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Website Redesign Process ARV 221 - Gabriel Arroyo.

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1 Website Redesign Process ARV 221 - Gabriel Arroyo

2 Proposal

3 Proposal My name is Bob. I am 35. I work in Construction. I was on my way to work and a driver rear-ended me at a red light. I was taken to the hospital and was left with a huge bill. The other driver did not have insurance. Now my insurance does not want to cover the medical costs. Not to mention the fact I have to miss months of work. How am I going to provide for my family during this time? My name is Jane. I am 40 and a mother of 3 young children. My husband had been acting suspicious the last several months and I found evidence that he has been having an affair. I want to seek legal council to find out my options for divorce. It is important for me to find services that will prioritize not only my needs but consider my children as well. My name is Maria. I am 45. I work as the CEO of a real estate company that finds prime real estate for both commercial and personal needs. A construction worker was not wearing his helmet at one of the work sites and was injured on the job. He is now seeking compensation. My business is important to me and we will not cover the damages because of this workers negligence. Target audience is for individuals seeking compensation after being involved in automobile accident, personal injury, or divorce. Rossington seeks to represent a part of the market that is not being reached. He also is seeking those who believe they cannot afford representation in the header stating “Free Consultation in Injury Cases.” Target Audience

4 Proposal Greetings, After careful review of your web page I found several changes that can be applied to your page to better serve the target audience you are seeking. The first change would be to re-design the logo. The Logo does not reflect “Aggressive Excellence!”. A text based logo could work well. A strong/bold faced Sans Font. It may be possible to incorporate lady liberty within one of the words such as Aggressive Excellence. I would remove the search bar because it is not efficient way to draw people to the content within your site. A web page of much larger size might require a search engine, but for a website of this size it is not necessary. The navigation bar needs to be beefed up with larger fonts so that it is easy to view on higher resolution screens as well as mobile devices. The navigation bar should in the header next to the contact info and social links. Changes

5 Proposal The duotone color scheme is dated. At first glance the colors make me think of a national park or school marching band. Instead I was thinking of using these colors within the layout: The font would be in black. Black is associate with power. Green symbolizes growth & harmony. Yellow is associated with happiness and intellect. Orange combines the energy off red with the happiness of yellow. The footer should include a link to the disclaimer page, social media, contact, and cities where your firm practices law. Changes

6 Proposal Wireframes 1024x768 for desktop 800x600 for tablet 320x480 for mobile

7 Compositional Desktop

8 Compositional Tablet

9 Compositional Mobile

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