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Project Disha Giving direction to life A Community Project of CREEP India.

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1 Project Disha Giving direction to life A Community Project of CREEP India

2 Helping the Generation By GIVING DIRECTION TO THEIR LIFE

3 The Future of India According to 2001 census report, 35% of India is Illiterate, which is around 450 million people & let us see those who go to School do…. Go for the Best Convent Schools in India Ask High School Student What do you want to do?

4 In 95 % cases Now ask these Students. WHY? NOT EVEN 1% OF THEM REALLY KNOW RESULT

5 In India, A student is either… Shweta Age Ramesh High School: 95% 16 High School: 78% 10+2 : 93% 18 10+2 : 73% Selected into IIT 19 21 Last attempt for AIEEE. Started B.Sc. Finished IIT. 1 st Job in Software Industry 23 Selected to IIM. 24 Finished B.Sc. First job in BPO Industry Finished IIM, 2 nd job as manager in MNC 26 Selected for Harvard Business School 27 3 rd unsuccessful IIM attempt. Joined Next B school Finished HBS,3 rd job in Investment Banking 29 Finished MBA, Joined as Astt. Manager BPO $150,000 annually, married, settled abroad. 30 $7,000 annually, married, Struggling for existence in India. Destined for SUCCESS Destined for FAILURE

6 Who will develop the nation? ………. Few thousand Shwetas? …………Or millions of Ramesh ? What should we expect from students at other not so good schools in India? When Ramesh enters his professional life he is already so bogged down in competition that he struggles to think and act independently. ………..Did Ramesh lack the desire to be successful?. ………..Did he not deserve to be successful?... ………..Is IIT, IIM, HBS the only way to success?............ Definitely NO !

7 Today Indian students needs to be very lucky to have exposure of good career related information and advice ………....and this is the root cause of Ramesh’s failure. Common reasons amongst students for choosing a career: My father wants me to be an engineer and my sibling to be a doctor. My father is an engineer / doctor and I want to follow his footsteps All my classmates want to be engineers. My cousin sister is an engineer, she is very successful. IIT is the best place I can go,after school.

8 And Life goes on…. Students invest all their time in being the best. Striving hard to get good scores in high school and then prepare for entrance exams. Parents are very less aware of the trends and are very greatly influenced by successful engineers, doctors and beaurucrats around them. Schools concern themselves predominantly with the high school scores.

9 Project ‘Disha’ Undertakes… Personal Counseling Educational Counseling Career Counseling

10 Type I Personal/Social Counseling

11 Personal Counseling; Case I O God! Save Me…… how dare you call me……!

12 Personal counseling; Case II … She doesn't like me……I feel to run away or kill my self….

13 During Personal/Social Counseling “Disha” helps the children and adolescents to understand and overcome their personal problems..

14 Components of Personal Cl’ing School Teacher Parents Students

15 Type II Educational Counseling

16 Educational Counseling; Case I How can my Child improve her Academic Performance?

17 Educational Counseling; Case II WOW…! INTERESTING WAYS OF TEACHING

18 During Educational Counseling “Disha” helps the students to understand their Strengths, Areas of improvements, Interests & Aptitudes….

19 Type III Career Counseling

20 During Career Counseling “ Disha” will not tell the students …what to do? But Will empower the students by providing them access to information…

21 Career Counseling Guest Lectures in schools Counseling Centre STUDENTS PROFESSIONALS Message/Display Board Students will get in touch with Professionals through

22 14 &15 YRS KYS (KNOW YOUR SELF) WORKSHOP  Help the students know their potential through psychometric testing tools and tests.  Inform the students with various career opportunities available.  Assist the students in planning their career. 16 &17 YRSGUEST LECTURES & COUNSELING  Students attend interactive guest lectures in their school delivered by the certified professionals from various fields.  Students plan their career in the light of the information and references provided by DISHA from time to time.  Student can seek help from the consultants available at the counseling centre of DISHA. Action Plan

23 Unique Features INNOVATIVE  Involves a blend of educational guidance and counseling  Availability of multiple resources.i.e message board, guest lecture & counselor  Reaching the unreached. EFFICIENT  Student get access to professional counselor to unwind their doubts and enquiry.  Students interact with experienced resources at their door steps.  Cont. follow-up &feedback to the students through SMSs NOT FOR PROFIT  The project generates revenue for its sustenance and not for profit.  The Disha is a community project of CREEP India. OWNERSHIP  The Project is not owned on personal basis.  The project is run by the registered society without any financial support from outside.  Membership is open to all, if one is passionate about future education.

24 Join the Movement for generations to come…. Visit us http://

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