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Science Fair Projects Do-Now Come in quietly

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1 Science Fair Projects Do-Now Come in quietly
Everything off desk except… Tri-fold and abstract Expectations for Audience No Talking Eyes Forward Respectful all times Expectations for Presentations Clear voice Knowledgeable/Expertise Keep within time frame! THESE PRESENTATIONS MUST BE DONE THIS PERIOD. I WILL NOT WRITE LATE PASSES, INSTEAD WE WILL CONTINUE AT LUNCH ! BEST BEHAVIOR!

2 February 9th, Learning Target: To identify expectations for Science Fair and have due dates in agenda Come in quietly Take your seat Write your HW into agenda Complete the Do-Now Do-Now: A sixth grade class is performing a lab experiment. Each group has 3 pennies soaking in 50 mL of Coca-Cola brand sodas for 10 minutes. Penny 1- Regular Coke Penny 2- Diet Coke Penny 3- Coke Zero 1. What is the manipulated variable? 2. What is the responding variable?

3 Do-Now Response Manipulated Variable Responding Variable

4 MARK YOUR CALENDARS Have your Academic Expo out in front of you and your agenda. Write the following in your agenda NOW in the correct date and your HW on board Entry forms and contract : February 19th (one per pair) Purpose and Hypothesis: March 5th (ONE PER STUDENT) Materials and Procedures: March 19th (ONE PER STUDENT) Observations and Raw Data: April 2nd ( ONE PER STUDENT) Wait quietly for directions! The following four checkpoints count as quiz grades! These are rough drafts which I will correct.. It is your job to take these checkpoints seriously, and the corrections to write your 3 paragraph abstract due with your trifold!

5 Choose a Topic Pick a topic that: Will be interesting.
You will be able to complete in the required time. Hold onto to handout, check my faculty page, and take notice of the large checklist posted outside our hallway to keep on task!

6 Title Choose a title that reflects your topic and is snappy or creative For the stretch of it Acid plants Mood and Music

7 Purpose Write 5-8 sentences describing the purpose. Have the following: Topic Sentence Describing the project What you expect to learn Conclusion Example: Plants grow from the process of photosynthesis. The purpose of this project is to find out if a pea plant will grow taller when given caffeine rather than water. During the course of this project the scientist expects to expand their knowledge of plant life and how it thrives. In conclusion since humans eat pea plants this will be beneficial. DUE: March 5th, 2015

8 Research Research should be designed to get background information about your topic, before you begin your experiment. Use various sources for your research. Suggested sources: Books Magazines Newspapers Internet

9 Hypothesis Due: March 5th with purpose Make your guess
Use your research to make an educated guess about how you think your experiment will turn out. Use the “ If the scientist does this __________ then this will happen_____” format. “If-then” statement Example: If 100ml of coffee is poured on four pea plants and pour 100ml of water in another four pea plants, then the plants with coffee will grow taller because caffeine will stimulate the plants. Due: March 5th with purpose

10 Procedure Design your experiment
Design your experiment so that they only test for one thing. Make sure that you do the same things to all groups of objects being tested. Example: If you are testing plants: Use the same seeds. Plant all of them with the same soil. Put them all in the same amount of light for the same amount of time. The only thing that should be different about the plants is that one received coffee and the other water. Manipulated Variable- coffee vs. no coffee Responding variable- Plant growth Control Variable- everything else the scientist keeps the same.

11 Procedure To increase the validity of your experiment
Make sure to keep a control group. Keep in mind sample size. The more objects in your sample the more valid your experiment. Use multiple trials. (At least three.)

12 Procedure Write down step-by-step directions on how to do your experiment. Do not leave anything out! Get 8 pea plants ( 100 cm tall). Place 4 pea plants on each tray. Label one set of plants “Caffeine”. Label the second set “Water”. Pour 100ml of coffee( with caffeine ) onto the soil of each plant twice a week. Pour 100ml of water onto the soil of each plant twice a week. Measure each plant with a metric ruler Record data in record book.

