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Magirus UK & SolarWinds WELCOME

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1 Magirus UK & SolarWinds WELCOME

2 Agenda 10:00 – 10:15 – Welcome & Magirus Introduction
10:15 – 10:45 – Introduction to SolarWinds products & services 10:45 – 11:15 – Selling & working with SolarWinds 11:15 – 11:30 – Coffee break 11:30 – 12:15 – Marketing & Support Services 12:15 – 13:00 – Product demos

3 Meet The SolarWinds Team
Simon Dollner Manager Distribution & Strategic Resellers John Brennan Pre-Sales Engineer Emmet Florish Channel Development Manager Richard Daly Channel Sales Manager Manjana Strey Channel Sales Rep (* German speaking) Eric Bettinzoli Channel Sales Rep (* French speaking)

4 Introduction to SolarWinds Simon Dollner

5 SolarWinds Overview 1998 – SWI enters the “network tools” market with the Engineer’s Toolset 2001 – SWI transitions from “tools” provider to “NMS” provider with ORION Dec 2006 – SWI develops it’s first “module” (NTA) 2007 – SWI opens global Offices in Singapore and Cork, Ireland Publicly traded on the NYSE since May 2009 Jan 2010 – SWI adds Storage & Virtualization Management through Tek-Tools once again transforming from “NMS” vendor to “IT Management” vendor

6 SolarWinds Overview, continued
Strong and Rapidly Growing IT Management Company We sell to business of all sizes from SMB to Large Enterprise Over 95,000 customers in 170 countries Annual Revenue of $116 M (2009); 25% YoY revenue growth (2009) More than one million registered end-users have downloaded our free tools More than 425 of the Fortune 500 are customers 6

7 Powerful Products for IT Management
SolarWinds manages Network Devices Routers, Switches, Firewalls Servers Physical and Virtual Software Applications Exchange, SQL Storage Devices SAN array, NAS, DAS SolarWinds products Periodically check device performance Alert network administrators of problems Report on overall performance Identify and diagnose issues Resolve network issues Network Apps Storage

8 The Enterprise NMS Challenge
Expensive to Run Dedicated Staff Expensive maintenance Months to Deploy Complex to Use Require lots to training for staff to be effective Data is not organized intuitively Slow to Evolve Buy new to address needs your current solution can’t address Trying New Solutions is Hard Hard to evaluate beyond the ‘demo’ Expensive to buy & deploy

9 SolarWinds Orion Powerful Products Enterprise Operations Console
Network Performance Monitoring Network Traffic Analysis WAN Performance IP Address Management Network Configuration Management Application Performance Monitoring Enterprise Operations Console Orion Scalability Engines

10 Datacenter Consolidation & Virtualization has reshaped IT management
Internet Internet Datacenter Consolidation & Virtualization Shift Virtual Network Network Management complexity increases Dependence on the network Networked storage growth Interdependence of network, storage, server ESX Server VM VM VM Server Storage Network VM VM VM Shared Storage

11 This drives storage concerns…
Even more reliance on shared storage How much storage do I have? How much will I need to purchase? What drive types am I running low on (SATA, FC, etc.)? Monitoring of all storage network components are critical How many IOPS are going through that LUN? Which virtual machine (or application) will be impacted by the hotspot on host server HBA? Capacity analysis and planning is necessary for budgeting storage How do I get a single view of the capacity of all my storage?

12 Profiler Storage & Virtualization Mgmt.
Increase IT efficiency by driving down storage management costs and increasing management of virtualized environments. Virtual and Server Profiler Maps applications & logical connections to the physical infrastructure Real-time performance monitoring Policy based alerts Supports server consolidation Storage Profiler Affordable SRM software DAS, NAS, and SAN Storage Capacity planning Storage performance reports

13 Profiler Strength Storage Profiler delivers agent less, multi-vendor storage performance monitoring the SolarWinds way Virtual & Server Profiler gives you a consolidated view into physical server performance, along with VMware® cluster, host, & virtual machine performance. Backup Profiler delivers a consolidated, real-time view of the status of all of the backups in your enterprise.

