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1 Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Insert Tab

2 Insert Tab  The Insert Tab is right next to the Home Tab in Microsoft Word 2007  This tab has many useful features that will let you insert the following:  Page elements like Cover Page and Page Break  A Table with data plus a host of formatting choices  Graphic items like pictures, clip art images, shapes, SmartArt graphics and Charts  Header and Footer sections  Other items like hyperlinks, bookmarks, text objects and scientific expressions

3 Pages Group – Insert Tab  For this practice we will use a class project, definition_assinment_se571_orig  First we will add a cover page to it  Next we would like to add a page break right before the Research Analysis section  Let us see this in action

4 Illustrations Group  This group is elaborate with the ability to add graphical items like pictures, clip art images, shapes, SmartArt graphics, Charts  We are going to look at a Meeting Agenda for our practice  We have some basic information about the meeting like date, time and presenter in the beginning of our document  We need to add at least two more things, the schedule and the company logo as highlighted in yellow  Here is our document, Meeting_Agenda_plain2

5 Illustrations Group– Table  One quick way to add a meeting schedule is to use a table.  Select the Table command from the Insert Tab which will launch the Insert Table functionality  As you drag your mouse over the highlighted area, you can select the rows and columns that you would like  I will chosen a 2x5 table for my meeting agenda  After the table is created, I will add the data about the schedule like Registration and Breakfast from 9:00 – 9:30 am….  Finally I will apply some formatting and graphical effects

6 Illustrations Group– Clip Art  Next we need to insert a company logo into our agenda  I would like to use a free Clip Art image for this step, although I could have used a picture or image as well  Since this is a Sales Meeting, I would like to use an image that conveys cash, money etc.  After the image is created I can use Picture Tools Tab to tweak my image  Let us see this in action next

7 Header and Footer  Let's switch gears and go back to our other class project  I would like insert a Header and Footer section  Headers and footers are important items to add to your documents to give them a professional look and feel  A header could have information on the document title, author name, version number etc.  A footer is useful as it could contain things like Page Numbers and Dates etc.  Can I see a demo please?

8 Insert Tab - Everything else  Hyperlinks  Bookmarks  Cross-reference  Text Objects - Text Boxes, Quick Parts, WordArt  Scientific expressions

9 Summary  Pages Group  Illustrations Group  Header and Footer Group  Everything else  If you need more information on Insert Tab, please visit this page: 

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