13 Materials Make a complete list of everything you will use in your experiment. Tell how many and how much of each object used. Use metric measures only. Materials and Procedures due: March 19th

14 Do your experiment. Have fun ! Collect your data and observations
Measurements, pictures, charts, observations Example: Keep a weekly chart of your plant growth include pictures

15 Make Charts and Graphs OR
Display data using charts, tables, and graphs. Choose the correct graphs for your data. Bar-comparison Pie-percentage Line-change/time OR Pictures Observations and Raw Data: April 2nd

16 Conclusion Include your observations and raw data
Have the following in your paragraph Topic Observations and Data- take your charts and pictures and put them in words ( On day two this happened,…., During the experiment it fizzed and….) Does your hypothesis support your results why or why not If you were doing this experiment what would you test again Conclusion sentence

17 Results/Conclusion/Observation/Data
Example Plants are more than humans think! From reading the charts and graphs, I know that Plant Group #1 grew an average of 40cm with 100ml of coffee. Plant Group #2 grew and average of 20cm with 100ml of water. The Plant Group that was given coffee grew 20cm more on the average than the Plant Group that was given water. My hypothesis was supported. The plants that were watered with coffee ( caffeine ) grew taller than those that were given water. Therefore, caffeine has a positive effect on the growth of pea plants. This may be due the fact that caffeine is a stimulant. The caffeine could have stimulated the plant to grow If I could do this experiment again , the variable I would change would be the amount of caffeine I would place in each plant group. I would use 50ml for plant group #1, 100ml for plant group #2, and 150ml for plant group #3. I would also have three “control groups” of plants. One would get 50ml of water. One would get 100ml of water. And one would get 150ml of water. I want to see which amount of caffeine helps plants grow the tallest. In conclusion maybe it should rain coffee!

18 Make Your Board Start your information on the top left panel of the board, move down the left panel, across the middle panel, and from the top down on the right panel. Place pictures of your experiment on your board.

19 Make your Board

20 Helpful Resources Science Fair Web Pages
- Best site for help through out project! This is a good site explaining the parts of a science fair project. - A web site for children to use in setting up their science fair project - A great site! It has info for parents, teachers, and students. It has project ideas, research tools, and tip sheets for all kinds of projects. - The Bauman Library- Ask the librarian for help or me! Miss Scillieri suggestion- Mr. Wizard

21 Bringing It Together Reminders Keys for success:
Make a time-line and stick to it. Parental support Organization Remember you are handing in the check points which I will correct it is your job to take those checkpoints and turn them into a 3 paragraph report with bibliography of your sources Google and Wikipedia and Yahoo are not sources!

22 Final Project Your final project is due April 20th- 30th
It must include the trifold, presentation, and 3 paragraph report Paragraph One- Introduction/Purpose/Hypothesis Paragraph Two- Procedures/Materials written in sentences not list Paragraph 3- Data/Results/Conclusion Attached bibliography- examples on page 7. Use rubric on page 8 to guide your project, that is what you need to succeed!

23 TONIGHT Tonight read this over at home with your parent/guardian
If you have any questions me or ask in class so we discuss together If you have a question changes are someone else does too. Yes, I want you to do well this is 4 quiz, 1 test, and 1 lab grade Everyday a checkpoint is late you lose 10 points and you call your parents/guardians at work to explain why!

24 Brain Storm Ideas Take a lab we did in class and change a variable:
Pennies and ketchup cleaner Soda and Penny lab Sports drinks and penny Gummy Bear Lab and Water/Juice Yeast – Research sugary drinks Pendulums- change the mass or string Yeast with liquid food like eggs Homemade battery lab, 9 volt battery and wool Tie dyed flowers- compare flowers Energy drinks and pennies Hot water vs. cold water to dissolve a sugar cube. How high can a basketball bounce on different surfaces!

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