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Nairn Town Centre Mini-Charrette 30 th April – 1 st May 2014.

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1 Nairn Town Centre Mini-Charrette 30 th April – 1 st May 2014

2 Development Context: policy Nairn Town Centre Development Brief (2011) A96 Corridor Development Framework (2007) Nairn South Strategic Masterplan (2013) Sandown Development Brief (2012) Inner Moray Firth proposed Local Development Plan (2013) Highland Wide Local Development Plan (2012) Nairnshire Local Plan (2000)

3 Development Context: master plans In response to expansion pressure/ potential in Nairn: –NICE Town Centre Action Plan –A96 Corridor Masterplan (including a new town between Nairn and Inverness) –Nairn South (319 housing units and associated infrastructure) –Delnies and Sandown (to be developed considering each other)

4 A96 Corridor Development Framework Masterplan for the A96 overarches proposed developments for Nairn, including: 4,629 residential units 78,000 sq m of business space 50,000 sq m of industrial space 5,000 jobs 7,000 sq m of retail space 2 district centres 18,000 sq m of schools 3 hotels 165Ha of open space

5 Nairn Town Centre, Regeneration Area

6 NICE Town Centre Plan - Masterplan The Masterplan includes: Residential Retail Office Food/Drink Leisure Public amenities Transport improvements

7 Public Consultation Two public consultations used to guide the Charrette: –Enquiry by Design, led by the Princes Trust as part of the Nairn South development process –NICE survey issued prior to the Charrette to gain insight from members and locals

8 Enquiry by Design Findings Strengths The natural setting River Nairn Town Centre Traditional neighbourhoods Fishertown and the Harbour Uniqueness of Nairn Weaknesses The A96 Corridor Railway as a barrier Town Centre in disrepair Loss of Nairn’s uniqueness Visions Resolve the A96 Corridor traffic issues Provide better access across railway Revitalise the town centre Enhance Nairn’s uniqueness Improve networks of parks and open space

9 NICE Survey Results

10 Property Market Review Housing Retail Employment Leisure

11 Housing Affordable Housing Market Housing –Large amount of private housing has already been built and is proposed around the Kingsteps area –300 units at Nairn South refused and being appealed Affordable requirement and housing market recovery (including retirement) are likely to revive development pressures in Nairn 24 16 24 units at Lochloy (mix of council and housing association) 16 units at former bus station (all affordable units, within town centre)

12 Retail Range of national and independent retailers: –M&Co –RS McColl –Boots –Semi-Chem –The Flower Shop –Strachan’s the Newsagent –Clarks of Nairn –Nairn Bookshop. High Street has struggled as nationals have dis- invested; attracting new investment but more likely local businesses Address Size (sq.m) Comments 116-118 High Street 80Private individual 67 High Street 485 Leased to Nickel & Dime 1-3 Leopald Street Unknown Sold to Kilpatrick Property Group 80 High Street 46 Leased to Nairn Laundry Recent Deals

13 Retail Vacancy/Availability Address Size (sq.m) Comments 24-30 High St 222 Previously occupied by DE Shoes 3B High St139 Previously occupied by Burnett and Forbes 123-125 High St Unknown Previously occupied by Ross Outdoor Recent Closures –Tradeway (March 7th 2014) –Blockbuster –WW Brown Butchers –Ross Outdoors –Cumfy Carpets –Victoria Wine –DE Shoes.

14 Retail –Somerfield bought over by Co-op in 2008, recently refurbished in 2010 –£20m Sainsbury’s recently constructed in 2011 Supermarkets

15 Employment Majority of offices in Town Centre or at Balmakeith Business Park: –High Street has c. 22 units –Balmakeith Business Park has c. 13 units –Minority of offices in surrounding streets within the Town Centre Low / local demand for employment property in Nairn due to proximity to Inverness

16 Employment Office Vacancy/Availability Address Size (sq.m) Comments 60-62 King Street 3104 units in total 64 King Street 23Small office unit Barron House, 86-88 High Street 697 Proposal to convert to residential units. Unit 3, 3 Church Street Small office unit Wellington Gallery, Lodgehill Road 32 Small office unit Unit 8A2, Balmakeith Business Park 183 Office space within industrial estate Industrial Vacancy/Availability Address Size (sq.m) Comments Store and workshop, Church Street 102Small unit Unit 2, Church Street 74Small unit Unit 8A1, Balmakeith Business Park 183 Previously occupied by Moray Firth Precision Engineering Unit 9B Balmakeith Industrial Estate 194Small unit on estate 6 Water Lane 46Small unit

17 Employment Recent Office Deals Address Size (sq.m) Comments Barron House, 86-88 High Street 480Sold in June 2013 Address Size (sq.m) Comments 10B Tom Semple Road, Balmakeith Industrial Estate 311Investment, occupied by Moray College UHI. Recent Office Investment Deals Recent Industrial Deals Address Size (sq.m) Comments 5-6 Tom Semple Road, Balmakeith Industrial Estate 604Sold to T.O.M. Airdrie Ltd 15a-15b Tom Semple Road, Balmakeith Industrial Estate 466Previously occupied by NDS Animal Feeds

18 Leisure Nairn has 10 hotels and 28 B&B’s and Guest Houses. No deals are recorded in Nairn since 2008. More leisure property becoming available than there are deals being made.

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