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Visual FoxPro 8.0 Name Title Company.

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1 Visual FoxPro 8.0 Name Title Company

2 Agenda 2.0 10 Years of Visual FoxPro Road to VFP 8.0
Goals and overview of VFP 8.0 VFP 8.0 features and technology Resources Summary

3 10 Years of Visual FoxPro Eric Rudder, Sr VP, Developer and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft, has expressed Microsoft's thanks for the "Microsoft and FoxPro 10 Year Anniversary Card" sent to Microsoft.


5 Beyond VFP 8.0 …

6 Microsoft Executive Support for Visual FoxPro 8.0
VIDEO Market Florist and Metropolis Shipping demo. Shows Web Forms and Web Services

7 Road to Visual FoxPro 8.0 Base it on wish list customer feedback
Add new runtime features - end users Enhance SQL Server connectivity Increase .NET interoperability Maintain backward compatibility

8 VFP 8.0 Goals - Overview Provide a better Smart Client
Increased Windows Platform support Improve Distributed Client (Web/COM) More XML, .NET, SQL Server connectivity Improve Developer Productivity New base classes and error handling Increase Discoverability Better navigation and documentation

9 Visual FoxPro 8.0 and .NET Works well with Visual Studio .NET
Greatly enhanced XML support XML Web services ADO.NET VFP OLE DB Provider ASP.NET Web forms .NET Windows forms Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET VFP and .NET teams working together

10 Productivity Enhancements
Taskpane Toolbox Empty class AddProperty() and RemoveProperty() Collection class Structured Error Handling TRY/CATCH/FINALLY Event Binding BINDEVENT() and RAISEEVENT()

11 Productivity Enhancements
Getfile() dialog Auto-increment Table designer View Designer Child member subclassing VCX support for more classes Many new features for Grid control Code References tool Stability is a feature!

12 New Report Writer Features
Page X of Y Allow user to suppress printing dialog Chain multiple reports as one print job Print Page Header and Footer when Summary Band is on it's own page Stretchable page Footer and Summary Use DBC Field Caption Properties when dropping fields into a Report Option for printer environment saving

13 XMLAdapter Class Beyond XMLToCursor/CursorToXML
Hierarchical XML support Multiple VFP data cursors to XML XML to multiple VFP data cursors XML diff grams VFP data cursors, tables, DBC ADO.NET compatible XMLTable and XMLField classes Full control of XSD schema used

14 CursorAdapter Class Similar to DataAdapter in ADO.NET
ADO/OLEDB ODBC Native VFP cursors XML and XML Web services Programmable events Stored procedures control

15 Object Methods/Events
CursorAdapter Class Data Source DBF Remote Views SQL PassThrough VFP Cursors Native SQL VFP Client ODBC DBF CursorAdapter Auto-Update Object Methods/Events Custom Commands Stored Procedures VFP Cursors Native SQL ADO/OLEDB XML HTTP

16 New Data Features DataEnvironment subclassing DataEnvironment Builder
CursorAdapter class CursorAdapter Builder XMLAdapter class Form BindControls property Enhanced VFP OLE DB Provider VFP 8.0 and VS .NET interoperability

17 VFP 8.0 XML Web Services OLEDB ASP.NET WinForm Phone Pocket PC
Tablet PC

18 VFP 8.0 Performance LOCAL a1[10000] x1=SECONDS() FOR i = 1 TO a1[i]=CREATEOBJECT("Custom") ENDFOR RELEASE a1 x2=SECONDS() ? x2-x1 VFP 7.0 = 24.5 seconds VFP 8.0 = 0.45 seconds

19 Visual FoxPro 8.0 Features
Structured TRY/CATCH error handling Windows XP Theme Support Extended SQL Server connectivity Expanded Visual Studio .NET compatibility Hierarchical XML integration with VFP data Enhanced XML Web services Native VFP object event binding Auto-increment support View designer enhancements New imaging support using GDI+ New base classes and subclassing New features in form controls More development productivity Much, much more!

20 VFP Web Site
VFP 8.0 case study template download Sr VP Eric Rudder on VFP 8.0 video New VFP with VS .NET resource links More updated content coming soon

21 Resources MSDN Subscriptions

22 Summary & Call to Action
Educate and evangelize to others Great new features in VFP 8.0 VFP 8.0 works great with SQL Server VFP 8.0 works great with VS .NET Upgrade applications for VFP 8.0 MSDN now, stand-alone mid-March Submit VFP 8.0 case studies Be active in the FoxPro community Use and talk about VFP 8.0!!!

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