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Presentation Title Your Name Organisation Email and Telephone Number.

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1 Presentation Title Your Name Organisation Email and Telephone Number

2 University of Bedfordshire2 This is the page headline This is standard running text. If you want to use a subhead on another page, click on the one above, then click on the edge of its text box and select ‘copy’ from the Edit menu. Move to the next page where you want a subhead and select ‘paste’ from the Edit menu. The text box for the subhead should appear in exactly the right place. Now you can simply highlight the text and type your new subhead. This is a subhead

3 For section title pages Simply insert a page and select the ‘Title Slide’ layout from the ‘Slide layout’ palette.

4 University of Bedfordshire4 This page doesn’t have a subhead but it does have a long headline This is an example of a bullet point list Bullet points can run over one or more lines, but if they get too long perhaps you should consider turning them into normal paragraphs Try to limit the amount of bullets to five or six a page Don’t write all of what the speaker has to say – use them as prompts or a summary of what is to be said

5 University of Bedfordshire5 Inserting new pages To access different page layouts, go to the ‘Insert’ menu and pick ‘new slide’. Then go to the ‘Format’ menu and choose ‘ ‘Slide layout’, then pick from the options available. Alternatively, go to ‘Slide sorter’ under the ‘View’ menu, select a slide that you have already made – which uses the layout that you need – then click on it and select ‘Copy’ from the ‘Edit’ menu, move your cursor to the correct place in your presentation and select ‘Paste’. Various ways to achieve what you want

6 University of Bedfordshire6 Headers and footers If you want to add a date and time or the presentation title (known as a ‘footer’) to the bottom of each slide – choose ‘Header and Footer’ from the ‘View’ menu and insert the relevant information into the appropriate dialogue box. It should then appear automatically on all the pages you specify. This template is set up so that page numbers, dates, times and footers will not appear on the title page. Neither will they appear on section title pages. Adding page details

7 University of Bedfordshire7 Words and images on the same page Double click on the automatic picture box and browse your computer until you find the image you want to include For best results and to keep file sizes as small and efficient as possible, try to format the images as RGB, 72 dpi jpeg files Feel free too customise the layout

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