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3 Footer Text Table of Contents 3 Professional Services Overview Procurement Process TxDOT Precertification Precertification Categories 11 22 33 44 Precertification Process 55 Professional Services Opportunities 66

4 Footer Text 4 Professional Services Overview

5 Footer Text What Are Professional Services?  Government Code 2254 – Professional And Consulting Services “Professional services” means services, within the scope of the practice as defined by state law, of: Accounting * Architecture Landscape Architecture * Land Surveying Medicine Optometry * Professional Engineering Real Estate Appraising, or Professional Nursing 5

6 Footer Text Why Is Architecture, Surveying And Engineering Different?  Government Code 2254.004 – Contract For Professional Services Of Architect, Engineer, Or Surveyor – In procuring architectural, engineering, or land surveying services, a governmental entity shall: (1) First select the most highly qualified provider of those services on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications; and (2) then attempt to negotiate with that provider a contract at a fair and reasonable price. – If a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated… 6

7 Footer Text What Are Professional Services?  Providers Do Not Bid On Professional Services More Specifically  Providers Do Not Bid On Architecture, Engineering, Or Surveying Services 7

8 Footer Text Work Types Typically Outsourced  Engineering – Advance Planning – PS&E – Support PS&E services such as TRAFFIC, HYDRAULICS & HYDROLOGY  Surveying  Materials Engineering (Commercial Lab)  Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)  Architecture  Variety Of Combinations… 8

9 Footer Text Annual Expenditures 9

10 Footer Text TxDOT Districts 10

11 Footer Text 11 Procurement Process

12 Footer Text Basic Process 12  Identify Need To Outsource – Project Identification – Work Type Identification – Type of Contract – Number of Contracts  Publish Notice Of Intent (NOI) / Request for Qualifications (RFQ)  Receive Letters Of Interest (LOIs) / Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)  Screen LOIs For Acceptability (Long List)  Evaluate, Score, And Rank Long-Listed LOIs

13 Footer Text Basic Process, cont’d 13  Identify Top-Scoring LOIs (Short List)  Evaluate, Score, and Rank Short-Listed Firms, through Interviews and/or Proposals  Select Most Qualified Provider Based on Score  Negotiate Contract  Execute Contract  Initiate Work  Manage Contract

14 Footer Text Notice of Intent (NOI) 14  Formal Advertisement of TxDOT’s Intent to Contract for Professional Services  Communicates Work Types – Uses Precertification Work Categories  Communicates Staffing Requirements  Lists Work Categories, along with Anticipated Percentages

15 Footer Text Precertification 15  To Compete: – Firm Must Be Precertified – Must Be In Active Status (Complete Annual Renewal)  NOI Uses The Precertification Work Categories

16 Footer Text 16 TxDOT Precertification

17 Footer Text TxDOT Precertification 17  Requirement In Order To Be Eligible For TxDOT Professional Service Contracts (Engineering, Architectural & Surveying)  Acknowledgement Of Minimum Qualifications  Eliminates The Need To Submit Lengthy Qualification Information In Response To Each Advertisement

18 Footer Text Precertification Types 18  Employee Precertification – Based On An Individual’s Ability To Meet Requirements Professional and Educational Qualifications Previous Project Experience – Once Precertified – Always Precertified  Firm Precertification – Based On The Precertified Individuals Employed By The Firm – Some Categories Require Special Equipment – Status Can Vary As Employees Come And Go

19 Footer Text 19 Precertification Categories

20 Footer Text Work Categories 20  16 Work Groups  78 Separate Work Categories  NLCs – Non-Listed Work Categories

21 Footer Text Work Category Format 21  Category Description – Basic Description of Type of Work  Certification Requirements – Professional Qualifications – Experience – Education – Note: These are the Minimum Technical Requirements

22 Footer Text Working Categories On-Line 22

23 Footer Text 23 Precertification Process

24 Footer Text Precertification Process 24

25 Footer Text Precertification Process 25

26 Footer Text TxDOT Contact 26 Paula McGinley TxDOT Design Division Consultant Contract Office Phone: 512-416-2218 Fax: 512-416-2292 E-mail:

27 Footer Text 27 Professional Services Opportunities

28 Footer Text Contracting Opportunities 28 Projected Contracts List

29 Footer Text Project Contracts List 29 Standard vs Federal

30 Footer Text Contracting Opportunities 30 Contract Solicitations

31 Footer Text Contract Solicitations 31

32 Footer Text Contracting Opportunities 32 Addenda and Attachments

33 Footer Text 33 Thank You

34 Footer Text TxDOT Contacts Division Contacts:San Antonio Contacts: 34 Camille Thomason, P.E. DES-CCO Phone: 512-416-2263 E-mail: Dan M. Neal II, P.E., P.G. DES-CCO Phone: 512-416-2667 E-mail: Lizette Colbert, P.E. SAT District Consultant Mgmnt Phone: 210-615-6103 E-mail: Mathew Dalton, P.E. DES-CCO Phone: 512-416-2577 E-mail: Kori Rodriguez, P.E. SAT PEPS Phone: 210-615-5971 E-mail:


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