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What Hides in The Energy Drink Cans? Presentation by: Renārs Brokāns 11 c.

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1 What Hides in The Energy Drink Cans? Presentation by: Renārs Brokāns 11 c

2 Something from History... of our energizers...  The First information about energy drink is mentioned in the United Kingdom in 1929. it was used as a ‘’threatment’’ for ill people...

3 Then some couple of years later in 1980. ‘’energy medicine’’ components started to use as an add for soda drinks...

4 And here we go so called Lucozade... Mostly it’s popular in the U.K and it’s not well known in North Europe - like in the Baltics and Scandinavia... But There are of course other products, that we may know...


6 Some other better known examples...

7 What Kind of Effects Energy Drinks Leaves on your Body and Mind?

8 Most of the energy drinks include the same Caffein Guarana Taurin Glucose And of course add’s : water, preservatives, dye, vitamins...

9 Caffein  It’s the main stimulator of the energy drink. Caffein fastens your functions of the heart, increases blood preasure, encourages, raises your ability to work. It stimulates about for 3 – 4 hours but sometimes... ...It only can take your body’s backup. Because of Fastened Metabolism...

10 Guarana The Guarana seeds contains the same caffeine, but even 3 times more than in the coffee or cocoa beans, tea or kola nuts. Unlike the coffee’s caffeine - the caffeine from guarana’s seeds absorbs slower. In case of having longer effect. It Stimulates Concentration, stabilizes circulation of blood, enhances stomach and gut activity.  By the way guarana is recomended for people who cannot drink coffee.

11 Taurin  Most of Taurin actually can be found in the animal and human muscular tissues, it is synthisized from two sulphur (S) containing livers.  Taurin increases heart muscle contraction strenght, reduces blood preassure, participates in adipose tissue matter.

12 Glicuronolacton (Glucose)  Can be occurenced in human body – in the result of glucose metabolism. It is an anti-depressant.  Enhances memory, concentration, stamina, physical abilities.

13 Energy Drinks have some some negations too... Energy drinks have been linked with reports of nausea, abnormal heart rhythms and emergency room visits. The drinks may cause seizures due to the "crash" following the energy high that occurs after consumption.

14 It is true that the energy drinks really Gives your body a ‘’boost’’. But the use of them should be proportional...  Until 2008, France banned the popular energy drink ‘’Red Bull’’ after the death of eighteen-year-old Irish athlete Ross Cooney, who died as a result of playing a basketball game after consuming four cans of the drink. SIMPLE – HEART ATTACK!

15 Combination with alcohol...  Energy drinks are often mixed with alcohol. Where energy drinks are stimulants, alcohol is a depressant. The mix can be particularly hazardous as energy drinks can mask the influence of alcohol and a person can fail to take its effects into consideration. For Example: Person is actually drunk but he thinks he’s not, he becomes agressive because of the taurin and guarana he mixed with – mostly vodka.

16 A Very Popular Way To Consume Alcohol with Vodka Jägerbomb So Looks Like You’re responsible for your health...


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