14 What should you remember?
Storage & Virtualization Management is a real problem for customers today SolarWinds Profiler addresses all the key needs for customers Multi-vendor storage visibility Virtualization management Mapping of servers to storage File Analysis Capacity Planning Backup Monitoring Profiler is easy to use, powerful, and affordable

15 The Data Center Challenge
What’s different about the Data Center? Virtualization – servers & switches Consolidation – servers & storage Integration – network components Unified Computing – Cisco UCS Customer Pain Points Visibility – unify across network, compute, applications and storage by mapping end-to-end Solvability – identify issues in complex environments Reporting – health, performance and capacity Scalability– small and large environments with equal ease

16 SolarWinds in the Data Center
End-to-end visibility and control over your physical and virtual infrastructure Compute Infrastructure Monitor server, VMware cluster, host and VM performance Storage Monitor, report and forecast on your multi-vendor storage array Data Center Network Infrastructure Fibre Channel, Ethernet, Proprietary interconnect Data Center Applications Application availability and User Experience

17 Network Monitoring in the Data Center
Recommended Product: Orion Network Performance Monitor v10.1 Overview Network availability and performance monitoring that scales with data center network growth and expands with business needs. Data Center Benefits Monitor, alert and report on health and performance of physical and virtual servers and infrastructure Monitor Cisco Unified Computing System Extends management capabilities to NetFlow traffic analysis, config management, IP address management, IP SLA monitoring Monitor patient’s health like in a hospital with thousands of patients

18 Product Release: Orion NPM v10.1
Launch Date – November 16, 2010 Key Message - Monitor your Data Center network with Orion NPM Data Center Features & Benefits Dynamic Service Groups – allow users to monitor related systems Conditional Group Dependencies – Intelligent network alerts based on parent/child dependencies Measure your network traffic Virtual Infrastructure Monitor – monitor virtualization from the data center to the VM to the network infrastructure Cisco UCS Support – Manage Cisco UCS components in a single unified view VSAN Monitoring – real time, threshold based alerting of VSAN performance Other Cool Features Message Center – view alerts, syslog, events, traps in a single pane of glass Mobile Views – Android, Blackberry, iPhone Active Directory Integration – leverage existing AD accounts and groups LUCID Web Interface – Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, and Drill-down

19 Overcoming the Virtualization Challenge
Recommended Products: Orion NPM v10.1 Monitor VMware servers and track performance through vCenter Virtual Infrastructure Monitor – monitor virtualization from the data center to the VM to the network infrastructure VSAN Monitoring – real time, threshold based alerting of VSAN performance Virtual and Server Profiler Capacity Analysis Maps Virtual Machines to the physical infrastructure Real-time performance monitoring Policy based alerts at all levels of the virtual infrastructure Supports server consolidation and simulated loads Car Analogy – Oil pressure, tires, fuel, temperature make up an “application” – a comprehensive view of the overall car health

20 Managing Storage in the Data Center
Recommended Product: Storage Profiler Overview Increase data center efficiency by driving down storage costs & increasing utilization of virtual resources with an affordable, powerful SRM solution. Doctor in a busy hospital Alive vs. Healthy Data Center Benefits One view for all arrays Storage capacity, usage, trending and forecasting Comprehensive performance monitoring at all levels of the array Capacity and performance alerting Identify reclaimable storage

21 Monitoring Applications in the Data Center
Recommended Product: Orion Application Performance Monitor Overview Powerful application and server monitoring, alerting, and reporting. Data Center Benefits Monitor, alert and report on health of your data center applications & servers Track apps availability across physical and virtual infrastructure Simulate and measure user experience Car Analogy – Oil pressure, tires, fuel, temperature make up an “application” – a comprehensive view of the overall car health

22 Selling & Working with SolarWinds Simon Dollner

23 Why SolarWinds? Products are easy to sell
Targeted to the folks you are selling to already Short sales cycles Obvious, out-of-the-box value to customers High volume of transactions Solid technology with a strong customer base 23

24 Customer Focus Helps Partner Sales
Customers Partners Powerful, affordable, easy-to-use Volume sales with velocity Download, install, discover in under an hour Sales cycles measured in days User, tech buyer, financial buyer often the same person Single decision maker speeds up sales cycle Low-cost entry points, upgradeable solutions Initial sale drives future cycles $ - $$$ Community-driven product improvements Word of mouth groundswell leads to additional sales

25 SolarWinds Value Proposition
Why Customers Love SolarWinds: Takes less than an hour to install and begin using products No professional Services required for initial value Low entry-price points with solutions robust enough to grow with their networks Intuitive user interfaces, graphical tools and powerful reporting Active online community - (25,000 registered users and growing!) See above: Customers Love Us We monitor everything that you sell Online demo eliminates secondary technical presentation Full-featured software downloadable from the web site gets product in customer’s hands…and then the products sell themselves (Unbelievably) High Download-to-Purchase conversion rates Affordable price points often within discretionary budgets Quick sales cycles – download to deal in < 1 day not uncommon Why Reseller Partners Love SolarWinds:

