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Public Health Yorkshire & the Humber Alison Patey PHE North Region.

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1 Public Health Yorkshire & the Humber Alison Patey PHE North Region

2 Origins of Public Health England Healthy Lives, Healthy People white paper –Published November 2010 to set out a new approach to public health –Responsibility for local health improvement returned to local authorities from 1 April 2013 –Public Health England is the expert national public health agency which fulfills the Secretary of State for Health’s statutory duty to protect health and address inequalities, and executes his power to promote the health and wellbeing of the nation. Health and Social Care Act 2012 –Set the legislative framework for the changes to the health and care system that led to the creation of Public Health England as an operationally autonomous executive agency of the Department of Health –Received Royal Assent 27 March 2012

3 Our Mission “To protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities, working with national and local government, the NHS, industry, academia, the public and the voluntary and community sector.”

4 Government DH responsible to parliament Cross-government senior officials group to improve health outcomes CMO to provide independent advice to government Public Health England New, integrated national expert body Strengthened health protection systems Supporting whole system with expertise, evidence and intelligence NHS England Delivering health care, tackling inequalities Making every contact count Specific public health interventions, such as cancer screening Local authorities New public health functions, helping to tackle wider determinants of health Lead on improving health and coordinate protecting health Promote population health and wellbeing (DPHs) The new public health system with an integrated approach

5 System Leadership: Work transparently, provide government, local government, the NHS, MPs, industry, public health professionals and the public with evidence-based professional, scientific and delivery expertise and advice Protection: Ensure there are effective national and local arrangements for preparing, planning and responding to health protection concerns and emergencies, including the future impact of climate change Local Support: Support local authorities and clinical commissioning groups by providing evidence and knowledge on local health needs, alongside practical and professional advice on what to do to improve health Public Health England delivery model

6 Our priorities for 2013/14 –Sets out Public Health England’s priorities and actions for the first year of our existence –Five outcome-focused priorities – what we want to achieve –Two supporting priorities – how we will achieve it –27 key actions to take now –The start of the conversation – a three-year corporate plan will follow

7 Support people to live healthier lives via NHS Health Checks Promote tobacco control and reduce smoking Promote healthy weight and tackle childhood obesity Improve recovery rates from drug dependency Improve sexual health and reduce the burden of STIs Develop a national programme on mental health Lead gold standards for vaccination and screening programmes Make the case for promoting wellbeing, prevention and early intervention as the best approach to improving health Partner NHS England to maximise improvements in public health What are our priorities? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

8 Our progress to date: Health Marketing Be clear on cancer National bowel campaign: 40% rise in two-week referrals Regional lung campaign:14% rise in diagnoses Smokefree Homes & Cars 37% who saw ads reduced their second-hand smoke 85,000 smokefree kits distributed Smart Restart 150,000 families (300,000 children) signed up App downloaded more than 100,000 times Stoptober 700,000 engaged in 2013 200,000 registered for support products

9 Our progress to date: Media Change4life 540 pieces of coverage with a PR value of £1,760,681 Older people 310 pieces of coverage with a PR value of £662,784 Smokefree Over 600 pieces of coverage to date, with a PR value of £1,300,000

10 Four regions, 15 centres Eight Knowledge and Intelligence Teams –London –South West –South East –West Midlands –East Midlands –North West –Northern and Yorkshire –East Other local presence –ten microbiology laboratories –field epidemiology teams Additional support –Local teams can also draw on national scientific expertise based at Colindale, Porton Down and Chilton Local presence

11 Public health advice People and communities Health and wellbeing boards Local government CCGs & their support PHE centre NHSCB area team NHS & IS Providers 3 rd sector providers Commissioner of public health services Sources of public health advice in the ‘Place-based’ approach to local public health

12 PHE provides expert advice to local government DsPH have influence across all local government spend PHE provides local expertise via centres Embedding ‘making every contact count’ Leverage from the public health ring fence Influence on wider spending in commercial and voluntary sectors Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England

13 Spending trends: 2003-2012 PCT spending for all health programmes increased by 70% overall Mental health disorders c.£6bn to c.£12bn Circulation problems c.£5bn to c.£7bn Cancer c.£3bn to c.£5.5bn Dental problems c.£1bn to c.£3.5bn

14 Wicked problems: Health inequalities Life expectancy and health life expectancy, and premature mortality rates vary across the country – higher rates strongly linked to socioeconomic deprivation

15 Preventable Mortality in YH

16 Health Equity North New effort to confront north-south divide 3 October, 2013 | By Kaye Wiggins England’s public health body is preparing to “make noise” about the north- south divide in health outcomes. The Public Health England initiative could extend to taking ministers to task over their approaches to welfare and employment policies, as they are often strongly linked to health. The new approach is expected to include academic research and the creation of a “commission on health equity” and a range of expert groups formed from key public health figures in the North of England. 16Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer

17 A compelling narrative for health and wellbeing, the current state of health, and the underlying drivers Credible interventions to improve health and wellbeing at all levels Model credible future scenarios, and their impact Shift the debate onto health and wellbeing Galvanise action based on evidence Recognise the inequalities that affect the most disadvantaged Propose a Health and Wellbeing Framework for England 1 2 3

18 Leverage opportunities for cross- government health agenda Housing Work Crime and violence Early intervention Good housing drives health 20,000 excess deaths each winter Work a key health determinant Poor health keeps people out of work Foundations for every aspect of development laid in childhood Alcohol a factor in 44% of violent crime Physical activity Healthy Food Smoking Healthy communit y Reduces risk of illness by up to 50% 2/3 of adults obese or overweight 1/3 children in Y6 obese or overweight Cost of obesity to NHS £5bn a year Isolation significant driver of poor health Poor environments lead to social isolation Leading cause of premature mortality Estimate cost to economy £13bn

19 Contacts Y&H Centre Director

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