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AdvOSS Deliver, Manage, Charge. AdvOSS Product Portfolio Highly flexible Multi-services converged Billing/OSS & AAA Solution capable of integrating with.

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1 AdvOSS Deliver, Manage, Charge

2 AdvOSS Product Portfolio Highly flexible Multi-services converged Billing/OSS & AAA Solution capable of integrating with any IMS compliant Next Generation Application & Access Server. Application Servers for range of voice services. Market ready and tested platform, enabling Operators in achieving quick Time to Market. Modular Architecture Scalability – 50,000 - 5M+ subscribers.

3 Service Charging CRM Converged Billing Charging & Rating Engine Provisioning Engine Voucher Management Franchisee Management Interconnect Billing Service Management AAA Server (RADIUS & DIAMETER) Policy Server HSS (Home Subscriber Server) NMS Mediation Service Delivery Session Border Controller SIP Application Servers LCR Engine Softphone SDP (Service Delivery Platform) AdvOSS Products Portfolio

4 Diverse Portfolio of future proof Billing & OSS Products CRM & Order Management Provisioning Engine Converged Billing Charging & Rating Engine Voucher Management Franchisee Management Interconnect Billing

5 Converged CRM System with unified Product Catalog, Order Management, Service Offerings management, CSR & Operations Management and the Customer Self Care. AdvOSS Service Charging CRM

6 AdvOSS Service Charging CRM & Order Management

7 Powerful work flow based Provisioning Application for CSPs that enables quick activation of multiple services in an integrated manner across various technology domains. AdvOSS Service Charging Provisioning Engine

8 Account Balance Management Multiple CurrenciesPayment ProcessingBilling Cycles Subscription ChargesInvoicing & FinancialsVirtual Operators Corporate Billing & Enterprise Accounts Friends n Family Packages Multi-services Billing Automatic Service Management Next Generation Service Agnostic Billing System that empowers CSPs to monetize new revenue streams for any type of service offering and business model, through one unified platform. AdvOSS Service Charging Converged Billing

9 Corporate Wallet Employee A Basic Business Plan Manager Premium Business Plan - Free on net calls - 500 Free mins on national calls Sr. Executive Premium Plus Business Plan -Free on net calls, 1000 Free mins on local and international calls AdvOSS Service Charging Corporate Billing & Enterprise Account Wallet Management

10 AdvOSS Service Charging Multi-services Billing Sophisticated Multi-services Billing & Service Management Easy on the fly creation & management of new services Enterprise Account Wimax DataVPN VOIP/SIP Trunk Video Conferencing IP Contact Center Web Hosting

11 Powerful Service Agnostic Rating Engine to meet the ever changing complex rating & charging requirements of Next Generation Service Providers. AdvOSS Service Charging Charging & Rating Engine

12 VoMS comes with complete voucher life cycle management and offers payment collection mechanism for Prepaid Service Providers. AdvOSS Service Charging Voucher Management System

13 AdvOSS Franchisee Management System allows any Service Provider to build a network of resellers or appoint Distributors to resell their Services worldwide AdvOSS Service Charging Franchisee Management System

14 AdvOSS Service Management Scalable & Reliable Next Generation AAA Applications AAA ServerPolicy Server HSS (Home Subscriber Server) Mediation

15 AdvOSS AAA is a Carrier Grade high performance & scalable Server that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting over both Radius and Diameter Protocols. AdvOSS Service Management AAA Server

16 AdvOSS Service Management Policy Server AdvOSS Policy Server is a platform that enables CSPs to exercise service control and charging rules as per their business requirements and defined policies.