26 When to consider SolarWinds?
When should you think SolarWinds? Anytime you hear… Network Management Application Management Config Changes Cisco devices Looking for opportunities? Ask the Network Engineers… Do you manage Cisco or other network gear? Are you unhappy with HP Openview, CiscoWorks, or another solution? Do you also manage Microsoft servers or applications (Exchange, SQL Server, AD, etc.)? If yes, then… Do you want Enterprise-class network management software without the cost, sales cycle or implementation complexity of an enterprise solution? Configuration Management Network Tools Netflow IPSLA SolarWinds is the answer. Drive the evaluation downloads, and then follow-up with quotes

27 Licensing the products
Orion/Netflow/VoIP Elements = Interfaces, Nodes, Volumes Auto Discovery feature Application Performance Monitor # of Monitors (items to be “watched”) An average of 8-10 monitors per server Orion Network Configuration Manager # of devices to be managed Engineers Toolset Licensed by IP address Profiler Licensed by number of disks

28 Upsells for More Revenue
Orders expand rapidly as customers grow their network and monitoring needs. Wide range of Orion Modules provide opportunities for follow-on revenue in your accounts. Initial customer purchase: Orion SL250 (monitors 250 elements) 2 Engineer’s Toolset Customer adds NetFlow module: NetFlow SL250 (monitors Network Flow Traffic) Customer adds APM module: APM AL250 (monitors Application and Application performance) Network grows: Orion upgrades to Orion SL500 Upgrade for NetFlow to SL500 Upgrade for APM to AL500 Follow-on orders easily reach 2X-5X the initial order within the first 6-12 months

29 Sales cards have all the info you need

30 Working with SolarWinds

31 Expectations of Partners from SolarWinds
Profitability Vision / Strategy Collaboration: SWI to Partner Partner to Partner Partner to Customer

32 SWI Elements of Close Collaboration
Industry Relevant / Feature Rich / Quick ROI Community Validated Closed-loop Partner Feedback Solutions Sales / Technical Training Sales / Marketing Tools Industry Expertise Enablement Demand Generation / Lead Share Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Dedicated SWI Engineering Resources by Product Engagement Timeframes are everything Highest discounts through deal disclosure/discovery Incentives

33 Channel Sales Governance
Adopted Worldwide, Executed by Theatre Key Pillars Consistency Clarity Openness Profitability Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

34 Market through the SWI lens
Market contraction = Significant Opportunity Market expansion = Significant Opportunity Customer Immediate ROI Immediate tangible cost savings and optimized infrastructure impact. Own your Destiny Improve Product Mix / Services around Optimization SolarWinds Install base represents a Massive Opportunity Toolsets continues to be a Trojan Horse into New Accounts

35 The SolarWinds Order to Invoice Process
Partner receives order from End Customer(including SW Number if an existing customer) Partner submits order to SolarWinds with all required end customer details SolarWinds processes order within hours if all details are correct SolarWinds fulfills order in up to 3 business days if all details are correct SolarWinds invoices order within hours if all details are correct SolarWinds receives payment from partner within 30 days

36 Data Collection Check List Reseller Information Required
Placing an Order Data Collection Check List Reseller Information Required FULL BILL TO ADDRESS of reseller Partner SolarWinds ID VAT Number (if within the EU) Accounts Payable Contact Person (incl. address, phone number)

37 Placing an Order Information required for ALL END USERS
END USER INFORMATION CHECK-LIST Full Company Name Full Ship to Address of End User (including Postcode and country as required fields) NO P.O Box numbers End User SolarWinds Customer ID (if available) Technical End user Contact Person (incl. address and phone number) Maintenance Renewal Quote Number for Maintenance Orders

38 Renewal Quotes When Distributors/Resellers are sending in Purchase Orders for renewals, orders must state the maintenance renewal quote number that was sent on the renewal. This allows us, SolarWinds to locate the renewal quote and convert it to a maintenance sale, therefore stopping the automated renewal reminder notifications that are sent to the end user

39 Marketing – The SolarWinds Way

40 SolarWinds marketing Strong email and community Marketing: Events:
Geek Speak Events: Cisco Developer Conference Partner Events Key shows All drive trial downloads and products evaluations. - Slide 40 -

41 Partner Tools: What’s available to you right now?
Your Partner Portal is Rich in Information Sales and Technical training Videos Sales cards Presentations Current end-user price list Demo License (NFR) application Branding, logos, box shots, screenshots What’s New section for up-to-date information SolarWinds Confidential SolarWinds Confidential - Slide 41 -

42 Make the most of sales cards

43 Marketing Development Funds
Joint marketing funds are available for select SolarWinds Partners to drive sales of SolarWinds products by providing co-funding for demand generation activities. Up to 50% funding from SolarWinds, 50% from Channel Partners All funds subjected to approval of the marketing plan on a case by case basis. Contact your distributor to see if you qualify for MDF funded activity on licensing, products, solutions, technical skills etc

44 What can we do together? Co-hosted online training webinars / physical training sessions Joint Marketing Activities Co-branded s, case studies Brochures, giveaways, Eval CDs MDF Funds available on cost-sharing basis Incentives Any suggestions ?

