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CSN Update Presented by Phil Dingeldei for ISV Regional Conference Launceston 2014.

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1 CSN Update Presented by Phil Dingeldei for ISV Regional Conference Launceston 2014

2 OUTLINE Who is CSN? Why was it formed? Activities of CSN

3 Who is CSN? Established in Aug 2011 by ACSNSW & ACSV Present membership is abt 350 Surveying firms (represents 30% of all Surveying firms nationally) CSN Board is made up of three members appointed from ACSNSW Board & three members from ACSV Board CSN is presently funded by ACSNSW & ACSV

4 Why was CSN Formed? ACSA morphed into SIBA in 2000 In 2009 ACSV recognised there was a growing number of National issue and engaged with ACSNSW ACSNSW were examining their relationship with SIBA Provided the impetus to examine the recreation of a national body to represent Surveying Businesses

5 Why was CSN Formed? A feeling that distinct surveying issues were being drowned out by the broader spatial perspective A need for a strong and unapologetically survey-centric voice To specifically focus on national issues

6 Dr Veronica Bondarew CSN Chief Executive Officer

7 CSN Board Phil Dingeldei (Chairman) KLM Spatial Victoria David Jollie Masters & Assocs New South Wales Ian Marler Cashmere Marler & Cavanagh New South Wales Gerry Shone SMEC Urban Victoria Alan Norman Reeds Consulting Victoria Gordon Wren Grinsell & Johns New South Wales

8 For ACSV and ACSNSW Members there is no additional cost to join CSN Simply tick the box when renewing your ACS membership

9 CSN Activities May 12Submission Senate Enquiry June 12Radio communications licences Jan 13Demand Study June 13NSW Taskforce NowUni Study NowTAFE funding NowUni funding

10 Submission Senate Enquiry CSN made written submission re Skills Shortage in Surveying Industry CSN was invited to Canberra in May 2012 to address the Senate Committee One recommendation was for a demand study

11 Federal Government Senate Inquiry skills shortage for engineering and related professionals Senator Bridget McKenzie Senator Chris Black Senator Gavin Marshall

12 Consulting Surveyors National in Canberra

13 Demand Study Demand Study was initiated and managed by CSN BIS Shrapnel was commissioned Funding of $100,000 was sourced from a number of organisations Demand Study was released in Jan 2013, with news releases, a number of presentations to Groups, and Regional Newspapers


15 Funding sourced from: Surveyor General of New South Wales Surveyor’s Registration Board of Victoria Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria Institution of Surveyors New South Wales Institution of Surveyors Victoria NSW Country Surveyors Association The Murray Group – IS

16 Presentations on the demand study have been made to Australia Day Conference Murray Group ACSV Annual Conference Geelong Study Group Southern Group North Coast Group Country Surveyors Assoc

17 Most Underrated Like to take some credit for raising the profile of surveyors to the public Perhaps contributed to Surveying Courses being considered the most underrated by independent researchers

18 NSW Taskforce There has been a Surveying Taskforce established in SA & Vic for some time CSN has been instrumental in helping establish the newly formed NSW Taskforce

19 Study into Uni’s CSN has initiated and is managing a study into the courses and resources of Aust & NZ university surveying courses The study is expected to be completed in March 2014

20 CPSISC Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council Because CSN is national body, it is a member of the Council CPSISC represents the workforce training and skills development needs of the construction and property services industries CPSISC nominates Skills Shortage to prioritise TAFE Courses CSN is working to put Surveying on this list

21 University Funding With the Demand Study and Uni Study, CSN plans to lobby the Federal Minister re Uni funding We plan to stress that a Uni Surveying Course needs to be subsidised as Surveying is needed for “nation building” We hope to start with an additional Lecturer at Newcastle Uni

22 CSN Webinars (Nationally) Jul 12The Business of ePlan Nov 12Valuing a Survey Practice Feb 13Reducing Risks of Non Payment Mar 13Minimising Your PI Risks Oct 13Bullying in the Workplace Nov 13Security of Payment Legislation

23 Thank for your in attention in our short update Any questions?

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