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Drupal Search Engine Optimization Capstone Project | Team #4| Spring 2012 Website:

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1 Drupal Search Engine Optimization Capstone Project | Team #4| Spring 2012 Website:

2 Special Thanks to Dr. Davari Professor of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Chair of Computing and Mathematics Division Delta B3611, 281-283-3703 University of Houston - Clear Lake Email: Website: Stuart S. Engelhardt Web Development - Open Source - Liquid Galaxy Tietronix Software, Inc. 1331 Gemini, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77058 Phone: (281) 404-7240 Email: Website: Website:

3 Team Information Junaith Haja Major: Computer Science Role: Team Lead Email: Mathew Leteff Major: Computer Science Role: Web Developer Email: Manasa Kavuri Major: Computer Science Role: Developer\Documentation Email:

4 Contents Project Objectives About Tietronix Drupal – Introduction Search Engine Optimization Ranking Log Work done Recommendations and Future Work References

5 Project Objectives Perform second round of SEO to existing Medical Device Services web pages of Tietronix. Improve organic search ranking on Google (Primary) and Bing (Secondary). Align page descriptions and predefined keywords with current traffic. Improve usability features. Identify appropriate social media sites to integrate related publications.

6 About Tietronix Tietronix was founded in the year 1999. They serve government and commercial clients. Collaboration with NASA and JSC Innovation team in recent project. Prime partners in the development of NASA’s International Space Station Live project. Developed a full spectrum of medical device development services. The Tietronix website was built using Acquia Drupal 6 package.

7 Drupal Introduction Began in the year 1999 by Dries Buytaert as a message board. Open source content management system. Used to build websites, blogs, and enterprise applications. Encourages modularity, standards, collaboration, ease-of-use. Users: U.S. government (Whitehouse), Stanford University, and Tietronix.

8 Search Engine Optimization Process of improving the ranking of a website as it appears in the organic search results, Google Adwords, or Bing Ads. Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3

9 Ranking Log Purpose: Establish a baseline reading using meta tag. ▫ Date Range: January 26, 2012 to April 29, 2012  Excluded: Potential Outliers Keyword: Medical Device Software. Google Average Rank Percentage = 39.6% Bing Average Rank Percentage = 31.3% Keyword: Medical Software Development. Google Average Rank Percentage = 37.7% Bing Average Rank Percentage = 15.1% Keyword: Medical Device Software Development. Google Average Rank Percentage = 14.3% Bing Average Rank Percentage = 8.1% Ranking Log Ranking Log

10 Work done – Align with Home page Implemented changes in the Medical Device Services home page to align with the homepage of Tietronix. Tietronix title and logo in the top right corner is dragged a little bit down to align with the home page view. Pushed menu controls down to correspond with home page.

11 Medical Device Services- Home Page Removed Tietronix Title– Top of page Added new Tietronix logo Pushed menu controls down to correspond with homepage.

12 Work done - Complete View Tietronix logo and the address in the bottom left of the Medical Device page is moved to the bottom right to give a complete view. Social media icons in the top are moved to the bottom right to align with the contemporary view. Tietronix Flicker account is integrated with the site. A link to Medical device services – Customer request form is created with the email option.

13 Screenshot – Complete View Relocated Logo and Address Relocated Social Media Icons Link to Customer Request Form

14 Work done – Title Change Medical device services home page title is changed to make it appropriate with its contents and to improve the search engine optimization. Original Title

15 Screenshot – Title Change New Title

16 Work done - Removal of Duplicate Content Quality Management System Webpage Process Management Webpage

17 Screenshot- Duplicate content removed New content to eliminate duplicate text. Medical Device Services – Quality Management Services

18 Medical Device Visualization Service- SEO Experiment Performed experiment using Google’s and Bing’s search engine. Conducted search using the following phrase- Medical Device Visualization. It returned Medical device Visualization services page with rank one in both Google and Bing.

19 Screenshot- SEO Result Bing Search engineGoogle Search engine

20 Work done – Footer Addition Added a new Footer site map containing links to all the pages in the tietronix page. Included the footer in all pages of the site. Integrated social media icons, logo and the company’s address here.