45 Support Services

46 How to contact support Online Phone Online Forum
Phone 7am –6 pm Austin 7am –1 am Cork 7am –4 am Singapore Online Forum Orion NPM Sales Bootcamp

47 Partners Contacting Support
Partners should contact Support with same methods as outlined in previous slide. When Logging a ticket the following should be entered. Customer SW # (DO NOT ENTER RESELLER #) Customer contact Details. Full description of Details of issue including diagnostics and screen shots and any relevant Logs. Any steps you have taken to try and resolve already. Reseller Contact Details In Body of ticket (Only needed if you need to be contacted on the ticket updates). Note*** Including all the above information will greatly assist the Support Engineer in resolving your ticket more efficiently. Orion NPM Sales Bootcamp

48 What do we support All SolarWinds products where customer has maintenance that is current and valid Orion and all modules Orion NCM Engineer’s ToolSet ipMonitor LANSurveyor Profiler Products (Cork + USA offices) See supported product link for current list Orion NPM Sales Bootcamp

49 All Pre-sales questions
Who does what Support Customer Service Support questions on all post sales SolarWinds products Licensing questions License resets Account related questions Sales Engineer All Pre-sales questions Orion NPM Sales Bootcamp

50 SolarWinds Certified Professional

51 Overview Benefits Validate Skills in Network Management
Highlight Skills with SolarWinds Products Improve Marketability as a network professional Core Objectives Network Management Fundamentals Network Management Planning Network Management Operations Network Fault and Performance troubleshooting

52 Value of Certification to the Organisation
A certified work force can improve the performance and efficiency of teams Having certified network engineers on staff creates confidence in the capabilities of the team. An SCP’s skill set has been formally validated through the certification process, ensuring they have the knowledge required to manage their networks using Orion NPM. IT certifications have a direct impact on organizational value Some Gratuitous Statistics to back this up! Sys Admin teams with high concentrations of certified staff had about 20% more of the corporate servers centrally managed, increasing efficiency and reliability For each new team member certified, team performance increases every time A team’s skill level is directly correlated to how an organization performs in several key IT functional areas 66 percent of managers believe that certifications improve the level of service and support offered to IT end users and customers

53 Benefits of Certification to the individual
Credibility Get credit for the expertise you’ve already gained Career Advancement Demonstrate your network management expertise with an industry-recognized certification that helps you stand out from the crowd Search jobsites for “SCP required” if you need proof! Recognition and Job Security Show your employer that you are an expert in your field and indispensable to the IT department … Increase your Earning Potential As with all certifications, try to negotiate better compensation with SCP on your CV

54 How Do I get Certified?

55 Resources
Education Videos Webcasts Product Downloads Product Manuals User Forums Content Exchange Geek Speak blog

56 Orion NPM v10.1

57 Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer
NPM 10.1 – What’s new Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

58 Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer
Cisco UCS Support What is Cisco Unified Computing System? Cisco Unified Computing System is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase business agility. Where Does Orion NPM fit in? Dynamically maintain the logical relationships from operating system through virtual guest and host to the Cisco UCS blade  and chassis View the status of the UCS chassis hardware, such as fans and PSU’s Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

59 NPM 10.1 – What’s new continued…
Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

60 Virtualization – Orion NPM or Profiler?
Both Orion NPM and Virtual and Server Profiler have Virtualization monitoring capabilities – what’s the difference? Profiler has several advanced features which NPM does not Capacity Planning – how many more VMs can I add? Physical to Virtual (P2V) Simulator End to End mapping Do you use Storage Area Networks (SANs) in your Virtual Environment? Yes > Profiler, Profiler, Profiler !!! No > Profiler is still better but NPM will also do just fine KISS (Keep it simple stupid) – don’t introduce another product when it’s not needed. Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

