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The five- day plan to stop smoking Yoshinobu Namihira,M. D.,FACG 3000 Halls Ferry road Vicksburg, MS 30180 Ph 601- 638-9800;fax 601-638-9808; e mail :namihira.

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1 The five- day plan to stop smoking Yoshinobu Namihira,M. D.,FACG 3000 Halls Ferry road Vicksburg, MS 30180 Ph 601- 638-9800;fax 601-638-9808; e mail :namihira

2 Nicotine and nervous system Nicotine=very potent vaso constrictor Constriction of blood vessel ? More vasoconstriction= less oxygen (02) supply to the organs ( liver, heart, stomach, small and large intestine,brain, kidney ) Less oxygen (02) supply or delivery=“ischemia”, not enough oxygen!

3 One puff of cigarette by mother Effect on the unborn baby= immediate cessation of breathing Nicotine and its effect on the nervous system, “ brain” Brain =control the blood vessel and the flow of blood The larger the diameter,the more blood supply

4 The larger the diameter, the more blood supply, less blood pressure (good news) The smaller the diameter, the less blood supply, more blood pressure (bad news) What is the effect of nicotine on the blood supply ? Answer=? The smaller the diameter, the less blood supply, more blood pressure (bad news)

5 Cigarette- inhalation- lung-blood stream- brain How long does it take from cigarette to brain? Only 7 seconds 100 billions of nerve cell in the brain= rapidly addicted to nicotine!

6 Carbon Monoxide,C0,(1) The effect of carbon monoxide on the red blood cell (RBC) Carbon monoxide –- RBC ? RBC has Hemoglobin (Hg) Hemoglobin=oxygen carrying molecule More hemoglobin, more oxygen carrying, more oxygen delivery Less hemoglobin ( anemia), less oxygen carrying, less oxygen delivery

7 Frontal lobe of brain=seat of mind, reason, judgment, will power Less oxygen delivery = less functioning of the frontal lobe of brain=impaired function of the frontal lobe=less reason, less judgment, less will power!

8 Central nervous system Frontal lobe of brain = you have a control Thalamus of brain=autonomic nervous system= you have no control = “ automatic”,you don’t have to do anything. Self –programmed to operate. autonomous. Self –propelled

9 Autonomic nervous system Cardiac- regulate your heart beat even while sound asleep;your heart beats keep going even though you are sound asleep! You don’t have turn on or off the switch to the heart when you go to sleep.your heart beat = automatic!, autonomous.self programmed. GI- regulate your digestion of foods ;HCL secretion, pepsin secretion, pancreatic enzymes secretion, Circulatory= keep blood flowing through your entire system, regulate blood pressure, open and close blood vessels as needed,

10 Brain-thalamus------ganglia----solar plexus Solar plexus—many branches to 1.Heart 2.Spleen 3.Small intestine,large intestine 4.Stomach 5.pancreas 6.Lungs 7.Kidney 8.bladder

11 Brain Thalamus hypothalamus Solar plexus heart lungs Esophagus Stomach Pancreas Small intestine Large intestine kidney bladder spleen skin

12 All the nervous systems are closely and intimately connected with each other. Any effect on the heart = effect on the brain Any effect on the brain= effect on the heart

13 A good example-illustration A young woman= mary “say, Mary, I see you have been keeping company with Goerge” In her heart, she thinks, “Oh, dear, my secrets are out” she did not want anyone to know it.” Automatically,1) her facial blood vessels begin to open up. She can not control her facial blushing! It is automatic. There is nothing she can do to stop it.

14 The physical reaction was triggered by an emotional thought! Evidence: mind and body are closely inter related to each other. Mind and body are not separate.

15 What is the connection between nicotine and autonomic nervous system? Nicotine is a powerful poison which stimulates and paralyzes the autonomic nervous system! The truth of matter: nicotine lifts you up one minute and brings you down the next minute.

