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PowerPoint Notes by Travis Day. Outline View Make sure you know the different views –Normal view –Outline view –Slide view –Slide Sorter view –Slide Show.

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1 PowerPoint Notes by Travis Day

2 Outline View Make sure you know the different views –Normal view –Outline view –Slide view –Slide Sorter view –Slide Show Always start off by creating your presentation in Outline View

3 Insert Slides from Outline & The Send to: command “Send to” is an incredibly quick way to import and export text between Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Click, File, Send To from the menu and then choose the application to which you want to export your data. When sending from Word to PowerPoint, the Send To feature only works if the Word document is using Heading Styles.

4 Slide Master Anything done to Slide Master gets applied to all slides in your presentation EXCEPT for title slides. Separate Title Master to control all slides designated as Title Slides. If your Title Master is inaccessible (grayed out) you must insert a new title master. Do NOT delete the default boxes which are located on your Slide Master (use View, Header and Footer). Don't paste pictures into Slide Master boxes.

5 Slide #s, footers, and dates You don’t need to use the Master Slide to enable/disable these items. All of these can be enabled/disabled simply by clicking View, Header and Footer…, and then checking or un-checking the boxes you want. Type your footer or other info here (not in Master Slide footer box). You DO use the Master Slide to change the position of the Slide #s, footers and date, and to append a prefix or suffix to the actual footer data.

6 Changing a slide's "Slide Layout" Use Slide Layouts to make the bulleted text fit into a slide more easily. Text boxes will be resized and font size will be adjusted automatically. Make the first slide a Title slide.

7 Inserting pictures into a slide If pasting a picture onto a slide, still use Slide Layout to arrange text the way you want it. But then DELETE Clip Art box before pasting. When resizing a picture, resize by using the corner handles only. Some handy UNC trademarks can be found at Some handy Kenan-Flagler graphics can be found under L:\common\graphics\

8 Applying a Template Design When searching for a Design to apply, you may have to Browse the folders of your PC in order to find the PowerPoint templates. –Presentation Template files end with “.pot” & are often under c:\program files\microsoft office\templates\presentation designs\... – KFBS templates - L:\Additional PowerPoint Templates\kfbs*.pot Change the color scheme of slide (Format, Slide Color Scheme) Templates are used to quickly create a presentation. They sometimes don’t look as good when creating lots of custom slides with things like watermarks and other pictures. To undo a template design, you may have to create a new, blank template to apply. (Start a new, blank presentation and save it as a template named “blank”.

9 Custom Animation You can animate text or objects w/ actions & sound. But you can’t animate an entire slide... Group by 1st level paragraphs to make main bullets and all their sub-bullets appear at once. –Group by 2nd level paragraphs to have main bullets, then the individual sub-bullets at once Use an even lower level paragraph (3rd, 4th, or 5th) to have even the lowest level sub-bullets appear one bullet at a time. Like this... Remember…too much animation can be distracting!

10 Breaking up Text Animation To alternate the animation of text, then object, then text…you need multiple text boxes. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School

11 Transitions Make sure you can vary transitions from slide to slide OR use the same transition for all slides. To select certain slides for which to apply transitions (or any other formatting), use the Shift key (in slide sorter view) to highlight multiple slides.

12 Drawing Toolbar Use the callouts, arrows, and text boxes to enhance your slides. I LOVE BA105! She’s loony… Group multiple objects together as a single object for resizing, moving, flipping, animating, etc...

13 Picture Toolbar The Set Transparent Color tool gets rid of an annoying background around pictures. The Cropping tool cuts your picture down to show only part of the original. The Image Control button lets you add a picture as a watermark. (Also right-click, order, send to back). Use Print Screen to copy stuff from web pages.

14 Hyperlinks You can create an active hyperlink for any selected text, a picture, a logo, etc. (even on Master Slide). –I went to undergrad at UNC. –UNC’s web page: http://www.unc.edu –Hyperlinks don’t work until you are actually showing the Slide Show (in Slide Show view). Changing the color of the hyperlink text isn’t straightforward. You must click Format, Slide Color Scheme…, Custom, Accent and hyperlink, Change Color…, pick color, OK, Apply or Apply to All.

15 The End Have fun...

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