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Primary Maths 1 A resource for school CPD leaders.

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1 Primary Maths 1 A resource for school CPD leaders

2 This presentation is for school CPD leaders. It’s a resource for structuring a 45-minute CPD session on maths. It contains six clips from programmes shot in primary schools, and each clip is 3-4 minutes long. To accompany the clips there are short programme summaries and discussion starters. Clips do not need to be watched in any particular order, and the presentation can be adapted to suit the priorities of individual schools. The discussion starters are included as suggestions only. Click on the weblinks to view the full programmes and additional resources. (All programmes covered by the Creative Archive Licence can be viewed on the Teachers TV website and downloaded by registered users of the site.)

3 Overview These six clips, with their accompanying discussion starters, look at different aspects of maths practice from Year 1 to Year 6: Key Stage 1 Enquiry-based learning (clip 1) Teaching place value (clip 2) A look at a maths lesson in a Hungarian kindergarten (clip 3) Key Stage 2 Teaching fractions (clip 4) Number problem-solving (clip 5) The role of ICT in maths (clip 6)

4 1. Key Stage 1 Progression in Primary Maths - Teaching and Learning Key Stage One Great Barr Primary School, Birmingham, has put independent, enquiry-based learning at the heart of maths sessions.


6 “… the importance of seeing where children are at and where they are moving to.” “…the crux of their new philosophy is an insistence that children enquire and think.” How significant are these two quotes, taken from the clip?

7 During the first term in Key Stage 1, many children experience problems with place value. Springfield School in Jersey is addressing the issue by pioneering a new teaching method. 2. Key Stage 1 KS1 Numeracy - Teaching Place Value


9 Is the seating arrangement appropriate for the purpose of active investigation? How could this activity be translated into an experience that all the children in the class could engage in?

10 3. Key Stage 1 Primary Maths - How do they do it in Hungary? Children at a Hungarian kindergarten absorb mathematical concepts by manipulating objects and using visual models.


12 Hungarian children have an extra year to explore patterns and sequences before engaging with the curriculum. Might this approach work in this country? Work and play at this Hungarian kindergarten are heavily teacher-directed. What are the effects of this approach on teaching and learning?

13 4. Key Stage 2 KS2 Numeracy - Just a Fraction Pupils at Janvrin School in Jersey demonstrate a successful method of teaching fractions.


15 What are the strengths and weaknesses of this method of teaching fractions? This ‘plastic cups’ method is also seen in a Key Stage 1 clip. Is it an appropriate method for both key stages?

16 5. Key Stage 2 Progression in Primary Maths - Year 5 Pupils at Eleanor Palmer Primary in north London achieve well above average in national maths tests. Once a week Year 5 pupils are put through an intense session of number-based problem solving to develop their confidence.


18 Pupils receive an intensive session on problem-solving once a week. Is this ‘bolt-on’ approach effective? The headteacher says, “I see no point in teaching ratio, fractions and perimeter until they’ve got that inside-out understanding of times tables.” Do you agree with her? Pupils receive maths mentions in assembly and take part in lunchtime card schools. What other strategies can be used to extend learning in maths outside the classroom?

19 6. Key Stage 2 Primary ICT - Whiteboard Numeracy: Ratio and Proportion An advanced skills teacher uses digital cameras to introduce pupils to the subject of proportion.


21 How is this session helping the children to form connections and enhance their learning? Which other maths topics might be enhanced through use of ICT?

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