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Drugs; A substance which, when taken, affects the body or the mind Prescription Drugs; Drugs legally obtained only with a doctor’s consent Drug Abuse;

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2 Drugs; A substance which, when taken, affects the body or the mind Prescription Drugs; Drugs legally obtained only with a doctor’s consent Drug Abuse; Using drugs in a way that harms the user Illegal Drugs; Drugs which are illegal to possess, sell or use, put into three classifications according to their potential harm and addictiveness

3 Social Drugs; Legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc. Solvents are household chemicals that give off fumes, such as glue, hairspray and paint, which are inhaled for drug-like effects.

4 There are three kinds of drug classifications; these are Class A, B and C. The most harmful of these substances are put into class A, they are usually very addictive as well, the least harmful and addictive are in Class C.

5  Class A drugs – Heroin, LSD (Acid), Cocaine  Class B drugs – Speed, Cannabis  Class C – Steroids, Tranquillisers  Class A drugs have the severest punishment - up to life imprisonment for supply

6  A mild simulant that is a legal drug. Can be addictive and cause problems with sleeping and panic attacks.  People suffer from withdrawal of caffeine – headaches – irritability – anxiety and depression

7  Originally Classified as B then moved to C in 2004 but in 2009 Class B drug – stronger forms (skunk) have lead to it being classified as a more dangerous drug

8  Danger of cancer as with tobacco  Feelings of Paranoia  Has its health issues – 1000 people per year develop psychotic illnesses – mental health issues  Many chemicals are now being mixed with Cannabis  Gateway to other drugs

9  Some people consider that cannabis causes less problems than legal drugs like alcohol  Also is used in medicinal purposes to help relieve pain and suffering  Would stop illegal trading on the streets

10  Alcohol and nicotine are classed as social drugs. Sale is restricted to people over 18  Tobacco causes lung cancer and heart disease  120 000 people die a year due to smoking  Nicotine and alcohol is very dangerous for unborn or young children

11  30 000 deaths are a result of alcohol in the UK  Alcohol causes liver and heart disease  Both drugs are addictive  Excessive use of alcohol results in anti social behaviour such as violence

12  Alcohol  Addiction  Social – peer pressure  Enjoy the taste - fun  Pubs / Clubs social scene  Tobacco  Addiction  Relaxation  Peer Pressure

13  Illegal Drugs  Addiction  Progression from other substances  Crisis and Escape  Peer Pressure – Social and enjoyment

14  YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE OF GOD  Some Christians do smoke, but it is not something that is encouraged  A healthy lifestyle is much preferred and the dangers of passive smoking are also recognized.

15  There isn’t any direct teaching on the subject in the bible, but Christians are taught to be faithful stewards and those who are in need.  It is recognized that some people are addicted to nicotine and find it very difficult to stop smoking.

16  DO NOT HARM THE BODY GIVEN TO YOU BY ALLAH  During the fasting of Ramadan, Muslims are not allowed to smoke, but there isn’t a verse in the Qur’an that actually says that smoking is forbidden.

17  Muhammad said ‘anyone who believes in Allah and the last day should not hurt his neighbour’ This is seen as a warning that Allah will judge smokers on any damage they have caused others as a result of smoke.

18  It is wrong for a Muslim to smoke in the presence of non-smokers in a public place.  In the Qur’an Allah says ‘do not with your own hands contribute to your destruction.’

19  Some Christians are tee-totallers (Salvation Army.) They have made the decision not to drink alcohol at all.  In the 19 th century Christians supported organizations like the Band of Hope, which encouraged men not to waste their money on getting drunk.

20  Many other Christians believe in moderate drinking. They are careful not to drink too much and avoid getting drunk.  It is recognized that excessive drinking causes people to do things which they otherwise would not do.

21  But some see nothing wrong with drinking some alcohol. Jesus drank wine, and at the wedding he turned water into wine.  At the last supper Jesus told his followers to share bread and wine as they remember him, and Paul encourages timothy to take wine for medical reasons.

22  When Islam first started alcohol was fairly widely drunk however Muslims now believe that the harm it causes is far greater than any good that comes out of it.  Over time, more and more restrictions on drinking alcohol were introduced until finally its use for social drinking was banned altogether – Haram meaning forbidden

23  Alcohol makes your mind unfit to worship Allah  “Believers, wine is devised by Satan. Avoid it, so that you may prosper.”

24  Christians are very concerned about drugs – they believe should glorify God in their bodies “You are God’s temple”

25  Believe in the sanctity of life, every person is valuable to God and Jesus died to save people, however bad they might be  Jackie Pullenger – a Christian who spent 30 years helping heroin users in Hong Kong

26  Rastafarians believe the bible gives them permission to smoke cannabis. God created herbs and plants.  Mainstream Christians are against this.

27  Christians offer love and compassion to drug users – salvation army do lots work with drug users  Parable of Good Samaritan encourages them to help and Jesus’ teaching “love your neighbour”

28  Anything that affects the mind is not allowed in Islam.  Drugs such as heroin cocaine opium are forbidden

29  Any drug that acts as an “escape” (LSD ) is forbidden  The penalty for taking drugs in a Muslim country is a public flogging

30  Muslims will be judged on their actions on the day of judgement by Allah –  Anyone that has caused suffering (e.g. drug smugglers) could face eternal torment in hell

31  The taking of performance enhancing drugs is seen as cheating and dishonourable

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