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Early Help in Sandwell.

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1 Early Help in Sandwell

2 Defining Early Help Early Help a core part of the Sandwell Improvement Plan. Delivering services at the right time and in the right way to help families help themselves to meet the needs of their children. This definition to be used by all staff across all partners This means working with, children and families who are below the threshold of social care, that stops problems emerging and supports families to improve their situation.

3 Four very basic principles
Our Sandwell solution Four very basic principles Work in neighbourhoods Share information Work within the planned resource base Help families improve their daily lives = KEEP IT SIMPLE

4 Children’s Services Prevention Model
Lead professional co-ordinating necessary support Key Worker delivering intensive interventions Universal services meeting needs Social Worker managing the case Social Care/ Statutory intervention Early Help Build resilience in families and de-escalate needs Intervene early to prevent escalation of needs Section 17 Assessment (Children In Need) Early Help Assessment (CAF) ‘Early Help’ refers to needs and services before statutory intervention The entire model is designed to de-escalate and prevent escalation of need

5 Questions and Answers

6 What is a COG? A Community Operating Group is a multi agency meeting
which will: Assist the Early Help Family Support (Tiers 1-3) by helping to resolve issues and frustrations Ensure the right partners are engaged, the appropriate Lead Professional is identified and supported and action plans completed Monitor performance, feed into corporate scorecard and provide data for partners To spot purchase support and inform commissioning

7 Practical details Seven COGs, based on the learning communities - 1 per town, 2 for West Bromwich Meet monthly Chaired by Senior Early Help Coordinator Admin support from Family Services Team Paperwork and details available electronically via Early Help Information System (eCAF) Twelve cases per meeting/10 minutes per case

8 When to refer to a COG The family are not engaging
A new Lead Professional is required or one cannot be identified (responsible for monitoring the action plan, coordinating partners and acting as the family’s point of contact) Needs are escalating There are gaps in service provision A partner is not engaging properly

9 Multi‑Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

10 Partners signed up … West Midlands Police Local Police Units 
Public Protection Units Health Safeguarding nurse Adult mental health Sandwell & W Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust – Health Visitor Children’s Social Care Adult’s Social Care Public Health Education Housing Probation Youth Offending Services Family Support Services (inc. CAF) Domestic Violence

11 Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
SMBC Contact Centre Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Multi-Agency Enquiry Team SMBC Children’s Social Care Combined high- level information sharing, early help and child in need screening, and DV screening team Continuing to develop Multi- Agency Enquiry Team model with Police (note MAET not MAIT) Sandwell MASH and MAET now being considered as a pilot within a regional model Multi Agency Referral Form Early Help Assessment Part 1 Sandwell Early Help Services WMP Domestic Violence Notification COG Sandwell Early Help Services

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