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Zope  Anureet Saxena 98005006  Pradeep Kumar 98005031  Dilys Thomas 98005003.

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1 Zope  Anureet Saxena 98005006  Pradeep Kumar 98005031  Dilys Thomas 98005003

2  Zope is the leading Open Source web application server.  Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals.

3  Zope is a powerful system for dynamic content delivery. It provides: –Web to objects:  Zope provides a unique architecture for mapping URLs to object messages. –Integrated object database.  The heart of Zope is its integrated object database. This powerful object store provides seamless access ((through URLs. –Rich HTML.  Our documents add rich programming to HTML, including iteration, conditional testing, variable insertion, HTTP headers, cookies, and more.

4  Powerful User Folders. –Users and passwords can be added to any URL level. –Sophisticated but simple sharing. –The Zope object system implements a breakthrough in object orientation called acquisition. This lets you share information along a URL, from higher up an organization to down below.

5  Built-in objects. –Zope automatically provides useful objects for website builders. These include DMTL Methods, DTML Documents, Images,Folders,UserFolders, and MailHost objects. Additionally, there is a Control Panel that allows application and database management.  Application integration. –Zope provides tight integration with other products in the Zope line.

6  Cross platform. –The Zope line has great reach and high performance across a number of operating systems and Web servers.

7  Zope allows you to create and manage objects through the web.  Zope uses DTML documents for web pages.  Create Zope objects by choosing them from the product add list.  View Zope objects by clicking the view tab.  Insert content in web pages with the tag.

8  Zope files and documents have a lot in common with conventional web pages –They have names, are arranged in hierarchies, and have URLs that correspond to their locations.  Folders contain other Zope objects.  The default object for a Folder is named index_html.  The Zope management screens allow you to navigate between folders and determine the URLs of objects.

9  You can organize Zope object in folders. You can create new folders and move objects between folders.  You can move Zope objects around with Cut and Paste.  Folders contain other Zope objects.  Moving a Zope object between folders changes its URL.

10  By consolidating content into components such as a common footer you can provide a uniform look and feel for your web site.  Properties contain small pieces of content.  Use the tag to insert properties into web pages.  standard_html_footer is used as the default Zope web page footer.

11  Multiple Zope objects can be combined to form complex web pages.  DTML Methods contain chunks of content.  Web pages can insert content from DTML Methods.  You can recover from mistakes with Undo.

12  You can programmatically build web pages with groups of objects by looping over them and inserting them.  iterates over a list of objects.  inserts the current object when looping over a list of objects.  You can get the contents of a folder by calling its objectValues method.

13  Images can display themselves and can also provide useful information such as size, title, and URL.  Get the contents of a Folder with the objectValues method.  Get the size of an Image with the getSize method.  Get the URL of an object with the absolute_url method.

14  You can use forms to pass information between Zope objects.  You can programmatically create new Zope objects.  Zope documents can be the action of HTML forms.  The tag performs an action without inserting anything into a web page.  Create new images in folder with the manage_addImage method.

15  You can use cookies to personalize a web page and dynamically control the presentation of a Zope document.  You can set cookies with the RESPONSE.setCookie method.  The tag allows you to test conditions.  The bobobase_modification_time method returns the last modification time of an object.

16  After you create a mail host, you can send mail from any Zope document using the tag.  Mail Hosts allow you to send email.  The tag sends an email message.

17  Zope can work with data from relational databases in the same way it treats other Zope objects.  Database connections tell Zope about relational databases.  ZSQL methods get information out of or into a relational database.

18  For more information visit:

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