of course we also support Facebook in the same way, based on customers posting to a Facebook wall also being queued to an agent.

7 v5.0 key features Queue Facebook posts
Pre-defined answers and attachments Respond with as well as comments Search number of comments, who from, message containing, number of likes Queue image posts Contact stats in the workspace ----- Presentation Notes ----- --- The integration of Facebook Chat in the agents interfaces. Monitoring and analysis of conversations Facebook.

8 v5.0 key features Entirely New Supervisor module
----- Presentation Notes ----- This Supervisor Module is loved by our customers, as it provides almost limitless possibilities in terms of 'viewing' information about the performance of a Contact Center 'live' and viewing this information exactly how you want it. The entirely new Supervisor module has been extended even further, providing exciting new table and graphical views to support our new social channels.

9 v5.0 key features Administration wizards
HR, Queues, Web Campaigns, Workspace wizards Easily add more wizards All original configuration and more Simple click, select compelling interface Run wizards from launcher ----- Presentation Notes ----- At Vocalcom, we believe 'Simplicity Drives Success' and this is never more important given the complexities that 'CAN' come from adding support for more and more contact channels as part of your Contact Center. We’ve added to what’s already a very simple to use administration module, the ability to define key aspects of your Contact Center using easy to use configuration wizards. We’ve also consolidated ‘related’ features based on the wizards also, so for example the HR wizard will enable you manage all aspects of ‘people’ within the application. This including agents, supervisors, groups, administrators as well as salesman, planning management, contact lists and even client characteristics management. Simpler, although more capable configuration is made available via these new wizards. --- Creation of outbound campaigns, inbound, , chat, create call files, customer files management, backup settings, …

10 v5.0 key features HR wizard ----- Presentation Notes -----
Here’s a sample HR wizard screen shot, showing the various configurable options that our customers have come to expect given the highly capable Hermes Net product.

11 v5.0 key features Queues wizard ----- Presentation Notes -----
Again, a couple of sample screen shots showing the queuing wizard. A key point to mention is how user friendly and easy it is to click and select exactly what queues you want where. Very powerful, dynamic queue management.

12 v5.0 key features Web campaign wizard ----- Presentation Notes -----
Web chat continues to be an increasingly popular topic of discussion with our customers. They can appreciate an agent being able to handle more than one contact at a time, and customers appreciate not necessarily having to queue via an ACD. So a web campaign wizard was key to be in-line with what our customers are telling us.

13 v5.0 key features Workspace wizard ----- Presentation Notes -----
Finally, in terms of sample wizard shots, the workspace wizard is possibly the most innovative way of defining an agents workspace. Truly simplifies what can be a reasonably complex task into something very visual and easy to use.

14 v5.0 key features Advanced, comprehensive custom reporting
Based on Crystal Reports Can access stored SQL data Report across all channels Easy, fast, flexible report generation Incredible power to measure contact center productivity and performance (revenue) ----- Presentation Notes ----- Hermes Net has always provided fantastic tools and features for capturing information as part of an interaction between an agent and customer. The flexibility of the screen scripter and the ability to build workflows entirely on the fly, and within minutes is a clear differentiator with our competitors. Now take all of that information and report on it, exactly how you want it. Take advantage of the ability to upload images and graphics to complement your reports, define the beginning, middle and end to include graphical and table displays, using the entirely new custom reporting feature of Hermes Net v5.0

15 v5.0 key features New Report Designer Upload images
Header, footer, graphs, tables Individual pages ----- Presentation Notes ----- It’s not just an extension either, it’s an entirely new module, purpose built again based on listening to our customers.

16 v5.0 key features Signifiant improvements to CTI Core
Modernized, transport technology between agent, supervisor and admin Completely new socket support, (CT-Proxy) Merged HMP and AVAYA dialer and skills based routing architecture Provides ‘plug-in’ layer model Nice or HMP Recorder plugins Scalability and compatibility for Cisco, Alcatel and more Keep only one unit to drive all other CTI (HMP, AVAYA, CISCO, Alcatel, etc.) Faster, easier to develop further ----- Presentation Notes ----- As mentioned earlier, we’ve improved cross-browser support by introducing an entirely new model for controlling contact control bar ‘clicks’ and events as well as improved the technology we use to communicate with various components. The actual transport technology itself has also been improved and quite considerably. The most notable change is the adoption of a ‘plug-in’ model that in itself provides many benefits. Things are simpler, provide scalability and consolidate core technology that’s more centralized to make it easy to introduce even more interoperability with core telephony technology. The plug-in model then takes that even further enabling easy creating of more simple ‘plug-ins’ to be created for technology such as 3rd party voice recording. ----- Onnet & Arbos Use Onnet and the arbo as the heart of the CTI system. Remove from Onnet predictive algorithm and skill routing. Supports planned inbound calls routed via OnMedia

17 v5.0 key features Best Time to Call
Set the order to call numbers or devices Specify how often to call a specific number and how often to call a number in a specific time frame, (week, month) Up to 4 call schedules for each number For example call mobiles in the evening On each contact attempt, of each status, leave a different message Specify actions on not answered for each number or device type Busy? call again sooner Decide what number to respond to ----- Presentation Notes ----- Vocalcom’s outbound dialing technology is very advanced. Handling un-answered calls and defining callback strategies has always been a strength of the solution. With v5.0 we take it even further. We’ve made it really easy to ensure you have the optimum and very precise configuration to truly connect with customers. At the same time, we’ve also made it possible to exercise due diligence and provide more of a customer driven and sensitive call strategy, and still increase connection rates. Being able to specify against each device how often to call and in a given time period enables the ability to actually reflect on the precise call strategy to suit your core business. Being able to have different calling schedules so you contact people on the right device at the right time of the day is also an essential ingredient in maximizing contact success rates. Making for a more personal experience, the ability to leave different messages on different contact statuses also improves the relationship you build with your customers.

18 v5.0 key features Even better in
Benefits of v5.0 enhance native Salesforce product Strengthened relationship with Sales Force allows us to consider a simple, practical, and high availability. ----- Presentation Notes ----- Very briefly, because this presentation is all about Hermes Net v5.0, we’ve included one slide on a key partner technology benefit. Hermes Cloud is a product we’ve partnered with Salesforce to provide, that is equally innovative and built on the same powerful Hermes Net technology. Inherently, many of the benefits of v5.0 also become available to our product strengthening our relationship with Salesforce and the value we can offer to our joint customers.

19 v5.0 Timeline Roadmap v5.0 available June 2013
Key focus on integration in following releases through to June 2014 Social channels, Custom Reports Application look and feel, Advanced CTI Qualco Cash Collection Cisco, Lync Telecom MS CRM Lead360 Integration SAP, Netsuite June ‘13 Dec ‘13 ----- Presentation Notes ----- In terms of time to market, it’s real simple. Our next v5.0 major release is due end of June, with various integration developments to follow. June ‘14

20 Thanks for your time

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