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Leeds University Library Implementing ERM at Leeds: planning and implementation Michael Emly 1 st September 2005.

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1 Leeds University Library Implementing ERM at Leeds: planning and implementation Michael Emly 1 st September 2005

2 Leeds University Library Objectives To outline the process of implementation To discuss the issues faced To provide an overview of the functionality from a user/staff perspective To identify the benefits

3 Leeds University Library A bit of background Some 12,000 checkins for e-journals Electronic and print holdings on same bibs (where relevant) Some e-journal checkins described holdings from more than 1 supplier Use WAM – URLs on bib records in WAM format Use WebBridge – Serials Solutions data already loaded into coverage database

4 Leeds University Library Context and constraints Library has policy of using a formal project management methodology Separate E-Resources Team exists, with 2 FTE staffing Limited additional staff time available Relevant data scattered between Millennium, web pages, Access database, etc.

5 Leeds University Library Objective To bring together information regarding holdings, licence conditions, authentication methods and suppliers of electronic resources within the ERM module and make such information available to customers and staff as appropriate Exclusions Ebooks Inclusion of data not currently held

6 Leeds University Library Project timetable Training from III Configure and test Input data and convert records to new style Staff training Full service Sept 2004 Oct 2004 – Jan 2005 Jan – Sept 2005 June-July 2005 Sept 2005 –

7 Leeds University Library System configuration and testing Understanding how ERM works, esp. coverage database and “resource ID” field Deciding on name and function of variable fields Deciding on name and values of fixed fields and “multi-value” fields Exploring OPAC display Reviewing data sources and methodology

8 Leeds University Library System configuration (2) Decided to maintain single record per title, regardless of format Various issues around loading data into coverage database, inc. – Nature of Serial Solutions data – Problems with matching, esp. if no ISSN – Creation of bib record if none exists Only explored indexing at a later stage

9 Leeds University Library Overview of loading process Create resource/licence record for the supplier Create review file of titles in Millennium for that supplier Compile Excel spreadsheet of titles for the supplier (using SS data if available) Cross check spreadsheet vs. Millennium vs. Access database Load data into coverage database – creating new checkins in process Delete URL (856) in the bib Delete existing checkins

10 Leeds University Library Feedback from staff Specialist training/info sessions provided for: – Enquiry staff – Faculty liaison staff – Technical processes staff Overwhelmingly positive reaction

11 Leeds University Library Advantages Easier management of subscriptions because all information is in one place Customers can obtain through the OPAC all the information they require to use e-journals Any member of staff is able to assist customers as comprehensive information is available to them through Millennium, including details of current problems

12 Leeds University Library Main issues & lessons Allow time for learning ! Quality of data from external services Huge number of undocumented or uncatalogued subscriptions – soon have 27,000 e-journal checkins and nearly 9,000 additional titles!! Revealed degree of overlap and duplication between packages Some technical issues in ERM (mainly resolved in Release 2005) Millennium won’t check URLs in checkins/coverage MilCIRC less functional than other modules

13 Leeds University Library And ongoing … Learning new habits (e.g. using incident log, usage stats) Maintenance issues – Keeping load files and OPAC in step (don’t change Millennium record without also updating load file!) – Changes in packages – Cataloguing effort for new titles – or stick with skeleton records? Monographic materials – will ERM expand to allow related item records? Building new services

14 Leeds University Library But overall, a nice piece of software which permits a greatly enhanced service !!

15 Leeds University Library Any questions?

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