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© 2007 by Prentice Hall10-1 Introduction to Oracle 10g Chapter 10 Creating and Modifying Reports James Perry and Gerald Post.

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1 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-1 Introduction to Oracle 10g Chapter 10 Creating and Modifying Reports James Perry and Gerald Post

2 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-2 Chapter Outline Introducing Reports Developer Building and Modifying Reports Enhancing a Report Customizing Reports Controlling Data in a Report Creating Custom Templates Customizing a Web Report

3 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-3 10.1: Customers in a tabular report Sample reports

4 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-4 10.2: Grouped report shows sales by city and agent

5 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-5 10.3: Matrix or cross tab report of sales by agent by month

6 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-6 Developer User Database server Application server Reports builder Name.jsp Report definition Web browser Report in HTML 10.4 Oracle reports services

7 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-7 Report Header Report Footer Page Header Page Footer Detail Break Header Break Footer 10.5 Overall structure of a grouped report Building and modifying reports

8 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-8 Customer Header Customer Footer Detail Sale Header: SaleID=1 Sale Footer: SaleID=1 Sale Header: SaleID=5 Sale Footer: SaleID=5 10.6 Nested groups from customer to sale to detail

9 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-9 Sort Conditions Select All 10.7 Query builder for the City/Agent form The Reports Builder

10 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-10 10.8 Choosing the groupings for the report

11 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-11 Format Options Layout Displays Page Navigation Run Web or Paper 10.9 Initial report for sales by city and agent

12 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-12 Paper Layout button 10.10 Page layout window

13 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-13 10.11 Using the Object Navigator to set vertical spacing

14 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-14 Step through code Group Frame Group Footer Group Header Detail Group 10.12 The Object Navigator

15 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-15 10.13 Choosing the fields for the matrix rows Enhancing a report

16 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-16 10.14 The initial matrix report

17 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-17 Set Line Color Add space 10.15 Adding a box to display grid lines in a matrix report

18 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-18 Text boxes for totals 10.16 Text boxes for subtotal headings

19 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-19 Choose a section to modify 10.17 Using the Report Wizard in reentrant mode to modify a report Customizing reports

20 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-20 10.18 Data model for the grouped report

21 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-21 10.19 Initial data model for matrix report

22 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-22 Create space Add field 10.20 Adding a summary field

23 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-23 10.21 Count field displayed on the report

24 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-24 Select Magnify Summary Column Data Link Formula Column Cross Product Placeholder Column SQL Query Ref Cursor Query XML Query JDBC Query Text Query OLAP Query Express Server Query 10.22 Data Model toolbox

25 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-25 Start with SQL Data Link to connect 10.23 The master-detail data model Creating a report manually

26 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-26 10.24 Paper Layout of the Listings and Offers report

27 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-27 10.25 Design Layout of the Listings and Offers report

28 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-28 10.26 Design Layout with the house photo

29 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-29 Table 10.1 System parameters Parameter NameDescription COPIESThe number of copies to print. Default = 1. DESFORMATThe output format and is usually set as PDF, HTML, HTMLCSS, RTF, XLM, or DELIMITED. It can also be the printer definition. Default = dflt. DESNAMEThe name of the output device, such as a file name, printer name, or e-mail address. Default is blank. DESTYPEThe type of output device, such as screen, file, printer, mail, sysout, cache, localfile, or preview. Default=Screen. MODEWhether to print the report in character or bitmap format. Default = Default. ORIENTATIONThe paper layout is portrait or landscape. Default = Default.. PRINTJOBControls whether the Print Job dialog box appears before the report is run. Default = Yes. However, the dialog is never called from within the Reports Builder.

30 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-30 10.27 Parameter List of Values query Creating user parameters

31 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-31 Choose a valueRun the report 10.28 User parameter form

32 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-32 10.29 The matrix report with many houses for sale

33 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-33 Choose template type Four frame levels Data labels and fields Show margin items 10.30 Initial template layout Designing custom templates

34 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-34 10.31 A brighter report with the new layout

35 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-35 10.32 Initial Web view of Sales by City and Agent Customizing Web reports

36 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-36 Database server Application server Report definition Java links Web server with Java Engine.OraTable.OraColumnHeader.OraCellDate.OraHEader.OraCellNumber.OraCellText.OraHeaderSub.OraHeaderSubSub.OraRowHeader.OraTotalText.OraTotalNumber Style sheet HTML page SQL and data 10.33 Dynamic HTML report components

37 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-37 Java set up Style sheet link Logo file Page title 10.34 A portion of the Web definition file

38 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-38 Main loop for group 1 (City) Level 2 group (Agent) Detail loop (Listing) 10.35 The data area of the Web definition file

39 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-39 White background Blue text and yellow background 10.36 Style sheet changes

40 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-40 White background Brighter heading 10.37 The new Web report

41 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-41 10.38 A chart at the bottom of the Web report

42 © 2007 by Prentice Hall10-42 10.39 Inserting a chart

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