21 Screenshot – Footer Sitemap New footer site map

22 Work done – White Paper link addition in footer Added a new link in the footer called White Papers to open a new page containing related articles and journals published by the company. Medical Device Services White Papers/PDFs

23 Screenshot – White Papers page The PDF files that appear on this page will change according to the files that appear on the Software Development page, the Process Management page, Medical Device Services page, etc…

24 Work done – XML Sitemap XML Sitemap feature is added using Drupal’s XML Sitemap module. Some influence on how web robots crawl site to index pages. Basically, indexing is used to help rank a page in a search engine result list. Can automatically be setup to submit XML document to Bing and Google.  Drupal XML Sitemap – Version 6.x-2.0 recommend release. Can stress the importance of a webpage and how frequently it changes.  Element Tag Definitions. ▫URL location (Required): URL of the page appearing in the sitemap. ▫Priority range (Optional): 0.0 to 1.0 (1.0 = important and 0.5 = default ). ▫Change frequency (Optional): ( always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ). No guarantee the bots will use the information. When they do use the values, it can help guide the web robots crawling actions.

25 Screenshot – XML Sitemap Cont.

26 Work done – XML Sitemap Cont. Can specify which pages are not indexed using the robots.txt file. Example: User-agent: * Crawl-delay: 10 # Directories Disallow: /includes/ Disallow: /misc/ Disallow: /modules/ Disallow: /profiles/ Example Means: All robots can only access the same server every 10 seconds on a successful request and do not crawl the four directories. Disadvantage: No guarantee web robot will not index a page if it does not follow the robot.txt file standard. ▫Example: malicious robot

27 Work done - Customer Request Form Added a new page to allow customers to make requests for additional company information. Created a backend page, so an employee with the necessary rights can view the customer inquires and can handle them accordingly. Implemented it to work in four different modes. Customer Mode Admin Mode Normal Employee Mode Employee with Granted Role

28 Screenshot – Customer mode

29 Screenshot – Admin Mode Added menu button to access requests submitted by customer. An admin will be the only employee that will be able to view this button and page assigned to this button.

30 Screenshot – Admin Review

31 Screenshot – Admin Review(Cont) Shows whether an employee responded to this record. Shows when customer made request. Shows when customer last updated record. Button to update customer record. Button to delete customer record.

32 Screenshot – Normal Employee Mode The Customer Info. Req. – Medical button will not appear for any employee not assigned to view the button.

33 Screenshot – Employee with a Granted Role to view The test_customer1 employee role has been granted rights to view the Customer Info. Req. – Medical button to view customer requests.

34 Future Work and Recommendations Develop a mobile version of the Tietronix website to attract and reach large group of mobile users. Create and integrate the Tietronix website with social networking accounts in Google+, FourSquare, and LinkedIn.  Google+ ------> - 170 million registered users.  FourSquare -> - 20 million registered users.  LinkedIn -----> - 120 million registered users.

35 Future Work and Recommendations Cont. Remove the duplicated account in Facebook. Fake Facebook Account.Real Facebook Account.

36 References 769 769 guide.pdf+google+seo+starter+guide&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEE Sje6X4cpZIrzFIzQEYAf1C4jQWVwcNudurqH6SHhWcstukdVejJ612zI7lWP jYQyoegLZVoFXtxBkpZfLbQw0tR-affas2MHMbh-UsO-Cjkb- TF4Q0SC9DeyXEvvMbL8uNXzMTh&sig=AHIEtbTEwOXqZvaWHOoD3pk Jy6kEBg_wBg guide.pdf+google+seo+starter+guide&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEE Sje6X4cpZIrzFIzQEYAf1C4jQWVwcNudurqH6SHhWcstukdVejJ612zI7lWP jYQyoegLZVoFXtxBkpZfLbQw0tR-affas2MHMbh-UsO-Cjkb- TF4Q0SC9DeyXEvvMbL8uNXzMTh&sig=AHIEtbTEwOXqZvaWHOoD3pk Jy6kEBg_wBg

37 References(Contd) adwords&hl=en_US<mpl=jfkcon&passive=false&i fr=false&alwf=true&continue= kcon&error=newacct&sacu=1&sarp=1 adwords&hl=en_US<mpl=jfkcon&passive=false&i fr=false&alwf=true&continue= kcon&error=newacct&sacu=1&sarp=1 business/bing-yahoo-search business/bing-yahoo-search rking_websites#L rking_websites#L ndard ndard finitions finitions

38 Thank You Questions?

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