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Management Reporter By Zara Beckstein/Matt Saad. Basic Navigation Similar to GP 2013 R2 windows, there is a Navigation Pane in the lower left. This will.

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1 Management Reporter By Zara Beckstein/Matt Saad

2 Basic Navigation Similar to GP 2013 R2 windows, there is a Navigation Pane in the lower left. This will take you into the different areas of the system to work in. Depending on your security, you may be limited in which areas you can access.

3 Report Definitions Report building and generating is done in this window. Building blocks for reports are Row, Column and Tree Detail level allows you to select what kind of data will be available once the report is generated

4 Output and Distribution You can define the output name, report library folder, and options on how the output will be formatted

5 Headers & Footers Many options in how to format these sections Insert AutoText are predefined parameters that can be inserted in any section Images allows for the use of logos

6 Settings Control how and when rows are displayed Set reporting numbers formats Set page margins, paper size and orientation

7 Row Definitions

8 The main structure of the report that will print Row code used for formulas and tracking of the lines Description is the label for the row and prints on the report Format code controls formulas, title location, page breaks, underscores, print lines, sorting, and remarks Related rows works with the format coding Format override controls how the amounts can be displayed on a single row differently from the rest of the report Normal Balance will reverse the sign on an account balance Print control is an override of when to print or to suppress detail Column restriction allows you to dictate where in the columns a row will display Row modifier sets the period, beginning balance, YTD balance different from column layout. Careful on this! Conflicting codes can cause errors. Link to Financial dimensions is where you build the account numbers to match the row descriptions Link to external Excel worksheet for outside of GP financial information

9 Row Definitions Right click on a row to get options

10 Row Definitions Manage Dimension Value Sets Multiple items can be placed into a Value set Easily maintain complicated accounts structures for a row in one place, other then updating multiple reports

11 Financial Dimension windows When you run out of room entering accounts in, use the down arrow to get a new row This also works in the row definition window, or use the right click to insert

12 System function – built in validation Will error when trying to save any row, column or tree and show red circle with white ! In the building block grid Takes you to the error to correct

13 System tip! You can freeze the rows with the Freeze Vertical to lock the description for reviewing the Financials Dimensions when they get large You can do this in the tree or columns too

14 Column Definitions Use to structure how the amounts will be displayed in the columns

15 Column Definitions Headers can be easily formatted There are prebuilt formats to use Fonts, styles, size, background colors are easily done from the menu

16 Column Definitions Column type defines what the column will show, such as description, Financial Dimensions, Budget, worksheet or calculation Book Code/Attribute Category this will vary by the column type selected

17 Column Definitions Fiscal year allows you to define which years are used Period can be setup to use the period selected to generate, a formula of that or a hardcoded period Periods covered is the period, YTD or BB of those

18 Column Definitions Formula is used to calculate columns to figure percentages or total columns together from worksheets Column width to set a fixed width Extra spaces before column

19 Column Definitions Format/Currency override sets the structure for that column. Row format will trump this. Print control will suppress, not print, change signs and wrap text if desired. There are also conditions that can be placed such as, not to print if after the period selected

20 Column Definitions Column restrictions controls the kind of amounts brought in, for example only debit items

21 Column Definitions Reporting Unit can be used to have the accounts shown in that column for a specific unit in the tree, or branch. Can be for comparison of unit to unit auditing Dimension filtering can further define an account number to show, say Van line versus own authority in a column comparison, not row

22 Column Definitions Attribute filter is for very detailed reporting of the transactions being reported on in the financial dimension

23 Column Definitions Start Date and End Date can be used to do daily reporting for a weekly review of certain accounts You can select 1,2, 3, 4, etc to be the 1 st day of the reporting period selected Justification for alignment specific to a column

24 Reporting Tree Sets up the companies that will be reported on with the row and column dimensions Can be broken out by the account segments, such as branch

25 Reporting Tree The Unit Name, Unit Description, Tree definition and Tree definitions name can be used in the headers of the reports Dimensions allow for the main control of the reports generated, such as by company Row definition can be set so that a row can only use the tree assigned to it Worksheet link, path, name are tied to if using an Excel worksheet outside of the GL Page options allows for a unit to not print

26 Reporting Tree Unit Security can see assigned to users or groups to control who can have access to view the report once generated This is limited to those setup in Security and is tied to a windows authenticated user

27 Reporting Tree Additional text can be for things such as “New branch” Can be up to 255 characters There are a total of 10 text boxes per unit Can be included in the header/footer of the report

28 Reporting Tree Mark the use row definition from reporting tree to control the format of the report

29 System How to’s You can make new folders in all areas but security Right click and new folder If on an item with a name, you can rename, delete, move, open and see what it is associated to

30 System How to’s Clicking in the new button allows for creation of new items in the list

31 Tools Protect – for putting password on a report or building block. Makes them read only for other users. Report queue status is the window that opens when you generate a report Report wizard can be used to automate creating a new report

32 Tools Import default reports – if you did not load in the default reports Source System Information – gives an update of data provider coneection Registration – where the keys are stored for your company

33 Tools Missing account analysis is used to find accounts not in a report that is in the GL One issue with the report is that it does not use 10- 10-61001000-00 to check. It checks by segment only. if company segment has 10, 20, 30 etc or branch, etc. Makes report challenging to use for this reason.

34 Tools Checked out items allows you to see who has a report checked out Gives the options to undo the checkout and open the report for others to modify, if needed Great for when someone goes on vacation or is out sick!

35 Tools Refresh cached financial data can help when the reports are bringing strange numbers back between testing of reports Connection is to verify the current connection path to the server

36 Tools Report Library permissions Set the security for the folders under the Library Control if they can view, edit, create or delete

37 Tools Options! Mark Use Management Reporter Report Viewer as default viewer to stop the webviewer Select your default Library and file locations

38 Company Company> Companies to see what companies have been setup for reporting Good for verifying multiple database company structures Also to allow for switching of companies

39 Company Company> Building Block Groups Make a new group for separate reports Import reports from others Export reports for backups or to share

40 Report Schedules Automate when reports will be ran Can be individual reports or a report group

41 Report Groups Create a group to put reports in for automated report scheduling

42 Security Create, modify & delete users Uses Windows Authenticated users Define the role they will have Can make them part of a group Control access to which companies they can use

43 Report Library This is managed in the report viewer After being created, they can be used in the Report Designer You can control permission here too

44 Report Viewer Right click on a report for options of what you can do One of them is show versions

45 Report Viewer Show versions is a history running of the report

46 Charts & Comments

47 Report Viewer Drill down to GP Export to Excel Insert external files into Library folders

48 System help Report Designer opens, but when you run a report, it never displays Restart the services for Management Reporter

49 Modifying the long date Right-click on the time/date on your desktop. Select “Change date and time settings…” Click on “Change date and time …” Then select “Change calendar settings” Now the “Long date” in Management Reporter will return only the month, date, and year and not the day of the week.

50 Questions???

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