16 The sequence of event-smoking 1.The first time cigarette smoking 2.Head spinning and dizziness 3.Tolerance to smoking 4. a few more puffs of smoking to get the same effect 5.Lift up then calm down effect of the nervous system= “euphoria”

17 The dual effect of nicotine= 1) stimulating 2) paralyzing effect on central nervous system Euphoria nicotine addiction ! The weird and strange feelings for the first few days after stopping cigarette smoking

18 The sooner you get the tobacco residues out of your body, the better it is. The method to do so: 1.Stop smoking all at once 2.Drink plenty of water (H20) 3.Drink plenty of fruit juices 4.Deep breathing 5.exercise

19 Coffee-caffeine Nicotine Caffeine Caffeine = a booty trap to stop smoking A cup of coffee calls for a cigarette immediately afterwards ! Coffee and cigarette go together like peaches and cream ! alkaloid

20 Coffee---caffeine Caffeine set up your craving for a cigarette A cup of coffee a cigarette Caffeine containing substances: 1.Coffee 2.Tea 3.Coca cola

21 Non –caffeine drinks 1.Pioneer, pero,Roma, 2.Herbal tea (lipton,stash, bigelow)

22 “What in the world will I do ?” “Without a cup of coffee, I am dead on my feet !” what is the answer or solution to the question?

23 Cold mitten friction 1.Get up in the morning at least a few minutes earlier 2.Fill the washbasin with tepid water and get a washcloth 3.Drop the washcloth into the tepid water and wring it out real dry with no dippy ends, be nice to yourself 4.Rub one of your arms until your skin gets pink 5.Do not stop rubbing until the skin is pink or you feel a warm glow.

24 The 2 nd monrning, you want to your water just a bit cooler, wringing out your washcloth and doing the other arm as well. Do not try to do your whole body all at once, because you will overwork just trying to get that skin pink. The 3 rd morning, do your left arm,right arm, and chest

25 The 4 th morning, do your left arm, right arm, chest,and back The 5 th morning, do both arms,the chest, back, trunk, and legs Each morning, you get the water a little cooler After a cold mitten friction,you will be wide awake and not need a cup of coffee!

26 Cold mitten friction 1.Arouse the small blood vessels (cold) 2.Stimulate, vasodilate the small vessels (friction) 3.More oxygen (02) delivery to the site 4.Impart a wonderful sense of well being 5.Real “lift “ without “let down” 6.“No thing to lose “

27 Side benefits of cold mitten friction 1.Resistance 2. white blood cell count (WBC)=immune system 3.Sinusitis, cold

28 Medical summary 1.I choose not to smoke 2.Deep breathing exercise, more oxygen to the lungs, and to the frontal lobe of brain 3.Get nicotine and other tobacco poisons out of your system by taking plenty of water and fruit juices. When the urge strikes,get a glass of water

29 4.Avoid coffee which in turn calls for another smoke. (tea, coca cola ) 5.Avoid alcoholic beverage 6.Take a cold mitten friction, the best natural nerve stimulant 7.Avoid sitting after you eat– get outside! Walk away from the table!

30 Mind –body relationship Physical illness flushed face, rapid pulse, rapid breathing Emotional stress flushed face, rapid pulse, rapid breathing GI experiment : 1.Tom ‘s mind calm=stomach lining pink 2.Tom ‘s mind frustration=stomach lining turns red 3.Continued stress=stomach hemorrhaging

31 Normal emotional state= HCL (stomach acid) secretion under control Increased emotional stress = increased vagal nerve stimulation =increased panath cell stimulation =HCL machine turned on = increased acid secretion =acid overload=less H2CO3 (bicarbonate) secretion =less mucus layering =gastritis= then gastric ulcer formation

32 An instantaneous and powerful effect of emotion on human body= awesome ! “As a person thinks in his heart, so is he “ bible verse:

33 experiment Lemon Cut into two Suck on the lemon What is the end result of your salivary glands? Answer : a lot of saliva secretion ! Why? Mind----body relationship

34 Ship-rudder illustration Rudder= not able to move the ship forward Power for movement is transmitted to propellers Propellers= move the ship forward! Where does propeller get power from ? From engine (piston, turbin, belt, combustion) energy, (power)

35 In order to gain a complete and lasting victory over the smoking habit, Make up your mind to ask for and receive power outside of yourself. Call it divine aid,if you wish. “please give me strength to keep from smoking”

36 Power (engine)- propellers Ship----rudder By your will, you choose a new direction,thus using the rudder The power to move must come from another source, (power outside of yourself) When craving strikes, just keep asking and asking ---and receiving the promise.

37 You will be thrilled at how quickly the needed power arrives! Your craving will weaken The secret of success formula : The combination of your will and divine power is absolutely invincible and a must.













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