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User Controls, Master Pages, GridView. Content User Controls Styles, Themes, Master Pages Working with Data GridView Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University2.

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1 User Controls, Master Pages, GridView

2 Content User Controls Styles, Themes, Master Pages Working with Data GridView Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University2

3 User Controls An efficient way to reuse a block of user interface A key tool for building modular web applications They help you create consistent website designs and reuse your hardwork In ASP.NET, extension of user control files are.ascx They can use a code-behind file with event-handling logic Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University3

4 Differences Between User Controls and Web Pages Extensions (.ascx and.aspx) Beginning directive ( and ) User controls can't be requested directly by a web browser. Instead, they must be embedded inside other web pages Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University4

5 Creating User Controls In Visual Studio, use Add New Item command and select Web User Control Design user control like a web page. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University5

6 Embedding a User Control Simplest way: Drag & drop user control from Solution Explorer into a web page Hard way: 1) Use Register directive at the top of the web page: 2) Call it using the following tag: Example: Display date and time (will be shown in the class) Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University6

7 Integrated User Controls There are two types of user controls: Independent and Integrated Independent user controls don't interact with the page Integrated user controls interact with the web page that hosts them You can change the behavior or look of an integrated user control Example: Displaying time in long date or short time formats (will be shown in the class) Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University7

8 Changing Behavior Create a Property in the user control and change its value by code or by control tag. 1) Changing by code: Footer1.Format = Footer.FooterFormat.LongDate; Note that user control's Page_Load event runs before the click event of a button in the web page 2) Setting initial appearance in the control tag: Advanced: You can also use events in order to interact between user control and the web form Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University8

9 Styles Formatting features of HTML are limited and inconsistent. The solution is the CSS standard. CSS is supported by all modern browsers. Styles allow you to add borders, set font details, change colors, add margin space and padding, and so on. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University9

10 Style Types Inline style: Placed directly inside an HTML tag Internal style sheet: Placed in the section External style sheet: Places in a separate CSS file For more information about styles and style sheets, visit Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University10

11 Themes CSS rules are limited to a fixed set of style attributes. CSS rules can't control other aspects of ASP.NET controls. For example, CheckBoxList control includes properties that control how it organizes items into rows and columns. They are outside the scope of CSS. The themes feature fills this gap. Themes are processed by the server. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University11

12 Using Themes Themes should be placed in the folder App_Themes You need to create at least one skin file in the App_Themes folder A skin file is a text file with extension For more information, refer to the textbook Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University12

13 Master Pages Master pages allow you to define page templates and reuse them across your website. Master pages define the page structure and the common ingredients. Extension of master pages is.master. Master pages can't be viewed by browsers. Instead, they must be used by other web pages Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University13

14 Master Page and Content Page To add a master page, click Add New Item and select Master Page. ContentPlaceHolder is the portion of the master page that a content page can change. While adding web forms into your application, don't forget to check Select master page box and select the master page you want to use. You can use ContentPlaceHolders more than one in a master page. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University14

15 Working with Data ADO.NET is the technology that.NET applications use to interact with a database. There are two ways to work with data. The first way is using the facilities presented by Visual Studio. The second way is writing everything in the code by hand. In this class, we'll see only the first way, which is easier than the other. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University15

16 Controls about Data Access In Data section of Toolbox of Visual Studio, there are two types of controls: Controls to display data GridView, DataList, DetailsView, FormView, ListView, Repeater Controls to access data SqlDataSource, AccessDataSource, LinqDataSource, ObjectDataSource, XmlDataSource, SiteMapDataSource Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University16

17 Data Access 1) Design the database. You can use SQL Server, Access, XML, Oracle, etc. 2) Place appropriate data source (i.e. AccessDataSource if you are using Access, or SqlDataSource if you are using SQL Server, etc.) into your web page and configure it. 3) Place appropriate display control (GridView, DataList, etc.) and set its DataSource property. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University17

18 Data Source Controls Data source controls (AccessDataSource, SqlDataSource, etc.) have four commands: SelectCommand to retrieve records UpdateCommand to modify existing records InsertCommand to add a new record DeleteCommand to delete existing records These commands can take parameters from controls, session state, cookies, and query strings. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University18

19 GridView Control The GridView is an extremely flexible grid control that displays a multicolumn data. Each record in your data source becomes a separate row in the grid. Each field in the record becomes a separate column in the grid. GridView has automatic paging, sorting, selecting and editing features. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University19

20 GridView Columns GridView can automatically generate its columns based on the data. You can hide columns, change their order, or configure some aspect of their display, such as formatting or heading text. You can display columns as BoundField, ButtonField, CheckBoxField, CommandField, HyperLinkField, ImageField, or TemplateField Most basic type is BoundField and you can display a field as a text in the specified column. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University20

21 .:..:. Application.:..:. There will be an application session in the class demonstrating data access using an Access database and a GridView If you were absent in the class, get help from one of your friends that attends to the class. Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University21

22 References Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008: From Novice to Professional Visual Studio Muzaffer DOĞAN - Anadolu University22

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