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Madame Beth Marat Schoolfusion:

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1 Madame Beth Marat E-mail: Schoolfusion: Wiki:

2  French 4H  Discovering French Rouge  AP French  Ultimate French Review and Practice

3  Audio-visual material  Magazines/newspapers  Radio  Podcasts  Websites  Literature  Film One Thing In A Maître Courbeau sur Un arbre perché Tenait à son bec Un fromage… Jean de la Fontaine


5  Paris, je t’aime  Joyeux Noël  Au revoir les enfants  Il y a longtemps que je t’aime  Ridicule  La vie en rose




9 1.Your flyer contains your name, your secret Engrade Access Code, and the URL where you can sign up for an account. 2.With your Access Code, go to the URL listed, enter each those codes, and create a username/password combination. 3.Use your username and password to log in anytime and see your classroom information on Engrade.





14 Scituate-Cohasset-Sucy French Exchange 2008-09

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