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Microsoft Access 2010 Chapter 4 Creating Reports and Forms.

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1 Microsoft Access 2010 Chapter 4 Creating Reports and Forms

2 Create reports and forms using wizards Modify reports and forms in Layout view Group and sort in a report Add totals and subtotals to a report Conditionally format controls Resize columns Filter records in reports and forms Objectives Creating Reports and Forms2

3 Print reports and forms Apply themes Add a field to a report or form Include gridlines Add a date Change the format of a control Move controls Create and print mailing labels Creating Reports and Forms3 Objectives

4 Create a Chapter 4 folder Copy Camashaly Design database from Ch. 3 to chapter 4 folders Open the Camashaly Design From Chapter 4 Read the project on pages 210-213 Creating Reports and Forms4 Housekeeping

5 Creating Reports and Forms5 Project – Reports and Forms

6 Creating Reports and Forms6 Project – Reports and Forms

7 Determine whether the data should be presented in a report or a form Determine the intended audience for the report or form Determine the tables that contain the data needed for the report or form Determine the fields that should appear on the report or form Creating Reports and Forms7 General Project Guidelines

8 Determine the organization of the report or form Determine the format of the report or form Review the report or form after it has been in operation to determine whether any changes are necessary For mailing labels, determine the contents, order, and type of label Creating Reports and Forms8 General Project Guidelines

9 Report View – shows the report on the screen Print Preview – shows it as it will appear printed Layout View – like report view, but allows you to make changes Design View – Allows you to make changes, but doesn’t show you the actual report We will use Layout View! Creating Reports and Forms9 Different Views

10 Report Header – prints once at the beginning of the report Page Header – prints at the top of each page Detail section – prints once for each record Page Footer – prints at the bottom of each page Report Footer – prints once at the end of the report Group Header – prints before records in a group Group Footer – prints after records in a group Creating Reports and Forms10 Report Sections

11 You should have 2 reports that were created in earlier chapters in your database. You will modify these to add grouping and sorting Do pages 217-220 READ the section o grouping and sorting options on page 220. Creating Reports and Forms11 Grouping and Sorting in a Report

12 Creating Reports and Forms12 Grouping and Sorting in a Report

13 Controls – – Bound – displays data from the database – Unbound – other things, (title, date, page #) – Calculated – totals, avgs, etc. Anything that is calculated from the data. You can determine subtotals and totals in a report. Use the Totals button on the design tab Do pages 222-223 Creating Reports and Forms13 Adding Totals and Subtotals

14 This allows you to format some things in a different color or font to bring emphasis to them. Do pages 224-229 Creating Reports and Forms14 Conditionally Formatting Controls

15 Creating Reports and Forms15 Conditionally Formatting Controls

16 Turn to page 230 and let’s discuss Notice the steps to print a report on page 231. DO NOT PRINT! Creating Reports and Forms16 Arrange & Page setup tabs

17 Basically you will be getting information from more than one table. We do this with queries already Do pages 232-235 Creating Reports and Forms17 Multi-table reports

18 Creating Reports and Forms18 Creating a Report that Involves Multiple Tables

19 You can create a report in layout view as well..see pages 236-238 You can also use themes to create reports..see pages 238-241 This is simply aesthetics…has nothing to do with the data, which is what the report is all about. Open any report…click on the themes button.. Look at some different one. You can also choose font themes and color themes. Creating Reports and Forms19 Other points of interest

20 A report without the detail lines is a summary report. Page 242 Creating Reports and Forms20 Creating a Summary Report

21 3 Sections to a Form – similar functions as report sections – Header – Detail – Footer Do pages 243-254 Creating Reports and Forms21 Using the Form Wizard to Create a Form

22 Mailing labels are created just like reports. Do pages 256-259 DO NOT PRINT LABELS! Creating Reports and Forms22 Creating Labels

23 Creating Reports and Forms23 Creating Labels

24 What to do Now? Homework Do the practice test for Chapter 4. It is due the next class meeting at 9:00am In the Lab – Copy Philamar and Chamber of Commerce databases from Chapter 3 to Chapter 4 – Do In the Lab:Lab 3 – Philamar – pg. 271 – Do Cases & Places #1 – Chamber of Commerce – pg. 271-272 24Creating Reports and Forms

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