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Energy Shots Energy shots offer a simple proposition: from a concentrated potion of caffeine, vitamins and amino acids, consumers get the functional “bang”

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2 Energy Shots Energy shots offer a simple proposition: from a concentrated potion of caffeine, vitamins and amino acids, consumers get the functional “bang” that they receive from an energy drink but without having to drink all the liquid of a whole energy beverage. Small portable bottles Fast and strong effect Wide application Daily consumption

3 Energy shots vs. substitutes Energy Drinks:diluted - high volume of liquids (usually) high in sugar big bottle - less convenient perceived as a drink for teenagers Coffee:time consuming lower effect (usually) not portable unhealthy

4 Case study - USA The first energy shot was launched in 2004 Supported by an educational campaign from the leading brand, the market size reached $340m in three years and an estimated $1.2b in 2010 According to New Nutrition Business*, the market will continue to expand at 40-50% in the short term and will reach as much as $2.5b in 2012 With the price/litre around 5x higher than for the conventional energy drink (see next slide), and the price per portion 50% higher, the energy shot segment offers uniquely profitable growth opportunity * - New Nutrition Business,

5 Caste study - USA * Source: NNB Surveys in Wal-Mart, Albertsons

6 Caste study – EU Sales rose from 150$ million to 350$ million from 2009 to 2010 and still growing. Projected market size in 2012 is 1$ billion Similar to the US market, price per portion is 40-50% higher for the energy shots vs energy drinks UK market is more advanced compared to the mainland Europe and has the market structure similar to the US Other EU markets are fragmented and lack a clear market leader Per capital consumption in Europe is almost three times lower than in US * - New Nutrition Business,

7 The dynamics of US and EU market size for energy shots * -

8 Potential marketplace analysis We have selected the most promising markets by analyzing a number of metrics: total population target market size (24-35 years old) working hours per week original NapNock rating* Conclusion: top countries for energy shots are Germany, UK, France, and Italy * Attached in the appendix

9 Marketplace rating CountriesPopulationTarget market size Working hours Original NN rating* Germany82m9m523 U.K.62m7.6m551 France65m7.8m524 Poland38m6.6m5611 Italy60m7.2m552 * NapNock includes with rating of individualism, uncertainty, masculinity, working hours, population, road network, students, price level in each EU country.

10 Is there still any potential in EU? EU energy DRINKS market size amounts to €6 billion* and is still growing 6-8% annually Western Europe usually lags 2-3 years from the US EU energy SHOT market is growing 50%-60% annually There is still no clear market leader in the mainland Europe

11 Why Red Bull is not successful? No clear and distinctive marketing strategy - 0.25l can is not the same as 60ml bottle They continue to target 14-23 year olds, whereas, in our opinion, the biggest potential is in a more mature 25+ segment RedBull exited the US energy shot market in 2011 because of low sales (only 10-15% market share 2010)* * -

12 NapNock energy shot 60 ml energy shot Ginseng and ginkgo biloba combo reduces negative impact on the heart No sugar – no crash Long lasting effect (4-5 hours) Innovative taste with green tea and lemon

13 Competitive advantages over RedBull, Burn and Monster Natural ingredients: ginkgo biloba and ginseng Longer lasting effect because of ginkgo biloba and higher dose of caffeine Healthier: lower impact on the heart Target market 24-35 (careerists) Independent energy shot brand Guerilla marketing campaign

14 NapNock consumer Age: 24-35 years Workaholic careerist Self confident Prefers quality goods Social life: loves to travel, party, socializing Moto: “Work hard, party harder” Features: bold, vibrant, imaginative Competence: reliable, efficient

15 NapNock marketing campaign The NapNock TRIP to ASIA NapNock 48 hours trip (without any sleep) NapNock flashmob Guerilla marketing video POS material (aggressive posters, fake money, t-shirts etc.) WEB (beverage industry webpages, travelling webpages)

16 Appendix

17 Energy shots vs. substitutes ProductStrenghtsWeaknesses Energy ShotConvenient and portable packaging Quick and easy to consume Price-premium value for money Long lasting effect The need to place it near the cash desk High price (education of consumers) Energy DrinkRefreshment and stimulation drink Low cost High amount Can not close the can Target market - younger people (16-21) Not portable CoffeeLow cost Lifestyle Wide market Older consumers Time consuming Lower effect No additional ingredients Not portable Bad for teeth

18 Competitor analysis BrandTarget marketSloganA. IngredientsPricing Quick energy30-45Small But Powerful Caffeine 175mg Taurine 2.25 EUR 5 hour energy shot 30-45Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours. Caffeine 138mg Taurine Glucoronolactone Citicoline Tyrosine 2.13 EUR Burn energy shot18-24Burn. Fire to drink. (same as e.d.) Caffeine 80mg Taurine 200mg Glucoronolactone 70mg 1.99 EUR Ubershot18-25Energy for life with no lows Caffeine 210mg Taurine 1050mg Glucoronolactone 210mg 2.15 EUR On Go shot-Shot it in seconds. Feel it for hours. Caffeine 177mg Taurine Glucoronolactone Ginseng 2.13 EUR

19 Active Ingredients Ginkgo Biloba – natural ingredient which increases mental activity and metabolism Ginseng – natural ingredient with a unique ability to increase human endurance and mental strength Glucoronolactone – provides fast recovery from fatigue cause by exercise Caffeine – psychoactive stimulant which increases energy Taurine – helps to rebuild stamina

20 Health Focus International’s study (32 countries)

21 Statistics: Targegt by age CountryPopulation20-35 agePercentage United Kingdom62,262,00014,000,00022% France63,136,18012,283,01219% Germany82,329,7580% Ireland4,581,2691,320,55129% Sweden9,354,4621,918,15621% Norway4,973,200958,21419% Netherlands16,683,4003,125,10019% Poland38,186,8600% Source:

22 Statistics: Students Country Students (thousands) Ranking Germany25001 UK24152 France22003 Poland21504 Italy20005 Spain18006 Russia15007 Greece637.68 Netherlands6189 Belgium42510 Sweden42211 Czech41612 Country Students (thousands) Ranking Hungary39713 Portugal37314 Austria30815 Finland29616 Slovakia23517 Denmark23418 Swithzerland23319 Norway21920 Lithuanian21021 Ireland182.622 Estonia68.423

23 Statistics: Working hours Country Working hours per weekRating Portugal621 Estonia602 Austria593 Sweden584 Hungary565 Ireland566 Poland567 Italy558 UK559 Spain5510 Czech5311 Finland5312 Country Working hours per weekRating Netherlands5313 Norway5314 Denmark5215 France5216 Germany5217 Swithzerland5218 Greece5119 Lithuanian5120 Belgium5021 Russia5022 Slovakia4923

24 Indviduasim Uncertain ty Masculinty Purchasing Working Hours/w Population Road Network ize Students Competetiveness Price Level TOTAL OVERALL RATING UK137193721714641 Italy4154 8445511752 Germany121186171312112923 France818141116213157954 Ireland946462114221241025 Hungary2162205138 4201036 Netherlands3721513710919101047 Sweden722384145112291058 Spain19171513105268131089 Austria171337315131514810810 Poland14191018766492111411 Belgium5201310211191013611812 Swithzerland118521816201923312513 Norway1052231420152016212714 Denmark61201415171918 112915 Czech1614111711121112101813216 Greece222312919812822213717 Portugal2322171619 1471514018 Slovakia186119231823171 14319 Finland1391912 19181620514320 Estonia151018212232123111616021 Russia21 1622 1022732316722 Lithuania20129232022172161916923

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