17 AdvOSS Service Management Policy Server QOS Differentiation (Services & Subscription based) Access Aware Policy Restrictions (based on Type of access (HFC, Wi-Max, Wi-Fi) Location Aware Control & ChargingFair Usage based Bandwidth Throttling Time of the Day/Day of the week based bandwidth management policies Bandwidth on Demand

18 AdvOSS Service Management HSS (Home Subscriber Server) HSS (Home Subscriber Server) is the repository that maintains the information about all the Service Profiles for the Services. It is also the main repository for all Subscriber data and the subscriptions of those subscribers and the NetworkIDs issued to Subscribers. Key Modules are mentioned below Service Offering ManagerSubscription ManagerUser profile ManagerUser Identification Manager Sh Interface: Interface used by 3GPP compliant Application Servers to pull Service and User Profiles for a specific Service Session Cx/Dx Interface: Interface used by Call Session Control Servers for User related data as well as IFCs

19 AdvOSS Service Management Mediation System AdvOSS Mediation provides interfaces between different network elements that are generating data about service usage and provides means to correlate it and insert into back end systems

20 AdvOSS Service Delivery Innovative, State-of the art SIP & IMS Offerings SBC Session Border Controller Serves as Network Entry and Exit Point Signaling and Media Proxying NAT Traversal Location Server & Registrar Topology Hiding Admission Control at Ingress and Egress SIP Application Servers Residential VoIP AS (Class 5) with Fixed Mobile Convergence. Prepaid Voice AS SIP Trunking AS LCR (Least Cost Routing) Engine Least Cost Routing No Loss Routing Concurrency Check Failover Routing Jurisdictional Routing QOS based Routing SIP Interface RADIUS Interface Number Portability Lookup Softphone PC based Dialer Mobile Dialer

21 High performance external route determination software supporting millions of the destinations and rates. AdvOSS Service Delivery Least Cost Routing Engine

22 AdvOSS SBC (Session Border Controller) provides powerful border control functionality by allowing control and manipulation of signaling and media packets for secure VoIP communication. It acts as a B2BUA (Back to Back User Agent) and sits at the edge of a network to provides real time session control for safe and secure interconnection with other networks. AdvOSS Service Delivery SBC (Session Border Controller)

23 Specially designed Application Server to introduce state of the art Class 5 Residential voice & IP Telephony services with Fixed Mobile Convergence. It includes feature rich SIP application modules for delivery of Voice over Broadband services. other networks. AdvOSS Service Delivery Residential VoIP AS

24 An Application Server for emerging SIP Trunking Services. AdvOSS Service Delivery SIP Trunking Application Server

25 AdvOSS Prepaid voice AS is a feature enriched Application Server for delivering state of the art Prepaid voice Phone to Phone services. AdvOSS Service Delivery Phone2Phone AS

26 AdvOSS Solutions Key technology Benefits High Availability

27 AdvOSS uses the following technologies and architectures to achieve Scalability Dispatcher/Server Model Layers of Dispatching Replication Dispatcher/Server Model AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Scalability

28 Layers of Dispatching: For large scale Operators extra layer of dispatching can be added AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Scalability

29 Replication: AdvOSS database designs separate the OLTP Servers where all writing of new data is going on from the OLAP Servers where all heavy reads and analytical processing is going on. This provides almost limitless scalability as it is possible to put more and more servers all getting a copy of data in real-time where heavier processing can be done without effecting the master Transaction Processing Servers. AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Scalability

30 Replication between Heterogeneous Databases: AdvOSS uses advanced database replication middleware to synchronize data between different types of databases e.g. from MySQL to Oracle in real-time. AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Scalability

31 AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Redundancy AdvOSS uses different technologies in combination to achieve redundancy in the system Storage Redundancy: All databases are redundant and use advanced multi-master replication techniques to keep up to date with each other. Computation Redundancy Database Multi-Master replication offers computation redundancy as well. Processing can be switched to secondary servers in real-time without loss of continuity. Switching and AAA All Switching and AAA architectures work on a dispatcher / Serving node architecture. Dispatcher does real- time load balancing among all Serving Nodes. If any Serving node goes down, processing carries on through other available nodes.

32 The System can be deployed in geographically distant data centers, for disaster recovery reasons. Using the DR setup, existing services realized through AdvOSS Solution deployed at main site can keep on working in the case of a disaster that makes primary solution unavailable for any reason. AdvOSS Solutions Key Technology Benefits Disaster Recovery

33 For any further questions and business enquiry, please feel free to contact us at Canada office: 10691 Shellbridge Way, Suite 120 Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2W8, Canada Tel: +1 (604) 800 0269 Thank you

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