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The Effects Of Drug Use In The Human Body Created by: James, Erik, and Lillian.

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1 The Effects Of Drug Use In The Human Body Created by: James, Erik, and Lillian

2 Drugs There Are Socially Acceptable And Socially Unacceptable Drugs. The Three Socially Acceptable Drugs The We Are Going To Cover Are: Alcohol, Caffeine, And Nicotine. The Three Socially Unacceptable Drugs That We Are Going To Cover Are: Cocaine, Heroin (Opiates), And Marijuana.

3 Alcohol There Are Multiple Short-term And Long-term Effects That Alcohol Has On The Body. Many People Do Not Take The Short Term Effects Into Consideration Alcohol Can And Will Effect The Brain, Immune System, And Circulatory System.

4 Effects Of Alcohol on the liver = Healthy Liver Fatty LiverAlcoholic

5 The effects of alcohol on the brain The Cognitive Abilities Are Impaired Which Affects Memory, Attention, Coordination, And Judgment.


7 Opiates The Opium Poppy Was First Cultivated In Mesopotamia In 3400 B.C. Opiates, Sometimes Referred To As Narcotics, Are A Group Of Drugs Which Are Used Medically To Relieve Pain, But Also Have A High Potential For Abuse. A Few Of The Most Common Abused Opiate Drugs Are: Codeine Morphine Methadone Oxycodone(Percocet, Oxycontin) Hydrocodone(Lortab, Vicodin) Heroin Opium Opium Appears As Dark Brown Chunks Or As A Powder And Is Usually Smoked Or Eaten. Heroin Can Be A White Or Brownish Powder Which Is Usually Dissolved In Water And Then Injected Heroin ("Junk" "Smack") Accounts For 90 Percent Of The Opiate Abuse In The United States.

8 Heroin Quick Facts: Heroin Was Invented In Germany In 1874. The Germans Said Heroin Was A "Safe, Non-addictive" Substitute For Morphine. Heroin Is Processed From Morphine, A Naturally Occurring Substance Extracted From The Seed Pod Of The Asian Poppy Plant. Heroin Is Also Referred To As, Smack, Horse, Brown Sugar, Dope, H, Junk, Skag, Skunk, White Horse, China White, Mexican Black Tar An Estimated 2.4 Million People Use Heroin At Some Time In Their Lives In 1980, The Average Bag Was Only 4 Percent Pure Heroin. By The Mid-nineties, However, Purity Was Generally 40 Percent Or Higher. In The Northeast, It Averaged Between 60 And 75 Percent. It's Estimated That Almost One-fourth Of The People Who Try Heroin Become Addicted.

9 Negative Effects Of Heroin Heart, blood and circulation – Heroin slows down your circulation and heart rate. Heroin also increases the size of certain blood vessels (making you feel warm). Stomach – It depresses bowel activity, which can result in constipation. Heroin can make you feel sick, and first-time users often vomit. Lungs – Heroin suppresses your cough reflex and slows down your breathing, causing hyperventilation. This can put you at risk of lung disease. An overdose of heroin can cause respiratory failure and death. Nervous system – At higher doses, sedation takes over and you become drowsy. An excessive dose can produce stupor and coma, and possible death. Sexual organs – Heroin can cause irregular periods in women. In both men and women, it can make you lose interest in sex, and it affects your sexual performance.

10 What Heroin Can Do To Your Body Injecting Heroin Into The Veins Can Cause: Abscess- A Mass Beneath The Surface Of The Skin, Looks Like A Goose Egg At The Injection Site, Forming Over A Few Days. This Is The Most Serious Situation, Because Basically What Has Happened Is You Have Introduced Bacteria Under The Skin. Blown Vein- This Is Where The Needle Goes All The Way Through The Vein And Pops Out The Other Side Spilling Blood Under The Skin, Or The Vein Rips Open When Punctured. Thrombosis- This One Can Be A Little More Dangerous, Especially In The Case Of Dvt’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This Occurs When There Is A Blockage Of Blood, Heroin, Or Another Foreign Object In The Actual Vein Itself. Collapsed Vein- This Happens When Someone Sticks A Dull Overused Needle In The Same Vein, In The Same Spot, For Days Or Weeks At A Time. Causing Everything To "Collapse" And The Sides Of The Vein To Stick Together Downstream Of The Blockage.

11 What Heroin Can Do To Your Body Smoking Heroin Can:

12 Caffeine PubMed Has Identified Caffeine As A Potential Drug Of Abuse. Most People Are Unaware Of The Negative Consequences That Excessive Caffeine Consumption Can Have On The Body. The Most Popular Way To Consume Caffeine Is Through Beverages And Through The Consumption Of Chocolate. The Most Popular Caffeinated Beverages Are Coffee, Tea, Pop, And Energy Drinks. Caffeine Is Also Present In Over The Counter Pain Relief, Diet Pills, And Cold Medications.

13 Common Myths About Caffeine These myths are as posted by Myth #1 – Caffeine Is Addictive, People Do Not Get Addicted To The Caffeine But The Feeling It Induces. Myth #2 – Caffeine Is Likely To Cause Insomnia. Myth #3 – Caffeine Increases Risk For Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, And Cancer. Myth #4 – Caffeine Is Harmful To Pregnant Women. Myth #5 – Caffeine Has A Dehydrating Effect. Myth #6 – Caffeine Can Help You Sober Up. Myth #7 – Caffeine Has No Health Benefits.

14 Why caffeine is bad for you Symptoms of caffeine abuse can cause: Nervousness Headache Increased Heart Rate Anxiety Upset Stomach Irregular Heartbeat Irritability GI Irritation Elevated Blood Pressure Agitation Heartburn Increased Cholesterol Tremors Diarrhea Nutritional Deficiencies Insomnia Fatigue Poor Concentration Depression Dizziness Bed Wetting

15 Energy Drinks Energy Drinks Are Labeled Wrong. They Don’t Energize You, They Stimulate You. Some Of The Unwelcome Side Effects Include: Elevated Heart Rates Hypertension Anxiety Headaches Interrupted Sleep Patterns Seizures For People With Epilepsy Energy Drinks Have Nearly 5 Times The Caffeine That Soda Does. According To The University Of Florida, Those Imbibing Energy Cocktails Are 4 Times More Likely To Attempt Drunk Driving.

16 Nicotine

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