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09/05/20151 Educational Psychologists in Northern Ireland Initial Training Doctorate.

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1 09/05/20151 Educational Psychologists in Northern Ireland Initial Training Doctorate

2 09/05/20152 Training of Educational Psychologists Three year Initial Training Doctorate. At Queen’s University this is called the Doctorate in Educational Child and Adolescent Psychology. Applicants are expected to have experience in schools and/or other settings where children and young people are offered services ( see our website dex.aspx dex.aspx

3 09/05/20153 Entry Requirements (1) Applicants must have,or expect to have before enrolling for the I.T.D. course, at least an upper second class (2:1) honours degree in psychology, or the equivalent.

4 09/05/20154 Entry Requirements (2) Eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) of The British Psychological Society by date to be set in 2010 To be eligible for GBC you must have either Undertaken a qualification in psychology (usually a Bachelor (Honours) degree) which has been approved by the BPS as conferring the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership or Passed the Society’s Qualifying Examination or Undertaken an appropriate Society approved conversion course.

5 09/05/20155 Entry Requirements (3) Be able to demonstrate that you have gained relevant experience with children and young people (0-19 age range) within educational, childcare health or community settings

6 09/05/20156 Examples Volunteer work in classrooms with children and young people Befriending systems such as Praxis Working with individuals or groups with ASD diagnosis Counselling services such as Samaritans/Nightline Classroom assistant/literacy support Summer Schemes

7 09/05/20157 Applicants are rated on : Intellectual Ability Personal Qualities Readiness for Training Application forms are scored to make the number of interviews offered more manageable. This forms the basis for shortlisting. Both interviews are scored for selection.

8 09/05/20158 Shortlisting and Selection Since many applicants will meet minimum criteria, shortlisting/selection will depend on applicants meeting criteria at higher levelon application form. Successful applicants will be funded by Dep Education (N.I.) and will be expected to work in Northern Ireland for three years following qualification. A full driving licence, unless prevented for health or disability reasons.

9 09/05/20159 Interviews (1&2) 1. The academic research interview- applicant will make a brief presentation, which should summarise the key points The applicant will be asked to critique the journal article and will be asked about the implications (if any) of the findings. Applicants will receive the journal article 40 minutes prior to interview.

10 09/05/201510 Interviews (1& 2) 2.The educational-personal interview will involve applicants making presentation and answering questions on a case/ educational vignette, which will have been given 30 minutes prior to this interview..

11 09/05/201511 Scored Intellectua l Ability Personal Qualities Readiness for Training Application Form Interview 1 Interview 2

12 09/05/201512 Equal Opportunities An equal opportunities policy is adopted in relation to selection. Applications are invited from eligible candidates regardless of gender, marital status, dependency, age, disability, sexual orientation,ethnic origin, perceived religious affiliation or political opinion.

13 09/05/201513 Training Salary Year 1 £15,000 Year 2 £15,000 Year 3 £15,000 Annual conference allowance £750 This salary is tax free due to special tax concession and below the threshold of student loan repayment schemes.

14 09/05/201514 Application Forms All Details will appear on the web page: www Closing Date 16th January 2013 Interviews 18th, 19 th and 21 st February 2013

15 09/05/201515 The Curriculum Year 1 Children and Young People in Schools Focus is largely on education and in particular special educational needs. Research and Enquiry begins Four modules: Trainees must pass all four modules to proceed into 2 nd Year

16 09/05/201516 The Curriculum Year 2 Children and their families- The focus is on mental health issues with particular reference to vulnerable groups. Systemic approach receives increasing focus. Research and Enquiry continues Small scale research Larger scale research

17 09/05/201517 The Curriculum Year 3 Adolescence and social- emotional wellbeing (mental health) Focus is on adolescents and mental health within community settings. Research and Enquiry concludes

18 DECAP The spiral curriculum

19 Intermodular teaching CBT (over 2 years) Incredible Years (Parenting) Incredible Years (Teacher Classroom Management) Video Interaction guidance (over 3 years) Dynamic Assessment (over 3 years) Family Therapy/systems change Part 1

20 The 8 Key Professional Competences


22 09/05/201522 Placements Opportunity to work in Education and Library Boards and in other statutory/voluntary settings. Placements can be anywhere in Northern Ireland Some placements may be available outside N. I. Approximately 50% of training is teaching/study/research and 50% is placement. Generic EP service, multi-agency, equality and diversity, elective, voluntary sector

23 09/05/201523 Current work of Educational Psychology Services Statutory work –formal assessment Inset (Adhd/ Dyslexia /Loss and change/Emotional literacy/Special Needs Projects such as Bereavement Support/Critical Incidents Behaviour support Teams Early Years Specialism/ ASD specialism Emotional Literacy/Parenting Projects

24 09/05/201524 EP ROLE contd. Consultancy work Multi disciplinary work/Child development Clinics Working Parties- Dyslexia/Acquired Brain Injury/ Development Co-ordination Disorder Counselling/ work with families

25 09/05/201525 Starting Salary (under review) £31000+ Opportunities for progression to Senior Specialist Posts/Senior Management Psychologist/Principal Educational Psychologist/ Education Administration Posts/Professional and Academic Tutor Posts

26 Achieving small and usually unheralded achievements Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can. (words attributed to John Wesley)

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