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Tips and Tricks Using LAW Presented by: Tracy Marshall.

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2 Tips and Tricks Using LAW Presented by: Tracy Marshall

3 Topics Reporting in LAW Session Viewer Using a File List Advanced Numbering Removing Endorsements Deduplication of Specified Custodians Developing Policies and Procedures Share your Tips LAW Resources

4 Reporting

5 Native File Summary Preliminary report of selected sources based on file extensions –Includes e-mails and attachments in mail stores –Links to file type manager database –Save summaries

6 Page Count Extraction Estimated page count of files Not all source applications are supported Multi-thread process Populates EDPages field

7 ED Reports Identifies files supported and unsupported for TIFF conversion Includes estimated page counts

8 Customized CSV Reports Grid Views –Use for exception reporting –Errors –Duplicate reports Session Viewer

9 Information about the files processed in the session Initial quality control Identifies files not imported into LAW –Incomplete –Commit errors –Exclusions Duplicates FT Exclusions Conditional Exclusions Use for exception reporting

10 Importing File Lists Only files contained in the list are imported Use with –De-nist results –Search results –Commit errors and excluded files

11 Advanced Numbering Flexible page or document level numbering utilizing fields –&[Page] – Current page of the document –&[Pages] – Total pages in document –&[Page ID] – Page ID value –&[0] - &[000000000000] (12 zeroes) – Displays an incrementing value starting at 1 and resets at the beginning of each document –&[ ] – Valid for all other LAW fields Track multiple number sets Option numbering for parent/attachments Increasing numbering speeds

12 Removing Endorsements /SU Switch Unlocks Header/Footer fields

13 Deduplication During the import After import using Deduplication Utility –Allows deduplication of specific custodians

14 Developing Policies/Procedures Create standard policy for processing EDD –How specific files are handled Archive files, compound documents, password protected files Create backup of specific files – –File type manager database –Tiffopts.ini –Export profiles (PFL) Share with Vendors/Firms

15 Share your Tips and Tricks Optimizing TIFF conversions Handling specific file types –Excel files –AutoCad Other

16 Resources LAW user group – LAW PreDiscovery Readme File –Version release notes identifying updates, modifications, and bug fixes. Help file and user manual Training

17 Product Collateral and Conference Decks Law:

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