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Lone Star Region National Model Railroad Association “The Shack” Scratch Build -Mike Jobe.

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1 Lone Star Region National Model Railroad Association “The Shack” Scratch Build -Mike Jobe

2 The Shack Session 1 Preparations Framing Session 2 Siding Lettering / Weathering Final Assembly

3 Lone Star Region Prepping to build

4 Prepping to build You should have a flat study surface to work on, I typically use glass, this is a shelf from an old refrigerator.

5 Prepping to build Cut the plans down so that you can fit them within your work area. Always keep additional copies of your plans because you will destroy the one used for the build.

6 Prepping to build Using masking tape place the plan onto the work surface, make sure it is flat and true.

7 Prepping to build Cut a piece of wax paper and place it shiny side up over your plan. Again make sure it is flat.

8 Lone Star Region Framing

9 Framing Take a flat razor and wipe off any Excess glue that ooze's out This block of wood will keep everything straight and true. Allow to dry. Place 3 small spots of glue here

10 Framing Cut a piece to length and place the footer first Using a toothpick add 2 small dots where the footer will be placed.

11 Framing Cut wall studs that are slightly longer than the plan and begin to construct wall. Using a toothpick add 1 small dot on the plan at the top of the stud. Dip the bottom end of the stud in glue (very little needed) and position into place.

12 Framing Using toothpick add dot of glue and to side of studs. Add Glue Here

13 Framing

14 Using the razor, cut the studs along the roof line exactly removing the excess wood material, take your time and make sure that you follow the line as best as possible.

15 Framing The cut should look like this when complete....

16 Framing Place Glue Carefully remove the bottom block

17 Framing Repeat the same techniques as with the front wall Add block Add Footer Add Studs but stop here

18 Framing Double up this stud Add the door so that the edge rides on the double stud Double up 2 more studs and glue them to the footer using the door as a guide, do not glue the door in at this time.

19 Framing Now add the headers the door should still be loose

20 Framing If the door you have has a threshold slide the door up, remove the large block and then cut the opening for the door out of the footer.

21 Framing Determine where the top of the door is and now Place a stud across the top of the door way. Do not Glue the door in yet.

22 Framing Using the techniques you have learned, continue and construct the remaining 2 walls and floor section.

23 Framing When you are complete The door and window(s) should fit snuggly into the frame, we will glue these in place on the next session

24 Lone Star Region SESSION 2 Siding / Doors/ Window Weathering Final Assembly

25 Lone Star Region Siding / Doors/ Window

26 Siding / Doors/ Window






32 Lone Star Region Lettering / Weathering

33 Lettering / Weathering






39 Lone Star Region Final Assembly

40 Final Assembly








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