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Migrating to LibGuides Version 2 Peace Ossom Williamson

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1 Migrating to LibGuides Version 2 Peace Ossom Williamson

2  Over 110 employees, including over 40 librarians  Over 650 guides, including  Subject Guides  Course Guides  Topic Guides  “About the Library” Guides  No systematic use of link assets  No CMS For more info... Version 1 of LibGuides

3 May 14: Learn about v2 May 29: Migrate content August 1: Go live with v2 Teaching & Learning Advisory Group For more info..

4  Step 1: Learn the changes Springshare made between v1 and v2 LibGuides  “Coming soon!”  Features worked intermittently or not at all, at times  Step 2: Make decisions based on these changes quickly so guide owners could begin to implement  Changes were made (and sometimes unmade) as we progressed  No time to wait for quick fixes For more info..

5  Step 3: Communicate through email and a libguide  Emails were regularly sent out to guide owners to keep them up-to-date  A migration libguide was housed at  Step 4: Host in-house workshops  As soon as something really new and cumbersome was required of guide owners  To cover a list of new projects For more info..

6 Homepage boxes Popular Featured No admin for Assets Widgets/API “Librarian” and “regular” accounts will all be “regular” Asset subjects Image manager folders General Guide types Layout templates “Side nav” template Top/bottom boxes Assorted content in one box New box types Tabbed Boxes Gallery Boxes Guide review No feedback or user submitted links Guide Level Run report of unsupported boxes Delete, delete, delete Replace DB A-Z List & tag subjects Replace box code Replace links to non- friendly URLs Steps Taken For more info..

7 LEFT BEHIND: Site banners; custom HEAD, footer, and analytics code; LibAnswers; TOC; surveys MIGRATING FORWARD: User accounts, guides, stats, images, assets, subjects, tags, friendly URLs, E-Reserves, beta site content, etc. For more info..

8  Determine which links in v1 should become databases in v2 OR import a database spreadsheet.  Customizations in v1 will not work the same in v2 as it did previously, so start fresh  Run reports to find out boxes that will be unsupported, users without guides, or guides with “stale content” or low hits  Determine and delete unwanted guides For more info...

9  Establish users who can edit all guides  Modify  CSS  Banner/Header code  Homepage (template for CMS libraries)  Check widgets (some may only work in preview mode)  Check disruptive code and combine boxes into one  Use new box types (tabbed/gallery) For more info..

10  Can involve some downtime  Process  Move LGv1 to new site  Custom domain? Keep IT in the loop to have DNS changed to have custom domain redirect to  Login to v1 and submit the go-live request  Look for broken links or anything out of place  Use Search & Replace to update beta stems to final URLs DNS?? What’s that? Ask your IT Department!





15 THANK YOU! For more info..

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