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Sports Diet Dilemmas The facts about sport nutrition “energy” drinks and dietary blunders Emily Edison, MS, RD, ACSM-HFI Western Washington WINForum Coordinator.

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1 Sports Diet Dilemmas The facts about sport nutrition “energy” drinks and dietary blunders Emily Edison, MS, RD, ACSM-HFI Western Washington WINForum Coordinator

2 This is not rocket science. poor nutrition = poor performance Winning Nutrition = Winning Performance

3 BUT, we are faced with challenges

4 Carbs. The Truth (finally).

5 Carbohydrates are the #1 Source of Energy for Your Muscles Carbohydrates (Bagel, pasta, fruit, dairy) Glucose (energy in use) Glycogen (stored)

6 Low carb diets for athletes? High Carb vs. Low Carb Diet  Three successive heavy training days  Muscle glycogen depletion continual due to low carb diet  Sample taken from vastus lateralis  Depletion of glycogen leads to decreased performance Source: I Journal Sp Med (1990;1:2)

7 Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs Hey…Don’t forget to EAT your carbs!!! Yay, carbs!!


9 GOOD CARBS vs OCCASIONAL CARBS  Whole Grains  Dairy  Pasta  Rice  Potato  Corn  Fruits  Veggies  Watch for: THE “C” WORD  Chips  Cookies  Candy  Cakes  Crispy Stuff  Creamy Stuff  Coke

10 Does eating more protein create bigger muscles??? =

11 NO! Protein repairs and rebuilds muscles you break down…  Protein recommendations  Strength/aerobic athletes.6-.9 g/lb bw 180lb football player: 180lb x.7g/lb = 126-180grams  1c. milk on cereal = 18g  Granola Bar = 8g  Turkey Sandwich = 30g  Energy Bar=15g  5 oz chicken breast = 34g  1c. Mashed Potatoes = 8g  2 cup milk = 16g= 129 grams total

12 Protein Facts  High protein diets (greater than 20% calories from protein) not advocated as performance enhancing  NEW Data shows protein (in addition to carbs) may help increase performance if consumed before, during and after a workout.

13 Nutrition DURING Exercise Should protein be added? Ivy, J. et al., Int. J Sports Nut & Ex. Met (2003) Carb/Pro – 57% improvement vs Water 24% vs. Carbs alone

14 Does eating fat make me fat?

15 Eating Fat does not make you fat  Provides energy (at lower intensities)  Transports fat-soluble vitamins  Helps the body make hormones  Makes you feel satisfied  Rec. 20-25% of total energy  May delay gastric emptying- important to time fat intake outside of competition

16 Good Fat vs Bad Fat  Good Fats  Unsaturated  Canola, Olive  Comes from nuts and plants  Omega 3 Fats  Fish, walnuts, flax, supplement  Bad Fats  Hydrogenated  Trans  Saturated- animal fat Fat that get a bad rap but may really be ok for you: Coconut Oil- tastes good, makes a good spread. Some question with saturated fat.

17 Nutrition Training 4 Hoopfest  Four teams of four players competing in Hoopfest  Teams attend sport nutrition training with Sports Dietitian  Leaned about importance of fueling for sports  Drank lowfat chocolate milk after their practices  All four teams IMPROVED performance from the previous year  One team WON their bracket for the first time!

18 Why Chocolate Milk?  Recent Study: Stager et al (IJSN;2006)  Chocolate Milk and Gatorade equally effective in refueling athletes for repeated bout of exercise  Endurox R4 50% less time to exhaustion

19 Nutrition Training 4 Hoopfest - Testimonials Seattle Teams “Chieftans” & “Glory Daze” talk about chocolate milk recovery

20 What about Energy Drinks?  Fueled by caffeine  Not well labeled (5-500 mg caffeine)  Do not know how other “energy” ingredients react with caffeine  No regulation  citicoline, tyrosine, phenylalanine, taurine, malic acid, glucuronolactone and caffeine  Effect on liver and other organs?


22 Energy Drinks vs Sports Drinks  Do not provide electrolytes  Provide a higher concentration of carbohydrates  Higher likelihood of crash and burn effect


24 What to drink? WINNERS  Water  Milk (low-fat for sport)  Juice (diluted is best)  Sport drinks (only as needed)  Juice Sweetened Waters (Juice Squeeze) LOSERS  Soda  Energy Drinks  Artificially Sweetened Beverages  Expensive “enhanced” waters (not necessary)

25 Think Your Drink

26 Protein/Energy Drinks  Chocolate Milk  Cytogainer  Muscle Milk  MetRx  Boost  Ensure  Gatorade Shake  Quick and easy  May be helpful for extra protein (if needed)  Can be helpful for weight gain  Quick absorption  No refrig needed

27 HUGS NOT DRUGS Supplements???Supplements???

28 What about supplements?  May need a Multi-Vitamin  Omega 3 Supplement (Fish Oil) is beneficial for heart health and recovery  Vitamin D and iron as needed by blood test  Calcium as needed  BE AWARE: Certain supplements can cause dehydration **BEFORE taking ANY supplement, check NCAA restrictions for ALL ingredients (ask doctor nutritionist or trainer)

29 SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS  Need to know what you are putting in your body- Regulation is POOR  NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL  There are hyper and nonresponders to supplements.


31 SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS  Natural and safe are NOT the same  Supplements can interfere with medications  More is NOT BETTER  Tell someone what you take, or are planning to take  Be informed, and be cautious with supplements, as what you don’t know may hurt you! P.S. FOOD IS GUARANTEED!!!


33 Getting back to FOOD… IS THIS YOUR FOOD PYRAMID??

34 Breakfast: too lazy to get up Midmorning Snack: forgot it… Lunch: 2 pieces pepperoni pizza Gatorade Does this look familiar? The Performance BUSTER Post Workout snack: Chips from friend Dinner: Spaghetti with tomato sauce Garlic Bread After Dinner Snack: Handful Doritos Ice Cream Sandwich 4 Cookies 2 pieces leftover pepperoni pizza


36 Breakfast: 1 cups cooked oatmeal 1 cup 1% milk 1/4 cup raisins Midmorning Snack: Cheese stick 1 large piece of fruit Lunch: Turkey Sandwich 1 banana 1 chewy granola bar The Performance Booster Change it to look like this! Post Workout snack: 1 Energy Bar Dinner: 5 oz grilled salmon 1.5 cup pasta 2 cup salad w lt dressing 1 cup 1% milk After Dinner Snack: Yogurt w ¼ c Granola


38 Your mother was right! Breakfast is for Champions  Did you know? People who skip breakfast (and other meals) tend to have a slower metabolism  Maintains energy, builds a base  Eat at least 5 grams of healthy fat with breakfast  Quick ideas:  Whole grain bagel w/cream cheese and fruit  Granola and nuts cereal w/non-fat milk and fruit  Toaster waffles with peanut butter, non-fat milk and fruit

39 How to help your athlete avoid sports diet dilemmas 1.Set a good example. Eat well. Drink often. 2.Help your athletes understand the importance of nutrition for performance. 3.Think your Drink. 4.Remind them the importance of REST.


41 Emily Edison, MS.RD. Western WA WINForum Coordinator www.winforum.org206-696-4386 FOOD.FITNESS.FUN.

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