61 Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer
NPM 10.1 – Important info New Training view Links to 30 training videos directly in NPM Other important info Gen 2 Licensing – License extensions don’t require a re-install GA 16/11 SE’s can demo it right now, but only if a new feature is needed to close a deal. Online demo will be updated prior to GA Date. Modify This Footer: View -> Header & Footer

62 Extending SolarWinds Solutions

63 Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
Overview Easy-to-use network configuration and change management that can be used standalone or integrated with Orion NPM Top Features Orion NPM Integration Configuration Backup Scheduler Real-Time Change Notifications Bulk Change Management Multi-vendor Device Support Policy Violation Detection Community Content Library Global Config Search

64 Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Module
Overview Visibility into network traffic behavior and trends Identify which users and applications are consuming the most bandwidth Top Features Traffic Analysis Dashboard Traffic Forensics Progressive Charting CBQoS Performance Views Multi-vendor Device Support

65 Orion IP SLA Manager Module
Overview Identify site-specific or WAN-related network performance issues from the perspective of each of your remote sites. Top Features WAN Performance Dashboard Automatic IP SLA Setup Advanced VoIP Monitoring Broad IP SLA Operation Support Alerts, Reports, and Events Enterprise Scalability

66 Orion IP Address Management Module
Overview Gain detailed visibility into IP address space usage. Top Features Scheduled Scanning Preventative Alerting DHCP Server Integration Subnet & Scope Snapshots Free Unlimited IP Scanning Subnet Allocation Wizard Detailed Event Recording

67 Orion Application Performance Monitor Module
Overview Powerful monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities for applications and servers Top Features Application Dashboards Community Content Sync User-Experience Monitors Dynamic Templates Application Discovery Engine Open Source Script Processor Performance Warning System Universal WMI Performance Monitors

68 Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)
Overview Orion EOC provides a consolidated command center to monitor geographically distributed networks ranging between hundreds of elements to over one million elements using remote Orion servers. Top Features Point-and-Click Setup WAN-Optimized Architecture Consolidated Orion console MSP-Friendly Architecture Global Top 10 Seamless Orion Server Integration

69 Introduction to SolarWinds Profiler

70 Storage Profiler Overview Use cases Benefits
Agentless, multi-vendor storage performance monitoring. Use cases Server consolidation Multi-vendor storage environment Using spreadsheets to track growth Benefits Capacity utilization and forecasting Supports storage tiers to optimize costs Data classification / file analysis

71 Virtual and Server Profiler
Overview End-to-End Visibility & Control Over Your Virtual & Physical Infrastructure Use cases Stop VM sprawl Host and VM utilization at a glance Storage consumption by server Benefits File analysis of vmdk’s and others Advanced capacity analysis engine Identify virtualization candidates Measure your network traffic

72 Profiler provides you Detailed reporting of ALL networked storage
Trend analysis of storage consumption Monitoring of all storage network components SAN NAS FC Switches HBA Capacity planning Data Classification/File Analysis End-To-End Visibility

73 What should you remember?
Virtualization drives increased storage Most environments are multi-vendor storage, current tools are limited to a specific array vendor or array series. You need the tools to see storage gaps SolarWinds Profiler provides the best solution in terms of value and scalability.

74 How to Sell SolarWinds Profiler

75 Storage Management – The Opportunity
More Storage from More Vendors + Data center consolidation & virtualization = Exponential Complexity to Manage

76 Profiler Strength Storage Profiler delivers agent less, multi-vendor storage performance monitoring the SolarWinds way Virtual & Server Profiler gives you a consolidated view into physical server performance, along with VMware® cluster, host, & virtual machine performance. Backup Profiler delivers a consolidated, real-time view of the status of all of the backups in your enterprise.

77 Profiler Server and Virtual
Tiered Licensing Profiler Storage Profiler Server and Virtual Profiler Backup Profiler FC Switch

78 Customer Qualification Questions
Storage devices from multiple vendors? Would you like to be able to monitor storage capacity and utilization across all your multi-vendor storage devices? Has or is considering virtualization? Do you have a need to see end-to-end data mapping from server to the array disks? Do you need a tool to help with your capacity planning initiatives for your entire storage environment? Interested in performing file analysis or data classification? See how storage is being used – and by whom? A yes answer to any of these questions is an upsell opportunity.

79 What should you remember?
Storage & Virtualization Management is a real problem for customers today SolarWinds Profiler addresses all the key needs for customers Multi-vendor storage visibility Virtualization management Mapping of servers to storage File Analysis Capacity Planning Backup Monitoring Profiler is easy to use, powerful, and affordable

80 Ask the “EXPERTS”: SWI Q&A

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