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Start with your CV/Resume Mitzi Norris, PhD Office of Institutional Academic Affairs University of Mississippi Medical Center.

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2 Start with your CV/Resume Mitzi Norris, PhD Office of Institutional Academic Affairs University of Mississippi Medical Center

3 Context Cosmetics Content CV/Resume

4 What is a CV? Curriculum vitae Resume Vita Context

5 What is the difference between a CV and a resume? CV is usually longer CV for academic position Context

6 What does a CV/resume do? Paints a word picture Describes who you are Documents your accomplishments Helps you get an interview/position Context

7 “It is what it is.” Context

8 Must be ACCURATE Paper trail Possible dismissal from program Misrepresentation Publications – cite accurately Context

9 ERAS Dean letter writer Reference letter writers Interviewer External rotations Who Needs a Copy?

10 Context Cosmetics Content CV/Resume

11 1-2 pages Balanced page – text and white space Quality paper White, gray, or ivory 20-24 pound paper Cosmetics

12 Margins 1 – 1 ½ “ 1 ½” at the top (?) 1” at the bottom Parallel Word type (verb, adverb, noun) Style Font Underline/Italics/Bold/All caps Cosmetics

13 Font Size: 11-12 Style: Serif (Times New Roman) or San serif (Arial) No more than two styles Can use san serif for headings Serif is described as easier to read Don’t use crazy font Cosmetics

14 Organization Underline/Italics/Bold/All caps Use bold or all caps sparingly – look at overall design Don’t use ALL!! If more than one page include header or footer Page numbers if needed (>2 pages) Emphasis Use sparingly Cosmetics

15 Cosmetics - Density

16 Density Line Spacing

17 Don’t use “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” Can section off contact information with a horizontal line Can use columns Bullets – To use or not to use Cosmetics


19 Context Cosmetics Content CV/Resume

20 Contact Education (exclude high school) License/Certification Honors/Awards Work Experiences Activities Other information Content

21 Contact information Name – resolve any discrepancies Documents in maiden name Use middle name Address – current and permanent Phone – professional Appropriate message on voice mail Email - professional Content

22 Education (most recent first) School (college and med school) Location Date of graduation (anticipated) Degree Can include majors, minors, concentrations Academic distinction Summa cum laude, magna cum laude Content

23 License/Certification USMLE BLS, CPR (give expiration date) EMT, RN (give expiration date) Institute for Healthcare Improvement Teaching in Medical Education: Residents as Teachers ling/Teaching_in_Medical_Education/Teaching_in_Medical_Education _Home.aspx ling/Teaching_in_Medical_Education/Teaching_in_Medical_Education _Home.aspx Content

24 Honors/Awards Academic awards Scholarships Honor organizations Special Schools (Honors College) Community service awards Eagle Scout Content

25 Work Experience List dates Must account for time Types of work to include Full time Medically related Volunteer experiences Use action verbs MAKE AN IMPACT Content

26 Distinguish yourself What you have done/not what you will do Describe skills Document success Measurable results Add depth Avoid understatement Action Verbs/Narrative

27 Assisted with children reading groups Coordinated reading groups at a local child care center. Supervised six volunteers and developed weekly schedule. Action Verbs


29 OWL categories of action verbs Communication skills Creative skills Data/Financial skills Helping skills Management/Leadership skills Efficiency skills Technical skills Action Verbs

30 Activities Include memberships in organizations List leadership positions Describe using action verbs Content

31 Work with homeless shelter. Developed an organization that provides assistance to area homeless shelters by organizing food and coat drives at least annually. Organized an annual holiday football game to raise money for the homeless shelter. The group has been in existence for 3 years and has raised $12,000. Action Verbs

32 Other information Publications Include thesis Cite accurately Cite appropriately – APA or other format Types of citations “In press” – list acceptance date “Submitted” – list submission date Take copy of published articles or acceptance letters Content

33 Other information Research List title, hypothesis, time period, mentors “Manuscript in progress” Take confirming documents to interview Significant presentations Take copy of published abstract or meeting program Content

34 Other information Military Experience Language proficiency Be prepared to converse Outside Interests Choose wording Outdoors vs hunting Political organization vs Democratic Party Make sure you have recently participated Read a book Been in a race Content

35 Add headings if you have significant information Leadership Scholarship (separate from “Awards”) Content

36 Check spelling Print and read Have someone knowledgeable read Copy edit Familiar with your achievements Keep updated Start NOW! Check!

37 Emphasize strengths Clear Concise Accurate Use action words Final Thoughts

38 Document your accomplishments Give the reviewer some insight into your personal attributes Provide the interviewer something to ask about A good CV/resume will…

39  Chambler, AFW, Chapman-Sheath, PJ, Pearse, MF. A model curriculum vitae: what are the trainers looking for? Hospital Medicine, 1998 April; 59(4): 324- 326.  Emory University School of Medicine  Iserson, K.V. (2006) Iserson’s getting into a residency: A guide for medical students (7 th Ed.) Galen Press, LTD: Tucson, Arizona.  Patel, MV, Pradhan, BB, Meals, RA. Misrepresentation of research publications among orthopedic surgery fellowship applicants. Spine (Phila Pa 1976), 2003 Apr 1; 28(7):631-6.  Purdue Online Writing Lab  Wordpress resume-sabotaging-your-job-search/ References

40 Questions?

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